Special Gifts and Projects 2012

Philanthropic support allows us to speak up on behalf of science,
engineering and society as opportunities and challenges arise.

Lifelong AAAS Member Joins 1848 Society

Portrait of Peter Eckel

Peter Eckel
Long-time AAAS member

Peter Eckel, a long-time supporter of AAAS now celebrating his 25th year of membership, chose in 2012 to identify the association as the recipient of a charitable bequest. The gift will establish an initiative—to be named for Mr. Eckel, as well as his parents, Earl E. and Helen C. Eckel—that will advance public engagement with and understanding of science.

Though public attitudes toward science and technology remain generally favorable, tensions have increasingly emerged at the intersection of science and human values, economics and politics, encompassing issues such as global climate change, stem cell research and evolution. Moving forward, it will be critical to ensure that the benefits of science are widely understood, Mr. Eckel explained. His bequest will advance AAAS efforts to promote a more open and comprehensive dialogue among scientists, engineers and non-scientists.

“I feel great knowing that I will leave behind a legacy that will be channeled through the AAAS. It means a lot to me to be able to honor my late parents, too,” Mr. Eckel said.

A business owner rather than a scientist or engineer, Mr. Eckel has been a supporter of science for decades, having served as a volunteer at COSI-Toledo (since renamed Imagination Station), a hands-on science museum near his home in Maumee, Ohio. “My contributions to science have, by necessity, been limited to the monetary and volunteer spheres,” he said. “The creation of this endowment will allow me to make a final contribution to science.”

Mr. Eckel and other members of the 1848 Society demonstrate strong vision and a deep commitment to AAAS by making philanthropic gifts through their wills or other charitable plans.

Some Special Funds at AAAS

By establishing special funds, donors ensure long-term support for a wide range of initiatives to advance science and serve society.

Such funds should be established in consultation with the Development Office. For more information, please contact us at 202 326 6636.

The AAAS Kavli Science Journalism Awards Endowment supports an effort, dating to 1945, to honor excellence in science journalism.

The Charles Valentine Riley Memorial Endowment supports an annual lecture to promote a broader and more complete understanding of agriculture as the most basic human endeavor and to enhance agriculture through increased scientific knowledge.

The Early-Career Award for Public Engagement Fund supports an annual prize recognizing early-career scientists and engineers who have demonstrated excellence in their contributions to public engagement with science activities.

The Fund for Honesty in Scientific Research supports efforts to promote scientific integrity.

The John P. McGovern Endowment funds an annual lecture by a prominent behavioral scientist.

The Joshua E. Neimark Memorial Travel Assistance Endowment provides travel awards for young investigators to attend the AAAS Annual Meeting.

The Martin L. and Rose Wachtel Memorial Fund underwrites an annual award that recognizes outstanding work by an early-career investigator in the field of cancer research.

The Revelle Fund supports a Science & Technology Policy Fellow, identified by AAAS, in the area of domestic or international environmental issues.

The William T. Golden Endowment Fund for Program Innovation inspires new program ideas by funding activities not normally supported by the AAAS general budget.

Join the Sustainers Program
The Sustainers Program was launched in 2012 to recognize donors who commit to recurring, monthly gifts to our Flexible Action Fund, providing AAAS with the flexibility to be innovative and respond rapidly to critical challenges as they arise.

Contact the Development Office for more information about joining the Sustainers Program.

Help AAAS speak up for science. Contact the Development Office at (202) 326-6636 or jstaiano@aaas.org, or give online at www.aaas.org/makeagift.


The AAAS Board of Directors gratefully acknowledges the individuals and organizations whose commitment to AAAS has sustained our efforts to advance science in the service of society and supported new activities in 2012.

Lifetime Giving Society

The Lifetime Giving Society recognizes our most generous living donors – individuals who have contributed a cumulative total of $100,000 or more during the course of their involvement with AAAS.

Sibyl R. Golden
Fred Kavli
Alan I. & Agnes F. Leshner
Edith D. Neimark
The Roger & Ellen Revelle Family
David E. Shaw & Beth Kobliner Shaw

Decade Club

The Decade Club recognizes individuals who have supported AAAS for ten or more consecutive years.

Anonymous (2)
Jean Beard
Leslie Z. Benet
Ernest L. Bergman
Herman Birch
Phillip L. Blair
C. John Blankley
Herbert Blumenthal
Charles S. Brown
Om bravisshi Om Buddhu
William A. Buehring
Dennis E. Buetow
Jean B. Burnett
Michael J. Calderwood
Nathaniel Chafee
Mary E. Clutter
Robert C. Cowen
Richard H. Cox
Bruce H. Dana
Robin L. Dennis
Paul M. Densen†
Craig & Alison Fields
Frank W. Fitch
Robert C. Forney
Helen L. Foster
Joseph G. Gall
S. Raymond Gambino
David M. Gates
Mark L. Gilberstadt
Sarah B. Glickenhaus
Albert E. Goss
Albert L. Hale
Daniel A. Hamlin
James E. Hammerberg
Franklin M. Harold
George John
Irving S. & Alwyn N.
Elaine Kant
Rodger & Doris Ketcham
Bernard M. Kulwicki
Walter R. Lawson
Alan I. & Agnes F. Leshner
Philip Lichtenberg
John H. Litchfi eld
Lars Ljungdahl
Walter & Shirley Massey
Robert L. Molinari
Angelyn & Kevin Moore
David W. Moreland
Patricia H. Moyer
Peter B. Myers
Christer E. Nordman
Marie U. Nylen
Peter O’Donnell, Jr.
Allison R. Palmer
Joseph C. Parker, Jr.
Ralph H. Petrucci
Ranard J. Pickering
Rex F. Pratt
Edward R. Rang
Donald G. Rea
Juan G. Roederer
Kenneth L. Rose
Robert Rosenthal
Melvin Ross
Andrew M. Sessler
David E. Shaw & Beth
Kobliner Shaw
Emma Shelton
Linda C. Smith
David G. Stahl
James Stolzenbach
F. William Studier
Joan C. Suit
Donald A. Swanson
Thomas K. Toyama
A. Forrest Troyer
Ari van Tienhoven
Charles P. Wales
Emmerson Ward
Robert T. Ward
Elizabeth K. Weisburger
Robert D. Westfall
Gary R. White
Charles Yanofsky

President’s Circle

Individuals who made significant pledges and contributions to sustain our most timely and important activities in 2012 are highlighted here as part of the President’s Circle, an initiative to recognize our top donors each year.

$100,000 and above
Fred Kavli

$50,000 -$99,999
David E. Shaw & Beth KoblinerShaw

$25,000 -$49,999
Stephen P. A. Fodor
Alan I. & Agnes F. Leshner
Ellen J. Scherl

$10,000 -$24,999
John Chao
John M. Clough, Jr.
Ruth M. Davis
Paul M. Doty
Gregory S. &
Marcella Ferriss
Alice S. Huang & David Baltimore
Pauline P. Lee in memory of Bernard S. Lee
Edith D. Neimark
Claire Perry
David E. Shaw

$5,000 – $9,999
Anonymous (2)
Phillip L. Blair
Fred A. Blum
Chet & Marie Britten
Steven J. Greenberg
Randal J. Kirk
John S. Reed
Woody & Lyn Savage, in honor of John Marean

$2,500 – $4,999
Anonymous, in memory of Myrtle Ray Zeiber, Jill Sharon Sheridon, & Tucker Hake
Janet J. Asimov
Gary & FayBeauchamp
Floyd E. Bloom
Lucio Chiaraviglio
Eloise E. Clark
Jeffrey A. Cooper
Roy Curtiss III
Federico Faggin
Robert B. Litterman
Cherry A. Murray
Norman & Georgine Neureiter
Peter O’Donnell, Jr.
Simon Ramo
Beth A. Rosner
Pablo Valenzuela
Warren B. Weisberg
Dr. Fernando J. Zúñiga y Rivero

$1,000 – $2,499
Pablo I. Altieri, M.D.
Anonymous (7)
David Atlas
D. James Baker
Nicholas A. Begovich
Jerry A. Bell & Mary Ann Stepp
Hans Bergstrom
Elwyn & Jennifer Berlekamp
Margaret M. & Will B. Betchart
Adele L. Boskey
Peter Boyer
Monica M. & E. James Bradford
Lewis & Connie Branscomb
Andrew L. Brill
Harold E. Burkhart
Jean B. Burnett
Peter Byers
A. S. Cargill
Carlton M. Caves
Nathaniel Chafee
Maarten J. Chrispeels
Kathleen K. Church
Mary E. Clutter
George W. Cogan &
Fannie Allen
Donald G. Comb
Jonathan C. Coopersmith
Kenneth A. Cowin
William H. Danforth
Troy E. Daniels
Jeffrey S. Dean
John T. Deane
George E. DeBoer
Priscilla C. Doman
Albert T. Dosser
Jaquelin P. Dudley
Charles W. Eigenbrot, Jr.
Gerald L. Epstein
William R. Eyler
John F. Finerty
Joseph V. &
Philomena M. Formica
Robert C. Forney
Paul J. Friedman
John C. Fuhr
Donald P. Gaver, Jr.
Robert J. Glaser
Sarah B. Glickenhaus
Howard Gobstein
Erwin Goldberg
Sibyl R. Golden
Mary L. Good
Arthur F. Hebard
Donald E. Henson
Ralph Hillman
Paul Hoff
William F. Holmes
Gordon R. Hough
Sahar Houshdaran
Joan M. Hutchins
Irwin & Joan Jacobs
Phyllis E. Johnson
Dale Kagan &
Elyse Rosenstein
Valerie F. Kaplan
Elizabeth M. Keithley
Tong Kele
Bruce L. Larson
Catherine & George Ledec
Joe R. Lee
S. David Leonard
Lawrence D. Longo
John Lummis
Allan J. Lundeen
Carol B. Lynch
Craig C. Malbon
J. David Malone
David H. Marlowe
J. Howard Marshall III
John T. Melson
Richard A. Meserve
Ronald D. Miller
Ernest J. Moniz
Gordon E. & Betty I. Moore
William A. Murphy, Jr.
Judith K. Nyquist
Gilbert S. Omenn &
Martha A. Darling
Claire L. Parkinson
Edward E. Penhoet
Joseph G. Perpich &
Cathy Sulzberger
Jeffrey W. Pferd
Charles C. Philipp
William H. Press &
Jeffrey F. Howell
Edward K. Rice
Thomas C. Rindfleisch
Juan G. Roederer
Antonio H. Romano
Pamela C. Ronald
Jo Ellen & Mark Roseman
Robert Rosenthal
Sue V. Rosser
Arnold Roy
Howard A. Royle
Glenn E. Schweitzer
Andrew M. Sessler
Phillip A. & Ann H. Sharp
Richard B. Silverman
Andrew D. Sinauer
Henry B. Sinclair
Edward S. Spoerl
Peter J. Stang
Dusan Stefoski
Mary Ann Stepp
Peter F. Stevens
F. William Studier
Judy Swanson
Matthew D. Todd
Alar Toomre
Philip C. Trackman
Dan Vickery
Bailus Walker, Jr.
David Weiser
Thomas E. Wellems
Robert A. Weller
Corwith C. White
W. L. Wilson
Bruce W. Worster
Oran R. Young

$500 – $999
John D. Aach
Sam H. Adams, Jr.
Ernest Adelman
Edwin J. Adlerman
Mihran S. Agbabian
Anonymous (17)
Kenneth B. Armitage
Samuel Aronson
Arthur K. Asbury
Carolyn H. Asbury
Miguel A. Asomoza
David R. Atkinson
Diola Bagayoko
David P. Bahner
Mary C. Barber
Jeanne P. Barry
Merton R. Barry
Roger N. Beachy
Henry F. & Christine Sasso Beechhold
Richard W. Benjamin
Leo L. Beranek
Paul Berg
Leslie C. Berlowitz
Mani L. Bhaumik
R. Byron Bird
Peter D. Blair
Robert C. Bless
Felix H. Boehm
Stuart Bondurant
Edward M. Boughton
John Brademas
Michael Bradie
Nyle C. Brady
Richard Brandshaft
Richard G. Brennan
Josephine P. Briggs
Joost A. Businger
Robert C. Calfee
Marc A. Carrasco
Victor T. Chang
Lloyd F. Chase
Tom D. Y. Chin
Norman E. Cima
Jon C. Clardy
Ellen W. Clayton
James S. Clegg
James H. Cleland
Thomas E. Clemente
Edward H. Coe, Jr.
Stirling A. Colgate
Rita R. & Jack H. Colwell
David Comb
James D. Cox
Bruce H. Dana
Jackson Davis
Vincent Jo Davisson
Kenneth A. DeGhetto
Robert J. DeLap
Darryl C. DeVivo
John J. Deyst, Jr.
Russell R. Dickerson
N. L. Doligalski
W. Graeme Donovan
Ruth A. Douglas
Richard D. Drake
Radoje Drmanac
Philip M. DuBois
Loyal & Bernice Durand
Elizabeth D. Earle
Elizabeth E. Ehrenfeld
Henry L. Ehrlich
Arthur Eisenkraft
Vincent A. Elder
Lynn & Kathleen Enquist
Alan J. Eynon
Giuseppina Fabbiano &
Martin Elvis
Mary C. Farach-Carson
Gillian M. Fenton
Isaiah J. Fidler &
Margaret L. Kripke
Thomas H. Finlay
Eric Firing
Gerald J. Fishman
Frank W. Fitch
Charles J. Flora
Elson Floyd
Richard M. Forester
Efi Foufoula-Georgiou
John & Mary Frantz
Hans Frauenfelder
Joel M. Friedman
Richard Friedman
Bernd Fritzsch
Bill & Julie Fulkerson
Deborah J. Fulton
Charles G. Gaines
S. Raymond Gambino
Frederick R. Gehlbach
Terry T. Gerritsen
Terry L. Gilmore
Janet R. Gilsdorf
Jesus Gomez-Navarro
Kim L. Graham
Marea E. Hatziolos Grant
Henry T. Greely
Mark L. Green
M.R.C. Greenwood
Irene Meyer & Albert Greif
Donald F. Grether
Samuel Gubins
Alfred W. Hales
Donald P. Harrington
William K. Hart
John H. Hash
Fernand A. Hayot
Robert E. Healing
William R. Hearst III
Liz K. Hedstrom
E. Keith Hege
Holliday C. Heine
Susan J. Henning
Thomas L. Henson
Peter K. Hepler
Charles E. Hess
John R. Hess
John E. Hiatt
Kim Q. Hill
Jacquelyn Hoke
Raymond W. Holton
Keelung Hong
Owen M. Hubbard
David C. Humm
Mien-Chie Hung
Charles L. Hunze, Jr.
Leon Hyman
David W. Ignat
Elaine S. Jaffe
Karen S. Jakes
Irving S. & Alwyn N. Johnson
Matthew & Donna Johnson
Michael M. Kaback
Hideko Kaji
John R. Kane
Elaine Kant
Edward Keenan
David E. Kerley
John G. King
Miles V. Klein
P. Dileep Kumar
George Kunkel
Jerome Kutliroff
Lois D. Lehman-McKeeman
James U. Lemke
Richard & Madelein Lenski
Richard A. Lethin
Daniel J. Lew
Mark T. Lewellyn
Lowell N. Lewis
Philip Lichtenberg
Peter R. Limburg
Jerry B. Lingrel
John R. MacDonald, Ph.D.
Merritt C. Maduke
Artur Mager
Mardi & Michael Maitland
John C. Makemson
Shirley & Horace Malcom
Maria Julia Marinissen
Hans M. Mark
Wayne Martin
Kathleen & Randall Matthews
Ray Mattison
Robert Maurer
Michael M. May
Chris L. McAuliffe
Jim & Sue McCarthy
Marcia K. McNutt
David Meinke
Anastasios Melis
James E. Melvin
Thomas R. Mertens
A. W. Kenneth Metzner
Barton Milligan
Robert L. Molinari
Edwin G. Moore
Sandra O. Moose
Bayard H. Morrison
Enrico Mugnaini
Lawrence S. Myers, Jr.
Venkatesh Narayanamurti
Paul E. Neiman
Owen J. Newlin
John E. Niederhuber
Concepcion R. Nierras
Ronald P. & Joan M. Nordgren
Arthur N. Palmer
C. Harvey Palmer
Betty L. Petrie
Ralph H. Petrucci
Daniel Pinkel
Christiane T. Piselli
Jonathan A. Plucker
R.K. & G.J. Rains
Edward R. Rang
Stephen Rayport
James C. Register III
Leonard Reiffel
Charles M. Rice III
Burton Richter
Frederick H. Rindge
Neil Risch
Cynthia Robinson
Thomas S. Robison
Linda Rockliff, in memory
of Burton W. Rockliff
John L. Rosenfeld
David J. Salant
Federico Sanchez
Sean Sanders
Alfred P. Sattelberger
P. Jackson Schad
Naomi Schedl
Thomas C. Schelling
Nicholas Schlageter
Peter Schlosser
Paul L. Schmidbauer
Alan Schriesheim
Sara L. Schupf
Steven Shak
Lu J. Sham
Thomas D. Sharkey
Charles J. Sherr
Jean’ne M. Shreeve
Saul Silverstein
Charles A. Simenstad
Joseph V. Simone
David J. Simons
Bruce M. Simonson
James L. Smith
Judson Somerville
Frank J. Sonleitner
George C. & Maradel B. Sonnichsen
Mary C. St. John
Juli Staiano & Marc Washington
Albert T. Steegmann, Jr.
Judith S. Stern
Edward C. Stone, Jr.
Michael P. Stone
Herbert T. Streu
Richard C. Stroh
Janet B. Svirsky
Masaki Tan
Richard V. Telloni
Gene S. Thomas
Heriberto V. Thomas
William A. Thomas
Anne M. Thompson
Joshua Thomson
J. E. Tillmann
Alvin V. Tollestrup
Sam Z. Toma
Robert D. Toto
Leon Trilling
Gertrude M. Tyce
Jashvant D. Unadkat
John Urquhart
Ari van Tienhoven
Jui H. Wang
Nancy E. Warner
Warren & Mary Washington
Donald & Beverly Waters
Kenneth L. Webb
Robert J. Weimer
Molly H. Weinburgh
John D. Weinland
Luiz Weksler
Elizabeth D. Whitaker
Ralph R. Widner
Bruce B. Williams
John S. & Judith H. Willis
Philip J. & Carolyn Wyatt
George Yang
Charles Yanofsky
Ann M. Stock Zakaria
Marvin Zelen

We are grateful to the following donors for their contributions of $100 or more:
$250 – $499
Edward M. Acton
Cyrus H. Adams
Heman P. Adams
Philip D. Aines
Ramesh K. Akkina
Nancy W. Alcock-Hood
James M. Anderson
Robert Andres
Anonymous (24)
Naoko Arai
A. Arnheim
David P. Balamuth
Alain Balland
Martin S. Banks
Ronald E. Banks
William A. Bardeen
Franklin L. Barnes, Jr.
Paul A. Bartlett
Steven J. Battel
Sheldon Baumrind
Edward W. Beals
Jean Beard
R. P. Belden
Harvey E. Belkin
Barbara Bell
Charles F. Bennett, Jr.
Herman Birch
C. John Blankley
Philip K. Bondy
John G. Bordie
Dewey E. Born
J. Stuart Bratholdt
Robert M. Brenner
William F. Brinkman
Michael F. Briselli
Robert D. Brown, Jr.
Dennis E. Buetow
Elizabeth R. Butch
Joiner Cartwright, Jr.
Gary L. Cecchini
R. A. Cesena
Jagdish Chandra
Walter J. Chazin
Martin A. Cheever
Hillel J. Chiel
Robert W. Christopherson
Ralph M. Clark
Steven Clawson
James & Stella Coakley
David Collier
Dale K. Colyer
James K. Coward
Walter Craig
Thomas I. Crowell
Michael Cynamon
J. D. S. Danielson
Igor B. Dawid
Richard M. Deamer
Steve J. Demuth
Robin L. Dennis
Timothy Devaremme
Bruce L. Dietrich
Joe B. Dixon
Roger Eichhorn
Franco Einaudi
Robert N. Eisenman
George A. Englesson
Edwin P. Ewing, Jr.
Emmanuel Farber
David W. Faris
William E. Farrell
Allison F. Fentiman
James P. Ferris
Lewis T. Fitch
Lysia S. Forno
Daniel W. Foster
Helen L. Foster
Richard A. Frankel
Kathy E. Freas
Herbert C. Friedmann
Mary K. Gaillard
Georgine M. Garbisch
David Garvin
Eli Glatstein
Paul W. Glimcher
Malcolm S. Gordon
Mary E. W. & Albert E. Goss
Kathleen L. Gould
Konstantin Goulianos
Gerardo W. Gross
William J. Guilford
Matthias Haase
Duane E. Haines
Daniel A. Hamlin
Ingeborg Hanbauer-Costa
Roy M. Havenhill
Evan B. Hazard
Alan J. Heeger
Susan M. Hinkins
Robert L. Hoguet III
Sharon Hrynkow
Paul F. Hudrlik
Kay Huebner
Thomas K. Hunt
Sally T. Ishizaka
Marianna Jackson
Neil H. Jacoby, Jr.
Sheila & Jay Jasanoff
Thomas W. Jeffries
Joseph R. Jehl, Jr.
Samson A. Jenekhe
Hollis R. Johnson
Jiri Jonas
Anita K. Jones
William G. Kaelin, Jr.
Joanne K. Kelleher
James M. Kendall
Rodger & Doris Ketcham
Thomas A. Kitchens
Michael S. Klassen
Jane Q. Koenig
Rajiv Kohli
Shohei Koide
Edward J. Kormondy
Michael H. Kroll
T. G. Ksiazek
Benjamin J. Kuipers
Michael Hon-Wah Lam
Joseph S. Lappin
Kathleen Hoey Lavoie
Myron C. Ledbetter
Douglass B. Lee, Jr.
Howard Leventhal
Richard A. Levinson
Charles A. Lewis, Jr.
Herman S. Lilja
Rulon K. Linford
Robert B. Loftfield
Iris L. Long
John P. Loveridge
Paul Lovoi
Paul A. Luciw
Charles A. Lundquist
William B. Lyons
Clifford K. Madsen
Mary E. Mahoney
David J. March
Thomas J. Marlowe
Susan A. Matthies
John E. McDonald
John M. McGhee
John R. Menninger
Carl R. Merril
Colin A. Michie
Albert S. Mildvan
Jerry W. Miller
Beatrice Mintz
Michael J. Moratto
Stewart Lee Moses
Kristen L. Mueller
Thomas W. Mullikin
William M. Murray
Peter B. Myers
Thomas W. Newton
John P. O’Connell
Richard T. Oehrle
Jeanette A. Paintsil
Victor R. Palmeri
Suresh S. Patil
Glen Perry
Edward B. Picou, Jr.
John T. Pigott
Ken D. Pischel
William H. Plotkin
Glenn D. Prestwich
Stephen C. Ragatz
John D. Randall
Jimmy L. Rash
Francis Repas
Mary E. Rice
Lynn M. Riddiford &
James W. Truman
Henry M. Rines
Robert J. Ringlee
John D. Roberts
William L. Robison
Tina Roeder
Alan E. Rogers
Felix J. Rogers
Dennis A. Roscetti
Kenneth L. Rose
Vera C. Rubin
George D. Ryerson
Mary Sale
Tamiko Sato
Cecily C. Selby
Earl H. Sexton
Carleton B. Shay
Emma Shelton
Paul F. Shepard
Lawrence C. Shimmin
Charles H. Shultz
Mrityunjay Singh
Jack Sjostrom
W. R. Smith-Vaniz
Peter B. Snyder
Q. D. Stephen-Hassard
Peter J. Stoddard
James Stolzenbach
James P. Stone
Shepard B. Stone
Alan J. Strauss
Donald A. Swanson
Richard L. Swent
Andrew G. Szent-Gyorgyi
Edward Tarbuck
Robert B. Tesh
Arthur R. Thomas
David H. Thompson
Jeremy W. Thorner
Robert W. Thresher
P. Tillier
James W. Titus
Franklin H. Top, Jr.
Thomas K. Toyama
David H. Tracy
Kalliat T. Valsaraj
Albert F. Wagner
Harold Walba
Charles Walcott
W. James Waldman
Mark E. Weaver
Irwin Welber
Michael L. Wells
Donat G. Wentzel
Robert D. Westfall
James P. Whipple
Irvin L. White
John F. Wilkerson
Robert L. Winders
Keith D. Wing
Sidney G. Winter, Jr.
J. Walter Woodbury
George E. Woody
Milton Zaitlin
Felix E. Zajac III
Charlotte M. Zitrin

$100 – $249
James S. Aagaard
Ashley J. Aberg
S. C. Abrahams
Melissa Acosta
Ernest C. Adams
Roger W. Addor
Jill P. Adler
Leif A. Ahrens
Cameron Ainsworth
Ingrid E. Akerblom
Susan C. Alberts
Charles P. Alexander,
in memory of
Leon M. Jaroff
Caitilyn Allen
Lizabeth A. Allison
W. Anthony Allison
Charles E. Alpers
Norman J. Alvares
Joseph Amann
Stefan Ambs
Robert G. Amundson
Edward Anders
Gordon W. Anderson
J. Anderson
James J. Anderson
Linda M. Anderson
Lloyd L. Anderson
Paul M. Anderson
Sara F. Anderson
Robert C. Angerer
Robert R. H. Anholt
Anonymous (86)
Rudi Ansbacher
Bradley C. Antanaitis
Frederick J. Antosz
Michael W. Arenton
Edward M. Arnett
Mary C. Arnold
William Aron
William C. Ashby
Arnold C. Ashcraft
Laurence D. Ashly
Balasubramania H. Athreya
Marc S. Atkins
Ronald K. Atwood
William S. Augerson
David S. &
Kathleen N. Ayres
Timothy N. Ayres
Daniel L. Azarnoff
Jocelyne Bachevalier
Thomas A. Badgwell
Walter S. Baer
Stanley Bailis
Carol Baird
Mary Ann Baker
Mark Balas
Samuel F. Baldwin
N. Addison Ball
David P. Ballou
Karen J. Bame
C. Kenneth Banks, Jr.
Joseph C. Barbaccia
R. Keith Bardin
John Bark
Wayne Barnes
Franklin H. Barnwell
Monique Barrett
Craig S. Barrow
Edwin F. Bartholomew
John R. Barton
Thomas R. &
Johanna K. Baruch
Vicki, Ed & Madi Bass, in
honor of Mr. & Mrs.
Ronnie Wooten
Hyman Bass
Anna Battenhouse
Diana J. Bauer
Kyle D. Bayes
T. Edmund Beck
David C. Beebe
John C. Behrendt
Alvin L. Beilby
George A. Bekey
Paul Belanger
Edward A. Belongia
Roy Benedek
Michael W. Benenson
Leslie Z. Benet
Thomas L. Benjamin
Donald R. Bennett
Jennifer M. Berardi
Matthew J. Berberich
Richard Beresford
Elena M. Berger
Ernest L. Bergman
Maria V. Bergmann
Herbert L. Berk
Arthur Berman
R. Stephen Berry
Richard F. Berthelsdorf
Kevin P. Bertrand
Rose Bethe
Erwin P. Bettinghaus
Joseph P. Bevak
William C. Bianchi
Paul Bickart
John T. Bickmore
Charles E. Bidwell
Theodore I. Bieber
David K. Biegelsen
George E. Bigelow
Kelly Biggs
Nancy G. Bigham
Victor J. Bilotta
Graeme Birchall
Nirendra N. Biswas
Peter E. Black
Meredith Blackwell
Gregor Blaha
Mordecai P. Blaustein
Jerome L. Bleiweis
Robert J. Blendon
Daniel Blitz
Tim Bloom
Herbert Blumenthal
Hans R. Bode
John K. Boitnott
Susan & Jeffrey Bond
Martha W. Bond
Susan B. Bonner-Weir
Joseph Bordogna
David & Harriet Borton
John D. Bower
Elmo L. Bowman
James N. Bradbury
Rick Bradford
Roscoe R. Braham, Jr.
Robert L. Brammer
Kristi M. Branch
Jonathan Braun
Rubin Braunstein
Alexander J. Bridges
Paul J. Brindley
Jon M. Brooks
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Charles S. Brown
Dennis J. Brown
Donald J. Brown
Harold H. Brown
Susan G. Brown
John C. Browne
Joshua C. Brumberg
John S. Brusca
Barbara Bryant
Robert W. Bryant
Susan V. Bryant
Nisso Bucay
Evan Buck
William A. Buehring
Esther A. Bullitt
Beryl Burgess
Mary F. Burke
Marvin D. Burkhart
Karolyn Burkhart-Schultz
Ronald G. Burns
Stephen H. Burns
John E. Burris
Daryle H. Busch
Edward G. Buss
Donald G. Buth
Bradford Butman
Susan B. Butts
Stephen E. Buxser
Tina M. Calderon
Michael J. Calderwood
Michael Calhoun
Virginia W. Campbell
David Card
Fernando P. Cardenas
Vernon B. Cardwell
Andrew G. Carey
James M. Carhart
William C. Carlson
Ralph L. Carmichael
Peter D. Carragher
Joseph Carson
Robert A. Cary
Carolyn L. Cason
Paul A. Catacosinos
Ann D. Catlett
Winslow S. Caughey
Peter C. Chabora
John H. Chamberlain
Yuan Chao
Paul G. Chapin
Gary A. Chapman
Stanley E. Charm
Allen R. Chauvenet
Eugene Y. – X. Chen
Yenming Cheng
Peter Chesson
Arthur N. Chester
Wai-Yim Ching
Purnell W. Choppin
Albert K. Christensen
Stanley H. Christensen
Robert L. Christiansen
Tze-Yao &
Margaret S. Y. Chu
Leo T. Chylack
Shaun F. Clancy
George A. Clark, Jr.
Robert A. Clark
Theodore C. Clarke
David R. Coahran
George D. Cody
Jules Cohen
Michael P. Cohen
Nadine D. Cohen
H. Steven Colburn
Geoffrey A. Cole
Paul D. Coleman
G. James Collatz
Steven Condas
James W. Conine
Arthur R. Cooke
C. Robert Cooke
Lynn Cooley
Paul R. Cooley
Max D. Cooper
Carol M. Copp
Philip Coppens
John D. Corbett
Pierce S. Corden
Richard C. Corlett
Jimmy C. Cornette
Charles D. Cornwell
Albert E. Cosand
Patricia F. Cottam
Robert C. Cowen
George L. Cowgill
George E. Cowperthwaite
Richard H. Cox
Harold P. Coyle, Jr.
George W. Crabtree
William A. Craig
Arthur R. Crampton
Stephen H. Crandall
Peter H. Crawford
Denton W. Crocker
Gay M. Crooks
John H. Crowe
Alfred J. Crowle
William L. Cruce
Kenny S. Crump, Sr.
Franklin Cruz
August O. Curley
Gregory Cybul
Donn D’Alessio
Joseph A. D’Anna, Jr.
Beverly A. Dale-Crunk
Joan Dash
Sita K. Dash
Jasper R. Daube
Gary S. David
Herbert A. David
Joseph Davie
David L. Davies
Charles F. Davis, Jr.
Peter L. Davis
Richard O. Davis
David S. Dayton
P. J. De Jong
Catherine D. DeAngelis
Charles H. Debrovner
Hans W. Decker
William P. Deiss
Charles J. Delp
Richard Demak
Gunther Dennert
Paul M. Densen
Peter R. Denwood
Kathryn L. Deriemer
James K. Detling
Marshall E. Deutsch
Arthur L. Devries
Gordon P. DeWolf, Jr.
Gilbert R. Di Leone
Sidney Diamond
David B. Dickinson, Jr.
Paul W. Dickson, Jr.
Paula Diehr
Michael A. Dillon
David F. Dinges
Omer Divers
Winifred W. Doane
Walter Luis B. Doege
Patricia K. Donahoe
Terrence M. Donohue, Jr.
Linneaus C. Dorman
Michael P. Doyle
Jeff Dozier
Abraham I. &
Marianna Dranetz
Mary B. Dratman
Paul Dreizen
George B. Driesen
Lester Dubnick
Robert A. Dudley
Marilyn J. Duncan
Raynor L. Duncombe
Thomas H. &
Sylvia A. M. Dunning
Josee Dupuis
Richard W. Dutton
Daniel J. Dwyer
John L. Dwyer
Ira Dyer
Joseph E. Earley
Kirk A. Easley
Douglas P. Easton
John Eberhard
Gregor P. Eberli
Estia J. Eichten
Alfred W. Eipper
Carol S. Eisenberg
Richard Eisenberg
Larry D. Eldridge
Mark P. Elenko
Gary D. Ellis
Lynn W. Ellis
Thomas S. Ely
David K. Emmel
Bernard T. Engel
Pamela Engel
David J. Epstein
Robert S. Erdmann
Robert L. Erickson
Susan G. Ernst
W. Gary Ernst
Joann L. Evans
Randal S. Evans
John H. Exton
Sandra M. Faber
Robert L. Fairchild
Curtis Farrar
Kenneth R. Farrell
John W. Farrington
Ralph W. Fasold
Theodore F. Fathauer
James A. Fay
Benedict Feinberg
Arnold M. Feingold
Shelagh Ferguson-Miller
Herbert E. Ferran, Jr.
William Fickinger
Herbert C. Field
John B. Fieser
Gerald J. Filbin
Terese Finitzo
Olivera J. Finn
Kathleen M. Fisher
Morris A. Fisher
James E. Fitzgerald
Yael Fitzpatrick
David J. Fletcher
Edward A. Foegeding
Margaret L. Fonda
John I. Ford
Thomas A. Ford
William J. Forrest
Mark A. Fortuna
Mary H. Foster
William C. Fothergill
Reba B. Fournier
Elizabeth Fowler
Thomas R. Fowler
Joseph Frankel
William S. Frankl
Mark V. Frezzo
Carl Frieden
Stephen Frolking
William E. Fry
Dennis G. Fryback
Glenn Fuller
Kwok S. Fung
Stephen K. Furnas
Mitchell H. Gail
Horace M. Gaims
Harold Gainer
Joseph G. Gall
A. K. Ganguly
Kristin Garcia
Turkan K. Gardenier
Murray B. Gardner
William G. Gardner
David E. Garfin
David J. Garfinkel
Margaret A. Garnjost
David M. Gates
Fritz Gautschi
Robert E. Gawley
Sinclair Gearing
John C. Gehring
Janet Geisselsoder
Aaron J. Gellman
Richard J. Gentile
C. L. Gephart
Walter Gerhard
Edward Gerjuoy
George L. Gerton
Jacquelyn Gervay-Hague
Jason E. Gestwicki
Anne E. Giblin
David T. Gibson
Irma Gigli
Mark L. Gilberstadt
Neal C. Gillespie
Walter L. Gillespie
James S. Gilliland
S. Malcolm Gillis
Peter A. Gilman
Henry N. Ginsberg
W. Clifford Girard
Martin E. Gluckstein
Walter B. Goad
Edward & Judith Goetzl
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Harold C. Graboske
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David W. Grainger
Judith H. Grassle
Howard Graves &
Julie Baller
Harry B. Gray
G. Sheldon Green
Michael V. Green
Frederick D. Greene
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William B. Greenough III
John S. & Deborah
Brian A. Gregg
Gordon L. Grosscup
William M. Groton
Helen K. Groves
Melvin M. Grumbach
Karl A. Gschneidner, Jr.
Jean M. Gudas
Tee Guidotti
Harold Gumbel
C. David Gutsche
Joseph C. Guzzo
Joanna F. Haas
Jerrier A. Haddad
Michael G. Hadfield
Stephen C. Hadler
Fletcher F. Hahn
Kater Hake
Albert L. Hale
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Edward L. Halk
Gail H. Hall
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Robert B. Hall
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Leon Heller
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Davis Hershey
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Norwood O. Hill
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Ernest Hilsenrath
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Conrad C. Hinckley
Irvin N. Hirshfield
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Hans Henrich Hock
Mary Y. P. Hockaday
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Gabriel N. Hortobagyi
Lansing C. Hoskins
Edwin W. House
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Stuart W. Hughes
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Elke Jordan
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Bruce Kabakoff
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Robert Keefe
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Anthony M. Kerdock
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Michael F. Koehl
Steven Kohler
Charles E. Kolb
Leland S. Kollmorgen
Gregory Konesky
C. Ronald Koons
Victor Korenman
Richard L. Kornblith
Virginia L. Kortes
Shirley A. Kovacs
Theodore R. Kozlowski
Bernard L. Kravitz
Robert A. Kreber
Bernard E. Kreger
Lester C. Krogh
Kirk S. Krogstad
Judith F. Kroll
David Kronen
John S. Kronholm
Warren Kruger
Steven A. Kuhl
Fred A. Kummerow
Frederick A. Kundell
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Watson M. Laetsch
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Susan Landau
John C. Landon
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Jean K. Largis
Paul A. Larson
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Joyce C. Lashof
Allan H. Laufer
Leo L. Laughlin
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Chuan-Pu Lee
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Frederick A. Leighton
James C. C. Leisen
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Robert Lenkinski
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Heather M. Leslie
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Joel A. Levitt
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Milly Lierman
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William T. Lippincott
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Wesley Lisker
John H. Litchfield
Joyce C. Little
Stephen C. Liu
Julian R. Livingston
Lars Ljungdahl
David A. Lloyd
Felix J. Lockman
Marilyn R. Loeb
Jean Logan
Norman W. Lord
Patricia C. Lorentzen
James D. Louck
Thomas E. Lovejoy
Richard J. Loveless
John A. Lowe III
Jerold M. Lowenstein
Bernd Lubina
Brandon Lundmark
Joan Lunney
William L. Lupatkin
Daniel J. Luthringer
Robert L. Lynch
Robert J. Macek
Vivian L. Mackay
Allen H. Mackenzie
Walter Mackinlay
Barry A. MacKinnon
Richard V. MacMillan
Marcos F. Maestre
Lois E. Maggio
Fred C. Maienschein
Patricia D. Mail
John Majnarich
Danuta Malejka-Giganti
David K. Malek
Constantine J. Maletskos
Gladys R. Maley
Robert B. Mandell
Daniel C. Maneval
Vincent Manganiello
Robert J. Manley
Marilyn S. Mann
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Gregory Marton
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James F. Mathis
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Roger W. Mauldin
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Peter Mazur
David J. McAdoo
Mollie E. McBride
Simon J. McCarthy
Michael McCarville
Deirdre McCloskey
Bruce D. McCombe
Daniel J. McCormack
Candice McCoy
Layton L. McCoy
Donald G. McDonald
Harry E. McDonald III
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James L. &
Rosemarie McElhaney
James McGoodwin
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William McIsaac
Wilbert J. McKeachie
Christopher F. McKee
Grant W. McKinney
Beverly McMahon
John B. McManus
F. Arthur McMorris
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Michael R. McPherson
Larry R. Medsker
William A. Meezan
Jessica C. Meiller
Maeli Melotto
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Ethan A. Merritt
Mihajlo Mesarovic
Jose Augusto Messias
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Elias K. Michaelis
Charles D. Michener
Richard H. Milburn
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Orlando J. Miller
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Yoshikazu L. Mizobuchi
William C. Mobley
Gunnard W. Modin
Robert H. Moench
Karen Mohlke
N. Christine Molina
M. Ann Molineux
Lloyd J. Money
Jean I. Montagu
Walter G. Montgomery
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Gerald L. Moore
Grace W. Moore
James D. Moore
John F. Moore
Thomas G. Moore
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Cathleen S. Morawetz
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Gerry H. Morgan
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Sidney M. Morris, Jr.
Nancy D. Morrison
Grant Morrow III
Robert A. Morse
Steven C. Moss
Kenneth R. Mount
Patricia H. Moyer
Susan D. Moynagh
Edward C. Mozley
William H. Muchnic
Elizabeth H. Muench
J. Fraser Muirhead
Tamara A. Muldrow
David Muller
Joe H. Mullins
Catherine L. Munera
Robert L. Munroe
Beth Murphy
Catherine J. Murphy
David R. Myers
Stephen E. Myers
Al Nabhani
Gerald Nadler
P. Nair
Stephen S. Navran, Jr.
James W. Neel
Howard L. Nekimken
Billie C. Nelson
Lloyd S. Nelson
Lyle E. Nelson
Richard S. Nelson &
Carol L. Enkoji
Ron O. Nelson
William M. Nelson
Martin J. Nemer
John C. Nemeth
Robert M. Nerem
Evar D. Nering
James J. Nestor
Peter G. Neumann
Michael J. Newchurch
Barry M. Newman
Jeffery L. Newmeyer
Chester W. Newton
Roger G. Newton
Lois A. Nicholson
Ralph Nielsen
Thomas M. Niesen
A. Hirotoshi Nishikawa
Christer E. Nordman
Parry M. Norling
Anne Norman
William T. Norton
Marie U. Nylen
Berl R. Oakley
W. Brian O’Connor
Donald D. O’Dowd
Godehard Oepen
John R. O’Fallon
Bruce O’Gara
Alice S. Oglesby
Angela V. Olinto
Douglas L. Oliver
Khris B. Olsen
Patricia L. Olson
Richard K. Olsson
Gary A. Oltmans
Leonard Oppenheimer
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Stuart H. Orkin
Robert A. Orwoll
Henry H. Osborn
Judith A. Osborn
William E. Owen
Edwin B. Oyer
Lauren M. Pachman
Thomas & Cheryl Palfrey
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John D. Palmer
John M. Palms
Pete Pankey
Rudolph Pariser
Joseph C. Parker, Jr.
Devra A. Parks
David D. Parrish
Julie C. Parrish
Delores L. Parron
Barbara L. Parry
William G. Parzybok, Jr.
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Arie A. Passchier
Duncan T. Patten
James F. Patterson
Ara G. Paul
John S. Pearse
William R. Pearson
Maurice H. Pease, Jr.
Charles W. Peck
Timothy A. Pedley
Charles R. Peebles
Heather P. Peirce-Stern
Marian Peleski
Nolan E. Penn
David Webb Peoples
Richard Durand Pering
Philip R. Perry
Bertha P. Person
Alea Peters
Karl R. Peters
Kurt E. Petersen
Don H. Peterson
Donald G. Peterson
Donald P. Peterson
John E. Peterson
Mary A. Peterson
Terry M. Peterson
Thomas A. Peterson
Julia M. Phillips
Ranard J. Pickering
Al Pickett
Gerald B. Pier
Wellington J. Pindar
David Pines
Sam P. Pinkerton
Gregory L. Pittman
Andrew G. Plaut
Ward Plummer
James R. Pochert
Joseph C. Polacco
Robert D. Polakiewicz
Thomas G. Polefka
Henry Pollack
Lee G. Pondrom
Griffin Poole
Steven W. Popper
Oscar F. Porter
Mary Poss
Mark Post
Huntington Potter
Richard C. Potter
Don W. Powell
Bernal F. Powers, Jr.
Eline Luning Prak
Rex F. Pratt
Elton Price
Herbert P. Price
Edward Prince
Charles H. Pritchard
Ann Progulske-Fox
Kim D. Pruitt
Derek L. Pursey
Jerome S. Puskin
Peter Puster
David C. Queller &
Joan E. Strassmann
John M. Questel
Edward J. Quilligan
Omar A. Qureshi
Frederick J. Raab
Taylor Raack
Mark S. Radomski
Rudolf A. Raff
Yueh-Erh Rahman
Sohini Ramachandran
Mala S. Mahendroo
Arthur L. Rangno
Tom Ranker
M. M. Rao
R. Ronald Rau
Robert L. Rausch
Paul Raviart
Donald G. Rea
Robin Reagan
Robert D. Reasenberg
Bruce A. Rector
Edward F. Redish
David R. Reed, Jr.
Thomas D. Reed
Paul B. Reichardt
Franklin G. Reick
Clark & Barbara A. Reid
Paul W. Reid
Danny Reinberg
Jakob Reiser
Leonard J. Reiser
L. Reitzer
Minocher C. Reporter
William B. Retallick
Paul R. Reynolds
Kathryn E.Y. Richardson
Rollin C. Richmond
Keith Rickert
Stuart & Frances Ridgway
Austen F. Riggs II
Per Arne Rikvold
Barbara K. Rimer
Steven J. Ring
Dan J. Risch
Jean Adams Robbins
Eugene Roberts
Julian L. Roberts, Jr.
Michael S. Robertson
Randy R. Robinson
Aidan E. Roche
Maxine L. Rockoff
Stella Rockoff
James K. Rocks
Juan G. Rodriguez
William J. Rodriguez
Kenneth C. Rogers
Mark Rognstad
Nancy G. Roman
Joseph J. Romm
Sheila R. Ronis
Hugh Rose
Dean A. Rosebery
Herman S. Rosenbaum
Ernest Rosenberg
Norman Rosenberg
Joan R. Rosenblatt
Ralph Roskies
David A. & Edith H. Ross
A. David Rossin
Michael Roth
Stanley J. Roux
George C. Rovnyak
Roger D. Rowland
Qingxia Ruan
George C. Ruben
Laurens N. Ruben
Herman Rubin
Rodolfo Ruibal
Melissa A. Runge-Morris
William B. Russel
George H. Sack, Jr.
Reisuke Saito
Osvaldo Sala
Bernard Salanie
Kirstie A. Saltsman
Martin J. Salwen
William R. Salzman
Philip Samet
Allan R. Sanford
Gary E. Sanger
Anatole Sarko
Diane M. Sasaki
Anne P. Sassaman
Eric Saund
Jeffrey J. Saunders
H. William Sause
John E. Savage
Edward M. Schaefer
PB Schechter
W. Robert Scheidt
Ronald K. Scheule
Elliott Schiffmann
Elihu Schimmel
Murry & Beverley
Arthur G. Schmidt
Jean M. Schmidt
Ruth A. M. Schmidt
Klaus Schmidt-Rohr
Harold W. Schmitt
Kirk D. Schmitt
Patrick Schnable
Webster Schott
Cedric F. Schubert
Ean Schuessler
Gertrud M. Schupbach
Harvey Schussler
Lois Schutte
Richard & Margaret
Benjamin D. Schwartz & Susan Cullen-Schwartz
Silvan S. Schweber
Eugenie C. Scott
Rima M. Segal
Vidya Sagar Sethi
David W. Severson
Joel H. Shaper
Robert Y. Shapiro
David G. Shappirio
Thomas D. Sharples
Andrey S. Shaw
Robert W. Shaw, Jr.
Walter Shearer
Ben Shen
John Sherwell
Stanwyn G. Shetler
Nobumichi Shimizu
Mark Shlomchik
James F. Short
Abraham Shulman
Bernard G. Silbernagel
Willys K. Silvers
Penelope L. Simms
Donald M. Simons
Simon C. Simonson
Joseph R. &
Eleanor P. Simpson
R. Mark Simpson
Lawrence A. Singer
Maxine & Daniel Singer
Monroe G. Sirken
James C. Sisson
Jack W. Sites, Jr.
Andrew Skaar
Jonathan B. Skinner
Scott Sklar
Eugene B. Skolnikoff
Gary D. Sloan
Pamela L. C. Small
Alan J. Smith
Fred H. Smith
James C. Smith
Linda C. Smith
M. Brewster Smith
Richard G. Smith
Roy G. Smith
Sidney R. Smith
Stewart E. Smith
Raymond A. Sobel
Ernest R. Sohns
Brian D. Somers
Soroosh S. Sorooshian
Linda P. Spear
Kimberly M. Specht
Paulette Spencer
Nancy K. Spillane
Philip C. Spiller
Fred E. Stafford
David G. Stahl
Kathryn C. Stallcup
F. W. Stallmann
Radu V. Stan
Edward A. Stanley
Richard H. Stanton
Irving C. Statler
Kelly P. Steele
Richard A. Steeves
John E. Stein
Donald F. Steiner
Thomas A. & Joan A. Steitz
David J. Stensrud
John Stephens, Jr.
Lee P. Stephenson
George F. Sterman
Edward A. Stern
Reinhard Stettler
Rosemary A. Stevens
Seth M. Stevenson
Melbourne G. Stewart
Albert E. Stiegman
James H. Stith
Daniel Stodolsky
Edward C. Stoever
Walter C. Stolov
Rainer F. Storb
Truman Storvick
James B. Strait
Roy F. Stratton
Karl D. Straub
George Strauss
Eugene Streicher
Alan M. Strout
Jeffrey L. Sturchio
Joan C. Suit
Dan S. Sulzbach
P. R. Sundaresan
Venkatesan Sundaresan
Glenn W. Suter II
David F. Sutter
Ernest S. Sutton
Melvin N. Swanson
Claude R. Swayze
Raymond W. Sweet
Clayton A. Swenson
Stephen I. Szara
Chris Szent-Gyorgyi
Jack W. Szostak
Craig A. Taatjes
Richard D. Taber
Rowland W. Tabor
Yutaka Tagaya
Lorey Takahashi
Gerald H. Takei
Tohru Takekoshi
Lee M. Talbot
Kouichi R. Tanaka
Peter E. Tanguay
Pieter P. Tans
Laurence J. Berlowitz
John Bruce Taylor
Max Tegmark
Gary Temple
Norman M. Tepley
Raymond L. Teplitz
Irwin Tessman
Kenneth R. Teter
Edith Y. Thoburn
Roger K. Thomas
Lawrence H. Thompson
Linda F. Thompson
Van P. Thompson
Eric J. Thorgerson
David C. Tiemeier
Marlene Tietjen
William L. Tietjen
William S. Tihen
Jeremiah G. Tilles
Murray Tobak
Aubrey C. Tobey
Peter L. Todd
Odin A. Toness
Wayne C. Tonjes
Elizabeth G. Tonkin
Kathy A. Tonnessen
John G. Topliss
Barbara B. Torrey
Don I. Trachtenberg
Francesco B. Trama
Paul Trampont
John Tranquada
David L. Trauger
Alfred Traverse
Nicholas D. Trbovich
George W. Tressel
Timothy N. Trick
David J. Triggle
Anthony M. Trozzolo
Dwight D. Trueblood
Forrest A. Trumbore
Joel S. Trupin
Wen H. Tsien
Joan Tucker
John M. Tucker
Donald W. Twohy
Brian D. Underwood
Millard K. Underwood
Ronald Urvater
Manuel T. Uy
Luis A. Valenzuela
Estil A. Vance
Martin Vanderlaan
William K. Vanderwilt
J. Pace Vandevender
Lodewik H. Vanmierop
W. Karl VanNewkirk
Moshe Y. Vardi
Sandor G. Vari
Charles Varsel
Ravindra Vasavada
Lee T. Venolia &
John W. Thoman
John Verkade
Stanley Vickers
Robert K. Vickery, Jr.
Norman J. Viehmann
Lydia Villa-Komaroff &
Anthony L. Komaroff
Victor E. Viola
Weston E. Vivian
John W. Voelpel
Marcel Voirol
Alvin Volkman
Susan F. Volman
Thomas von Foerster
A. Vance Vorndam
Wim Vuist
Cecil J. Waddington
Robert J. Wagner
Charles A. Waldren
Charles P. Wales
Frances Ann Walker
Richard J. Walker
William A. Wallace
William J. Wallace
Henry & Doris Walter
Robert T. Ward
Bennie R. Ware
Jonathan R. Warner
Roxanne Warren
Steven F. Warren
Edel Wasserman
Marvin Wasserman
Steven F. Watanabe
George E. Watson III
John Waycuilis
Danny Weaver
Rebecca Webber
Alfons Weber
Owen W. Webster
Henry Wedaa
James L. Weeks
John W. Weil
Harrison Wein
Elliot H. Weinberg
Berthold W. Weinstein
Elizabeth K. Weisburger
Milton M. Weiser
Jeffrey Weiss
Paul B. Weisz
Susan Roosevelt Weld
William W. Wells
John P. Wendell
Robert Wenger
Paul J. Werner &
Christel S. Cranston
Charles J. Weschler
Robert A. Wesley
John E. Wessel
Sandra D. Westerheide
John L. Wetherby
Lennard Wharton
Maynard B. Wheeler
Harold B. White III
John A. White
Nicholas R. White
Peter White
Garnett B. Whitehurst
Luke J. Whitesell
Glenn G. Whiteside
Charles A. Whitney
William M. Whitney
Vincent Wickwar
Norman E. Wideburg
Tracy N. Wiegner
Paul E. Wiehl
Pauline Wiessner
Anna M. Williams
John A. Williams
Mary Ann Williams
T. Walley Williams III
W. Gary Williams
Joanne M. Williamson
Kenneth D. Williamson
Lyman J. Wilmot
David A. Wilson
David L. Wilson
Eckard Wimmer
Joseph G. Wirth
Allen H. Wise
Carl P. Wisoff
Evelyn M. Witkin
Martin H. Wojcik
Marc S. Wold
Leszek J. Wolfram
Douglas R. Woll
Wayne C. Wolsey
Gordon R. Woodcock
Gary L. Woods
Robert W. Woolfolk
Robert J. Wordinger
Peter E. Wright
Robert J. Wright
William A. Wulf
Carmen M. Yampierre
Kathryn M. Yarosevich
Lynn A. Yehle
Belinda R. Yen
William H. Yenke
Wayne M. &
Lynn Yokoyama
Charles W. Young
Richard W. Young
Charlie A. Yparraguirre
Dihua Yu
Hongtao Yu
Jianming Yu
Michael J. Zacharkow
Clive S. Zent
Tien Y. Zhao
Guisheng Zhou
Richard E. Zigmond
Adrienne L. Zihlman
Richard H. Zimmerman
William Zimmermann, Jr.
Donald B. Zobel
Irwin S. Zonis


Edward Aboufadel
Edwin Adlerman
R. Paul Aftring
Mohamad Alhakim
James Altman
Asma Amleh
Albert Anderson
David Anderson
Senthil Annamalai
Dale Bachwich
Mary Barber
Deena Bellman
Philippe Beltran
Kathleen Berger
Josh Bernstein
Chris Biemesderfer
J. Michael Bishop
Jerome L. Bleiweis
Fred Bomberger
John Brademas
Olga Breydo
Eric Brinsfield
David Brooks
Joan Brooks
William Brooks
David R. Buckler
Julia Butters
Daniel B. Caplan
Hilda Carpenter
Marc Carrasco
Michael Carson
Christina Caserio
T. Cauthorn
Carlton Caves
Daniel Cayan
Nathaniel Chafee
Andrew Chong
Robert Christopherson
Austin Church
Aaron Clark
Charles Clark
Barbara Clemmensen
Casey Clouspy
Barry S. Coller
Donald Cook
Paul Cooley
Robert Cordella
Alan Crawford
Edmund Crouch
Kenneth Crumley
Billy Dalrymple
H. Clay Daulton
Paul Day-Lucore
Kenneth De Ghetto
C. Gregory Doherty
Gregory C Donadio
Albert Dosser
Jaquelin Dudley
Pete Eckel
Estia Eichten
James Ellis
Joseph Engenito
Eldon D. Enger
Eric Engstrom
H. Douglas Fachnie
Brian Fagan
Peter Fasolo
Robert Fay
Bobby Feil
Alison Fennessy Fields
Lindy Fishburne
Richard Friedman
John C. Fuhr
R. F. Gaeke
Curtis Galloway
Thomas Giroux
John Gluck
Howard Gobstein
Alfred Goldberg
Jack L. Goldsmith
Sheila Hafter Gray
Richard Green
Laura Greene
Carl Griffith
Joyce Grossman
Wilhelm Gruissem
Samuel Gubins
Rachael Guenlensberger
Louis Gurvich
Nancy Haigwood
Jeff Hammerbacher
Daniel Hankey
Alexander Harcourt
John G. Harkins
Hanns Hasche Kluender
Charles E. Hawkins
Jeffrey Hayden
Rudy Henninger
Thomas Henson
John R. Hess
Robert Hess
John L. Hofstra
William Hogan
David W. Ignat
Andrei Issaev
Masayoshi Itoh
John Jackson
Karen Jakes
Gary Jason
Ryan Jense
Mari-Vaughn Johnson
Stephen Jones
George Karkanias
Michael Kelley
Jack Kerns
Lewis Kinter
Randal Kirk
Robert Kirshner
Stephen Knight
Jonathan Knowles
William Koerner
Thomas F. Koetzle
Maria Kovacs
Anton O. Kris
E. Labuda
Matthew Lachman
Gay Langham-Mcnally
Christophe Laudamiel
Gerald Leboff
Charles Lenzmeier
Alan I. Leshner
Andrea Levitt
Michael Lewis
John Linderman
Edmund Littlefield
Mark J. Logsdon
Kirill Lokshin
Dan Longo
Carol Becker Lynch
Peter Madams
Brian Malloy-Thorpe
Scott L. Manske
Mark Markham
David Marlowe
Richard Massey
Edward S. Matalka
F. Maurrasse
Michael M May
Nina Mayr
R. F. McAllister
James J. McCarthy
Patrick McCoy
James Meinecke
Steven Melander-Dayton
Ronald Melen
Richard Melmon
Richard A. Meserve
Douglas Mills
William Moates
Dean Moor
Howard Morgan
Edward Moulton
Eric Phillip Muntz
Cherry Ann Murray
Maureen Neitz
Peter Neupert
Mark Nockleby
Jacques Nor
Andrew Norton
Edward Oates
Don O’Brien
Michael Ogrodnik
P. O’Keefe
Joao Oliveira
John Oriorden
Charles Patton
Ronald Pedalino
David Penniman
Kerry Phillips
Dennis Pilarczyk
James Rantschler
Barry Ratzkin
Lawrence Ray
David Reed
John Reed
Matthew Rehrl
Naphtali Rishe
Yvette Robbins
Alexandra Roosevelt
Allen Root
J. Rowe
Eduardo Rubinstein
Chris Rufer
William J. Saucier
Robert Schneider
Richard M. Schoen
Michael Scott
Ronald C. Searls
Abdulalim Shabazz
Robert Shafer
Douglas R. Shanklin
Victor Showalter
Andrew Siedlecki
Robert Paul Siemann
David J. Simons
Bruce Simonson
Lane Singer
Gurusingham Sitta
Linda C. Smith
Scott Smith
Steven W. Smith
Walter Smith
Judson Somerville
H. Sox
Stephanie S. Spangler
David Staal
Richard Steiner
Shepard Stone
S. D. Stroupe
G. Swanson
Temple Public Library
Glenn Thomas
Victoria Tifft
Philip Tucker
Ralston Turbeville
Kirsten Vadheim
James Vancik
Lydia Villa-Komaroff
Brian Wainscott
Robert Walsh
Letao Wang
Thomas Wasylukaarian
Christopher Waterbury
Warren B. Weisberg
Ralph Wharton
Garnett Whitehurst
Dara Wilber
Clinton Williams
Douglas Williams
Michael Williams
Marlan Willis
Christopher Wilson
Isaac J. Winograd
David Woodbury
Mary Woolley
James Zuiches
Arnold Zwicky
Viktor Zykov

Corporations & Foundations

3M Company
Affymetrix, Inc.
Agouron Institute
Alfred P. Sloan Foundation
Alliance of Crop, Soil and Environmental Science Societies
Alvin H. Baum Family Fund
The Amgen Foundation
Annual Reviews
Anudeza Inc.
The Baltimore Family Fund
The Barkley Fund
Berkshire Taconic
Community Foundation, Inc.
Bill & Melinda Gates
Bones Clones, Inc.
Brainfood, Inc.
Branscomb Family Foundation
The Brinkman Family Foundation
Bristol-Myers Squibb Foundation
Burroughs Wellcome Fund
The Caravan Trust
Carnegie Corporation of New York
Case IH
Central New York Research Corp.
Colgate-Palmolive Company
Consolidated Chemical Works, LTD
Dana Foundation
The David and Lucile
Packard Foundation
Defense Advanced
Research Projects Agency
Digital Globe
The Dow Chemical Company
East Bay Community
European Commission
Evidentia Engineering, Inc.
Fluoramics Inc.
The Fodor Family Trust
Forney Family Foundation
Ganguly Family Foundation
The GE Foundation
GlaxoSmithKline LLC
The Glickenhaus Foundation
Golden Family Foundation
The Goldhirsh Foundation, Inc.
Gordon and Betty Moore Family Foundation
Grainger Matching Charitable
Gifts Program
Hamill Family Foundation
Hewlett-Packard Company
Hitachi America, Ltd
Hitachi, Ltd
Indo-US Science & Technology Forum
Ion Beam Systems Inc.
The Irving S. & Alwyn N.
Johnson Family Foundation
Jewish Community Foundation of San Diego
The John D. & Catherine R. MacArthur Foundation
John Templeton Foundation
The Joyce Foundation
The Kavli Foundation
L. Weksler Anesthesia
Legacy Management Inc.
Leo L. Beranek Foundation
Litterman Family Foundation
Lockheed Martin Corporation
L’Oréal Foundation D’Enterprise
L’Oréal USA
Lundeen Foundation
The Marc Haas Foundation
Mars, Incorporated
Merck & Co., Inc.
Merck Partnership for Giving
The Minerals, Metals and Materials Society
New England Biolabs, Inc.
New York Presbyterian Hospital
NorthStar Capital Advisors LLC
Noyce Foundation
Oak Foundation
Oberkotter Foundation
Pablo Valenzuela and Bernadita
Mendez Foundation
Paratherm Corporation
Pepsico Foundation
Pioneer Hi-Bred International, Inc.
Pitts Family Foundation
Population Association of America, Inc.
Qualcomm Incorporated
Research Corporation for Scientific Advancement
Reservoir Labs
Richard Lounsbery Foundation
The Rockefeller Foundation
S. A. and R. W. Colgate Trust
Seascan, Inc.
The Seattle Foundation
Sentry Dynamics, Inc.
Silicon Valley Community Foundation
Sinauer Associates, Inc.
The Stella Group, LTD
Subaru of America, Inc.
Summit Family Foundation
Sunset Laboratory Inc.
Technical Education Research Centers
TIAA-CREF Trust Company, FSB
Ting Tsung and Wei Fong Chao Foundation
Torrey Revocable Living Trust
Verizon Foundation
Vintage Production California LLC
West Mesa Sprinklers

Other Organizations

Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics
Agency for Healthcare Research & Quality
Almgren Initiative in Mathematics
American Academy of Arts and Sciences
American Academy of Neurology
American Bar Association
American Chemical Society
American Cleaning Institute
American Educational Research Association
American Geological Institute
American Geophysical Union
American Institute of Physics
American Mathematical Society
American Meteorological Society
American Physical Society
American Physiological Society
American Psychological Association
American Society of Anesthesiologists
American Society of Civil Engineers
American Society of Mechanical Engineers
American Society of Microbiology
American Society of Plant Biologists
American Sociological Association
American Statistical Association
American Veterinary Medical Association
Ameriprise Financial PAC Match Program
Association of American Geographers
Carnegie Institution for Science
Cornell University
Desert Research Institute
Endowment for the Neurosciences
European Commission DG Research
Federal Bureau of Investigation
Federation of Animal Science Societies
Geological Society of America
George Washington University
Howard Hughes Medical Institute
Institute of Electrical and Electronic Engineers – USA
Kean University
King Abdulaziz City for Science and Technology
Maine Technology Institute
Materials Research Society
Michigan State University
Montana State University
Mount Desert Island Biological Laboratory
The National Academies
National Aeronautics and Space Administration
National Institutes of Health
National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration
National Science Foundation
Naval Postgraduate School
Oak Ridge Associated Universities
Rhode Island Research Alliance
Rice University
Society for Advancement of Chicanos and Native Americans in Science (SACNAS)
Society for Industrial and Applied Mathematics (SIAM)
Society for Research in Child Development
South Carolina Commission on Higher Education
U.S. Agency for International Development
U.S. Department of Agriculture
U.S. Department of Defense
U.S. Department of Education
U.S. Department of Energy
U.S. Department of Health & Human Services
U.S. Department of State
U.S. Environmental Protection Agency
U.S. Geological Survey
University of Arkansas
University of Delaware
University of Kansas Medical Research Institute
University of Kansas School of Medicine
University of Kentucky Research Foundation
University of Michigan
University of Nevada
University of New Hampshire
University of New Mexico
University of North Carolina
University of Oklahoma
University of Rhode Island
University of Southern Mississippi
University of Utah
University of Vermont
University of Washington
University of Wyoming
Utah State University

This listing reflects contributions received 1 January 2012 through 31 December 2012.

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