Advancing Science Through Philanthropy

Philanthropic support allows us to speak up on behalf of science, engineering, and society as opportunities and challenges arise. Our donors demonstrate strong vision and a deep commitment to the future of science through contributions to our Flexible Action Fund and support for specific programs

New Alan I. Leshner Leadership Institute for Public Engagement Honors
Retired CEO

The AAAS Board of Directors led a campaign to honor retiring CEO Alan I. Leshner by seeking contributions to further his commitment to public engagement with science.

A long-time advocate for scientists’ participation in productive, two-way dialogue on science-society issues, Leshner founded the AAAS Center for Public Engagement with Science and Technology in 2003. His focus on public engagement reflected his view that “simply trying to educate the public about science-based issues is not working.”

The Alan I. Leshner Leadership Institute—established through contributions made in his honor—will empower leading scientists and engineers to communicate effectively about the most important issues of our day, reaching more than 50,000 people in its first five years, plus many others through traditional and social media. Each year, a cohort of 15 scientist-leaders will be chosen to address critical science-society issues, convening for a week of intensive public engagement and science-communication training and public-engagement plan development. The scientist-leaders will return to their institutions with a renewed commitment to develop and implement public engagement activities, an online forum and tools for training other scientists in their communities, and increased capacity for public-engagement leadership.

At press time in April 2015, nearly 150 gifts and pledges totaling $520,000 had been committed. The effort was led by immediate past AAAS Board Chair Phillip A. Sharp, AAAS CEO Rush D. Holt and Margaret Lancefield, AAAS Treasurer David Evans Shaw, and Board member Stephen P.A. Fodor and the Fodor Family Trust, among others. Leadership gifts have also been received from Daniel Pinkel, Past AAAS Presidents Alice Huang and David Baltimore, Sibyl R. Golden, Benjamin Hammett, and Kenneth A. Cowin.

Gifts to the tribute fund celebrate and advance Leshner’s vision to help sharpen scientists’ public-engagement skills in order to encourage civic dialogue around key science-society issues.

To support the Leshner Leadership Institute, visit

Alan Leshner

Alan I. Leshner, AAAS CEO emeritus. [EPNAC.COM]

Past AAAS President Endows “Gilbert Omenn Grand Challenges Address” at the AAAS Policy Forum

Portrait of Gilbert Omenn

A substantial 2014 gift from AAAS Past President Gilbert Omenn and his wife, Martha Darling, will endow the new Gilbert S. Omenn Grand Challenges Address. The Omenn Address—the first named, endowed lecture to be given at the annual AAAS Forum on Science and Technology Policy—will examine “particularly challenging topics at the intersection of science and society.”

The endowment builds on Omenn’s 2006 AAAS Presidential Address, and its publication in Science on 15 December 2006. “The concept and promotion of Grand Challenges can help energize not only the scientific and engineering community, but also students, journalists, the public, and their elected representatives, to develop a sense of the possibilities, an appreciation of the risks, and an urgent commitment to accelerate progress,” he explained.

Other notable named funds and endowments at AAAS include:

  • The William T. Golden Endowment Fund for Program Innovation, which inspires new program ideas by funding activities not supported by the AAAS general budget.
  • The Marion Milligan Mason Fund, established with a $2.2M bequest, supports research by early-career women in the chemical sciences.
  • The AAAS Kavli Science Journalism Awards, established in 1945, have been permanently endowed by the Kavli Foundation to honor excellence in science journalism.
  • The Martin L. and Rose Wachtel Memorial Fund underwrites an annual award recognizing outstanding work by an early-career investigator in the field of cancer research.
  • The Revelle Fund supports AAAS Science & Technology Policy Fellows in the area of domestic or international environmental issues.
  • The Charles Valentine Riley Memorial Endowment supports an annual lecture to promote a broader and more complete understanding of agriculture as the most basic human endeavor, and to enhance agriculture through increased scientific knowledge.
  • The Early-Career Award for Public Engagement Fund supports an annual prize recognizing early-career scientists and engineers who have demonstrated excellence in their contributions to public engagement with science activities.
  • The Joshua E. Neimark Memorial Travel Assistance Endowment provides travel assistance for young investigators to attend the AAAS Annual Meeting.


AAAS Edison Society Established

Philanthropic support is becoming increasingly important to AAAS, ensuring that the work of the association can be timely and responsive in the face of challenges and opportunities that face science—and society as a whole.

The founding members of the AAAS Edison Society—recognized below—demonstrated leadership in giving to AAAS with contributions totaling $10,000 or more in 2014.

For More Information Do you want to learn more about making a special gift in honor of a colleague, friend, or loved one; supporting activities through an endowment; or becoming a part of the Edison Society? Contact the AAAS Development Office at 202-326-6636,


The AAAS Board of Directors gratefully acknowledges the individuals and organizations whose commitment to AAAS has sustained our efforts to advance science in the service of society and supported new activities in 2014.

Lifetime Giving Society

The Lifetime Giving Society recognizes individuals who have contributed a cumulative total of $100,000 or more during the course of their involvement with AAAS.

Richard M. Forester†
Sibyl R. Golden
Fred Kavli†
Alan I. & Agnes F. Leshner
Edith D. Neimark
Gilbert S. Omenn & Martha A. Darling
The Pitts Family
The Roger & Ellen Revelle Family
David E. Shaw & Beth Kobliner Shaw
William F. Ward†

Edison Society

The Edison Society was launched in 2014 to recognize individuals who pave the way for the success of AAAS and our efforts on behalf of science and society through their leadership gifts throughout the year.

$100,000 and above
Richard M. Forester†
Sibyl R. Golden
Fred Kavli†
Gilbert S. Omenn & Martha A. Darling
William F. Ward†

$50,000 -$99,999
Stephen & Janelle Fodor
Alice S. Huang and David Baltimore
Phillip A. & Ann H. Sharp
David E. Shaw & Beth Kobliner Shaw

$25,000 -$49,999
Alan I. & Agnes F. Leshner
Ellen Scherl Harbus
David Evans Shaw

$10,000 -$24,999
Janet J. Asimov
Kenneth A. Cowin
Gregory S. Ferriss
Benjamin C. Hammett
Pauline P. Lee, in memory of Bernard S. Lee
Marion T. Milligan Mason†
Claire E. Perry
Ximena & Daniel Sessler,
Ruth & Jeffrey Bernstein, and Jonathan Sessler in memory of Andrew M. Sessler

President’s Circle

Each year, contributions from our President’s Circle donors support our most timely and important activities.

$5,000 – $9,999
Phillip L. Blair
Fred A. Blum
Chet & Marie Britten
T.T. & W.F. Chao Family
Helen R. Churella*
Eloise E. Clark
Jeffrey A. Cooper*
Claire M. Fraser
Phil George
Randal J. Kirk
Fred Mason
Ronald D. Miller
Norman & Georgine Neureiter
Andrew D. Sinauer
Dusan Stefoski & Craig Savage
Scott Stone
Richard E. Stuckey

$2,500 – $4,999
Anonymous, in memory of Myrtle Ray Zeiber, Jill Sharon Sheridon, Tucker Hake
Nicholas A. Begovich
Jerry A. Bell & Mary Ann Stepp*
Hans Bergstrom
Nathaniel Chafee
Chi-Hing Christina Cheng
Jerolyn A. Coen
Roy Curtiss III
Jean E. de Valpine
Albert T. Dosser
David Douglas & Pamela Gannon
Peter Kunstadter
S. David Leonard
Robert B. Litterman
David H. Marlowe
Cherry A. Murray
Jeffrey W. Pferd
Stephen Roper & Nirupa Chaudhari
Pamela C. Ronald
Warren B. Weisberg
Charles M. Weiss
Elias A. Zerhouni

$1,000 – $2,499
Edwin L. Alderman
Pablo I. Altieri
Anonymous (6)
David R. Atkinson
David Atlas
David P. Bahner
Bonnie L. Bassler
Gary & Fay Beauchamp
May R. Berenbaum
Charles E. Bidwell*
Peter D. Blair
Felix H. Boehm
Robert M. Boling
Peter Boyer
Monica M. & E. James Bradford
Alan R. Brash
Richard G. Brennan
Hal E. Broxmeyer
Harold E. Burkhart
Jean B. Burnett
Robert L. Byer
Peter Byers
William J. Canady
Carlton M. Caves
Maarten J. Chrispeels
Helena L. Chum
Kathleen K. Church
John M. Clough, Jr.
Edward H. Coe, Jr.
Jonathan C. Coopersmith
Troy E. Daniels
Vincent Jo Davisson
Jeffrey S. Dean
John T. Deane
George E. DeBoer
Hans G. Dehmelt
Bernice & Loyal Durand
Henry L. Ehrlich
Charles W. & Shirley Eigenbrot
Larry & Kas Eldridge
Andreas Ernst
Federico Faggin
Mary C. Farach-Carson
Gerald R. Fink
Gerald J. Fishman
Robert C. Forney
Mark & Marlene Frankel
Naomi C. Franklin
Gordon Freeman
Ron Frieman
Donald P. & Frances R. Gaver
Terry L. Gilmore
Howard Gobstein
David J. Goldston
Mary L. Good
Jeffrey C. Gore
David A. Goslin
Mark L. Green
Laura H. Greene
Jon Hauxwell
Donald H. Henley
Donald E. Henson
Thomas L. Henson
Kim Q. Hill
Ralph Hillman
Richard D. Holland
William F. Holmes
Rush Holt & Margaret Lancefield
Gordon R. Hough
Owen M. Hubbard
David C. Humm
Joan M. Hutchins
Leon Hyman, M.D. & Alex B. Walters, Ph.D.
Nina G. Jablonski & George Chaplin
Irwin & Joan Jacobs
Anthony A. James
Michael A. Janssen
George G. Johnston
Valerie F. Kaplan
Junichi Kawada
Bruce L. Larson
Victor W. Laurie
Ryan V. Lawson
Catherine & George Ledec
Mark T. Lewellyn*
Thomas R. Ligon
John Lummis
Carol B. Lynch
Craig C. Malbon
Maria Julia Marinissen
J. H. Marshall
Jim & Sue McCarthy
Layton L. McCoy
Marcia K. McNutt
David Meinke
John & Frances Melone
John T. Melson
Richard A. & Martha R. Meserve
Orlando J. Miller
O. Eugene Millhouse
Paul & Karen H. Montgomery
Gordon E. & Betty I. Moore
William A. Murphy, Jr.
Elisabeth A. Murray
Paul E. Neiman
Jeanne M. Nerbonne
Richard A. & Joan F. Newmark
John E. Niederhuber
Ronald & Joan Nordgren
Judith K. Nyquist
Peter O’Donnell, Jr.
Raymond L. Orbach
Carolyn L. Orthner
Vivian Pan & Mark Norell
Claire L. Parkinson
Edward E. Penhoet
Roger M. Perlmutter
Joseph G. Perpich & Cathy Sulzberger
Jeffrey W. Pferd
Charles C. Philipp
Daniel Pinkel
Thomas G. & Maryann Polefka
Glenn D. Prestwich
Kathleen Priebe
Moishe Pripstein
David A. Randolph
Edward K. Rice
Charles & Kelly Rickards
Ren L. Ridolfi
Thomas C. Rindfleisch
Mark K. Robinson
Antonio H. Romano
Jo Ellen & Mark Roseman
Robert Rosenthal
Arnold Roy
Glenn E. Schweitzer
Steven & Gail Shak
Harold T. Shapiro
Richard B. Silverman
Henry B. Sinclair
Maxine & Daniel Singer
Jack Sjostrom
Bret Snyder
Edward S. Spoerl
Juli Staiano & Marc Washington
David Stonner
Colleen Struss
F. William Studier
Roselyne Swig
Diane E. Tachmindji
Barbara B. Torrey
Michael Tourtellot
Philip C. Trackman
Gertrude M. Tyce
Daniel C. Upp
James M. Utterback
Eugene J. Van Scott
George F. Vande Woude
Inder Verma
Dan Vickery
Bailus Walker, Jr.
Robert J. Weimer
William J. Welch
Thomas E. Wellems
Matthew West*
Corwith C. White
Ralph R. Widner
Thomas & Cynthia Woolsey
Bruce W. Worster
Philip & Carolyn Wyatt
Charles Yanofsky
Oran R. Young
Fernando J. Zúñiga-y-Rivero

$500 – $999
John D. Aach
Ashley J. Aberg
Edward M. Acton
Heman P. Adams
Ernest Z. Adelman
Mihran S. Agbabian
John A. Agnew
Larry Ahle
Nancy W. Alcock-Hood*
Edith B. Allen
Edward Anders
John C. Angus
Anonymous (3)
Ronald L. Ariagno
Ersen Arseven
Steven Ashby
Reuben Auspitz
Diola Bagayoko
D. James Baker
David P. Balamuth
Mary C. Barber
Wayne Barnes
Thomas R. & Johanna K. Baruch
Shelly Baur
Lawrence S. Bazel
Roger N. & Terry Beachy
Julianne Beall
Edwin D. Becker
Thomas L. Benjamin
Leo L. Beranek
Paul Berg
Herman Birch
C. John Blankley
Stuart Bondurant
John G. Bordie
James N. Bradbury
John Brademas
Robert F. Brammer
Richard Brandshaft
Robert M. Brenner
Duncan A. Buell
Joost A. Businger
Bruce A. Carlson
Dana Carroll
Carolyn L. Cason
Gary L. Cecchini
Victor T. Chang
Tom D. Chin
Purnell W. Choppin
Henrik Christensen
Jon C. Clardy
Thomas E. Clemente
Mary E. Clutter
J. John Cohen
Garry T. Cole
Jack H. & Rita R. Colwell
Bruce P. Conrad
Ernest D. Courant
James D. Cox
Lucas Cox
Richard H. Cox
Lois S. Cronholm
James E. Dahlberg
J. D. Danielson
Trisha N. Davis & Eric Muller
Robin Davisson
Alicia & Darryl De Vivo
David H. de Weese & Anne C. Heller
Kenneth A. DeGhetto
Robert J. DeLap
Anthony Dennis
Charles C. Dickinson III
Bruce L. Dietrich
Grace M. Donnelly
Terrence M. Donohue, Jr.
Richard D. Drake
Robert A. Dudley
Melvyn Dutton
Ira Dyer
Elizabeth D. Earle
Elizabeth E. Ehrenfeld
Lynn W. & Kathleen Enquist
Victor S. Fang
Gillian M. Fenton
Alicia Fernandez
Craig & Alison Fields
John F. Finerty
Thomas H. Finlay
Eric Firing
Delbert A. Fisher
Rosemary Flora
Samuel C. Florman
Daniel W. Foster
Richard A. Frankel
John A. & Mary Frantz
Adam Friedlander
Joel M. Friedman
Paul J. Friedman
Richard Friedman
Carol M. Fuller
Deborah J. Fulton
Shannon Gabriel-Griggs
Charles G. Gaines
James I. Garrels & Joan Brooks
Frederick R. & Nancy Gehlbach
Sandra J. Gendler
Terrence M. Gerlach
Terry T. Gerritsen
Anne E. Giblin
Henry N. Ginsberg
Eli Glatstein
Sirie Godshalk
Erwin Goldberg
Jesus Gomez-Navarro
Albert E. & Mary E. Goss
Kim L. Graham

Henry T. Greely
Irene Greif
Louis J. Gross
Samuel Gubins
Barry M. Gumbiner
Duane E. Haines
Alfred W. Hales
David H. Hall
Robert L. Hamilton
Daniel A. Hamlin
Alexander Harcourt & Kelly Stewart
Donald P. Harrington*
William C. Harris
William K. Hart
Hans Hasche-Kluender
John H. Hash
Roy M. Havenhill
Mark Hay
Fernand A. Hayot
Robert & Margaret Hazen
Lizbeth K. Hedstrom
Peter K. Hepler
Charles E. Hess
John R. Hess
John E. Hiatt
Manju Hingorani
Paul J. Hoffman
Jacquelyn Hoke
Raymond W. Holton
Sarah L. Hudson*
Kay Huebner
Mien-Chie Hung
Helen M. Hunt
David W. Ignat
Andre T. Jagendorf
Karen S. Jakes
Marjorie L. Jennings
Clark Johnson
Alwyn N. Johnson
Michael M. Kaback
John R. Kane
Elaine Kant
Brian D. Keith
John L. Kelland
David E. Kerley
John H. Kim
Thomas Kinraide*
Miles V. Klein
Jerome Kutliroff
Peter J. Lang
D. Terence Langendoen
Vinnedge M. Lawrence
Gerald & Phyllis LeBoff
Myron C. Ledbetter
Cecil E. & Mary Leith
Richard E. Lenski
Richard A. Lethin
Howard Leventhal
Richard A. Levinson
Daniel J. Lew
Harlan L. Lewis
Bai-lian Li
Philip Lichtenberg
Frances & George Ligler
John T. Lis
Margaret I. Lomax
Iris L. Long
Joan F. Lorden
Jane Lubchenco
Russell Luke
Allan J. Lundeen
Arthur Lustig*
Merritt C. Maduke
Artur Mager
Suzanne M. Mahoney
John C. Makemson
Shirley & Horace Malcom
David J. March
Paul D. Marko
Donald J. Marsh
Christopher L. Martin
Randall & Kathleen S. Matthews
Susan A. Matthies
Chris L. McAuliffe
Rob McConnell
John M. McGhee
John R. Menninger
Frederick J. Meyers
Dennis F. Miller
Don S. Miyada
Robert L. Molinari*
Edward Moses
Stewart L. Moses
Steven C. Moss
C. Dan Mote
John Q. Murray
Deepak Narayan
Venkatesh Narayanamurti
Billie C. Nelson
Jared Nichols
Concepcion R. Nierras*
Jerrold G. Norton
Daniel J. O’Connell*
George N. & Martha Oetzel
C. H. Palmer
Robert E. Palmer & Mary Christman
Rudolph Pariser
Donald Pauley
John Peoples
Brent Perkins
Betty L. Petrie
Judith A. Petroski & William Wiegand
Ralph H. Petrucci
Kerry Phillips
Jerry C. Pierce
Diana E. Pinover
Daniel Porte
Arthur M. Poskanzer
John W. Poston
Jerome S. Puskin
Margaret S. Race
R.K. & G.J. Rains
Stephen Rayport
Janardan K. Reddy
Doug Redelman
Jane B. Reece
James C. Register
Gary Reiness
Charles M. Rice III
Geraldine Richmond
Burton Richter
Richard Ridgway
Barbara K. Rimer
Robert J. Ringlee
Neil Risch
Michael S. Robertson
Thomas S. Robison
Juan G. Roederer
Fritz Rohrlich
James L. Rosenberger
Donald G. Ross*
Thomas A. & Bonnie M. Rosse
Lynn Rozental
Sean Sanders
Allan R. Sanford
Tamiko Sato
Woody & Lyn Savage
P. J. Schad
Peter Schlosser
Kirk D. Schmitt
Barbara Schoeberl
Sara L. Schupf
John & Ellen Schwab
Gwendolyn B. Scott
Jose P. Segundo
Cecily C. Selby
Bert L. Semler
Earl H. Sexton
Bassam Z. & June Shakhashiri
Thomas D. Sharkey
Charles J. Sherr
John Shigeoka
Nobumichi Shimizu
Eric M. Shooter
Jean’ne M. Shreeve
Saul J. Silverstein
Joseph V. Simone
David J. Simons
Bruce M. Simonson
Jonathan B. Skinner
James L. Smith
Lillian Smith
Richard G. Smith
W. R. Smith-Vaniz
Judson Somerville*
George C. & Maradel B. Sonnichsen
Dorothy G. Spiewak
Marcy C. St. John
Neil Stahl
Albert T. Steegmann
Q. D. Stephen-Hassard
Judith S. Stern
William G. Stevenson
Mark F. Stinski
Edward C. Stone
Rainer F. Storb
Herbert T. Streu
Stephen D. Stroupe
John L. Sullivan
Janet B. Svirsky
Donald A. Swanson
G. M. Swanson
Michael Swartz
William B. & Annette Provine
Rees D. Thomas
William A. Thomas
Jeremy W. Thorner
Maury Tigner
Alvin V. Tollestrup
William P. Tompkins
Keiko U. Torii
Michael Troemel
Henry L. Upjohn
John Urquhart
Kalliat T. Valsaraj
Martin Vanderlaan
Allen Varney
Stephen G. Vasso
William J. Vaughan
Veronica J. Vieland
Diana H. Wall
Dinghua Wang
Vassie C. Ware
Jonathan R. Warner
Donald J. & Beverly Waters
Dallas E. Weaver
Alfons Weber
Molly H. Weinburgh
John D. Weinland
Berthold W. Weinstein
Kim R. Wennerberg*
Elizabeth D. Whitaker
Garnett B. Whitehurst*
William M. Whitney
James D. Willett
John S. & Judith Willis
George E. Woody
Andrew & Greta Wright
Jessica A. Wright
Xiaoping Yang
Wayne W. Zachary

We are grateful to the following donors for their contributions of $100 or more:
$250 – $499
Cyrus H. Adams
Philip D. Aines
Gordon Aitken
Ramesh K. Akkina
Caitilyn Allen
John E. Alter
Anonymous (19)
Kenneth B. Armitage
Samuel Aronson
Arthur Ashkin
Balasubramania H. Athreya
Marc S. Atkins
William S. Augerson
Ann E. Aulabaugh
David S. & Kathleen N. Ayres
Timothy N. Ayres
David Babineau
William A. & Marjorie G. Bardeen
William E. Barkley
Paul A. Bartlett
Jean Beard
R. P. Belden
Harvey E. Belkin
Charles F. Bennett
Ilan Ben-Zvi
William C. Bianchi
Ikaros Bigi
Mordecai P. Blaustein
Gary E. Booth
Allan Brandt
Esther Breslow
William F. Brinkman
Ralph L. Brinster
Michael F. Briselli
Elisabeth M. Brown
Susan G. Brown
Susan V. Bryant
Patricia R. Burchat
Peter D. Carragher*
Joseph Cerny
Walter J. Chazin
Peter Cherbas
Hillel J. Chiel
Steven Chu
Ellen W. Clayton
David R. Coahran
James & Stella M. Coakley
E. William Colglazier, Jr.
Barry S. & Bobbi Coller
C. Robert Cooke
Philip Coppens
Patricia F. Cottam
Thomas A. Cotton
James K. Coward
Mark S. Cushman
Gregory Cybul*
William H. Danforth
Jan W. Dash
Gary S. David
David L. Davies
Richard O. Davis*
Igor B. Dawid
Paul K. Day-Lucore
Chester W. Delong
Charles E. Dinsmore
Joe B. Dixon
Andrea K. Dobson
Michael P. Doyle
Estia J. Eichten
Reha Elci
Robert S. Erdmann
Michael J. Erpino
Orville W. Erringer
Eric T. Espenhahn
Edwin P. Ewing
Robert Fairclough
Richard Fallin
William E. Farrell
Allison F. Fentiman
James P. Ferris
Herbert C. Field*
Leonard L. Fischman
Margaret L. Fonda
Stephen P. Fortmann
Mark A. Fortuna
Helen L. Foster
William C. Fothergill
Reba B. Fournier
Jon Fourre
Terry R. Freund
Dennis G. Fryback
Gerard J. Fryer
Kwok S. Fung
James M. Furukawa
Mary K. Gaillard
Patrick & Debye Galaska*
Jan T. Galkowski
Juan C. Gallardo
S. Raymond Gambino
R.H. & Ann C. Garstang
Paul H. Gebhard
Neil Gehrels
Richard E. Gelinas
Walter Gerhard
Michael A. Gibson
Deborah Glotzer
Robert G. Goelet
David E. Golan
Kathleen L. Gould
Patricia A. Grady
Donald M. Green
Richard L. Greene
Brian A. Gregg
Jean M. Gudas
C. D. Gutsche
Albert L. Hale
Forrest G. Hall*
Robert W. Hall*
Joseph G. Hancock
Gail R. Hansen
Michael Harryman*
Caroline S. Harwood
Daniel Hauptman
Daniel B. Hawkins
Arthur F. Hebard
Eric Hequet*
Conrad C. Hinckley
Susan M. Hinkins
Donna Holmes
John Horst
Lansing C. Hoskins
Richard F. Howard
Ke C. Hsieh
Vicki D. Huff
Thomas K. Hunt
J. S. Hunter
Michael J. Hutzler
Eileen Jaffe
Arthur R. Jameson
Awad Jarrar
Samson A. Jenekhe
A. D. Johnson
John E. Johnson
Lawrence W. Jones
Peter C. Jordan
Thomas Kagle
Solomon A. Kaplan
William B. Kaufmann
James M. Kendall
Kern E. Kenyon
Ellen D. Ketterson
Roger J. Neill & Sylvia Kihara
Joseph J. King
Toichiro Kinoshita
Harvey L. Kliman
Kurt Klitzke*
Barry G. Knapp
James J. Knierim
Jane Q. Koenig
Kenneth M. Koester
Rajiv Kohli
Charles E. Kolb
Edward J. Kormondy
Eileen Kowler
Edward A. Kravitz
Bernard E. Kreger
Frederick A. Kundell
David LaVine
Walter R. Lawson
David R. Lay
Margaret A. Le Mone
F. Thomas Ledig
Chuan-Pu Lee
Douglass B. Lee
Lela A. Lee & Norman Wikner
Norman Levine
Ulrike Lichti
Ira A. Liebson
Richard L. Lindroth
Rulon K. Linford
Christopher J. Lingle
John H. Litchfield
David G. Livi
Richard Longnecker
Steven T. Lott
Paul Lovoi*
Jack Lowenthal
Allan J. Lundeen
Charles A. Lundquist*
William L. Lupatkin
Daniel J. Luthringer
Carl Lynch
Robert L. Lynch
William B. Lyons*
Clifford K. Madsen
Catherine Magill*
John J. Majnarich
John D. Mangus
Jack S. Margolis
Leland D. Marks
Thomas J. Marlowe
Winfield Massie
Martin M. Matzuk
Gregory May & Guillerma Lozano
Ellen McHugh
Gilbert W. Meier*
Luke Mellon
James E. Melvin
Rita A. Mercille
Elizabeth Michael
Charles D. Michener
Jerry W. Miller
Marcia Miller
Paul Mitchell
William C. Mobley
Sandra O. Moose
Lorenza Moro
Edward C. Mozley
Lisa Mueller
Thomas W. Mullikin
Erik H. Murer
Peter B. Myers
David L. Nanney
Lyle E. Nelson
Clayton R. Nichols*
Christer E. Nordman
William T. Norton
Berl R. Oakley
John P. O’Connell
Donald D. O’Dowd
John R. O’Fallon
Lynn L. Ogden
Carmen Olito
Douglas L. Oliver*
Philip W. Oppenheimer
Richard J. Otter
Lauren M. Pachman
Victor R. Palmeri
Lee Y. Park
Joseph C. Parker, Jr.
William G. Parzybok
Robert D. Patterson
Udo Pernisz
Glen Perry
Terry M. Peterson
Julia M. Phillips
Ronald A. Pieringer
William H. Plotkin†
Jonathan A. Plucker*
James W. Porter
Mary Poss
Bernal F. Powers*
Edward R. Rang
Mala S. Rangadass
Donald G. Rea
Francis Repas
Mary E. Rice
Robert E. Ricklefs
Henry M. Rines
Steven J. Ring
Timothy Rittof
Cristina Roark
Daniel Roarty
Jean A. Robbins
Julian L. Roberts
Cynthia Robinson
Elizabeth Roemer
John W. Rose
Michael Roytburd
William B. Russel
John E. Savage
Elihu Schimmel
Jerry A. Schneider
Linda A. Schuler
Steven Schwalbe
Irving M. Shapiro
Carleton B. Shay
Emma Shelton
Stephen V. Sikes
Jerry E. Sipe*
Monroe G. Sirken
Bernard Smith
Eliot R. Smith
Rush A. Snyder
Frank B. Soults
John K. Spitznagel
Stephen Spotte
Donald E. Stanley
Irving C. Statler
Kim A. Stelson
Peter F. Stevens
Norman R. Stewart
James Stolzenbach
James P. Stone
Shepard B. Stone
Truman Storvick
Roy F. Stratton
P. R. Sundaresan
James A. Sweigard
Edward Tarbuck
James Y. & Edith Y. Thoburn
Heriberto V. Thomas*
Anne M. Thompson
Eric J. Thorgerson
Darwin Thorpe
Franklin H. Top
Thomas K. Toyama
Milton C. Trichel
Barbara C. Turner
Michael S. Turner
William J. Tuszynski
Russell H. Tuttle
Arthur Uhlir
Francis Vojik
Charles Walcott
Michael W. Walker
Mark F. Walton
Michael S. Waterman
Mark E. Weaver
Luiz Weksler
Robert D. Westfall
Guy M. Weyl
Irvin L. White
Stanley A. White*
John P. Williams
Carmen M. Yampierre
William Young
Anne S. Zimmerman
Roger P. Zimmerman

$100 – $249
James S. Aagaard
Neal B. Abraham
S. C. Abrahams
Thomas W. Abrams
David Aceti*
Ernest C. Adams
Gerald Adams
J. Alexander Adams, Jr.
Mary B. Adams*
Jill P. Adler-Moore
W. Richards Adrion
Peter Agre
Leif A. Ahrens
M. Aksoy
Dolly Al Kobossy*
Gary Albrecht
David L. Alexander
S. H. George Allen
David Allison
W. Anthony Allison
Charles E. Alpers
Norman J. Alvares
Barbara M. Alving
Margaret Amara
Chris Amaris
Robert G. Amundson
Arthur O. Anderson
Bertin W. Anderson
David Anderson
Gordon W. Anderson
Larry J. Anderson
Linda M. Anderson
Lloyd L. Anderson
Paul C. Anderson
Paul M. Anderson
Weston Anderson
Ed Andrews
Anonymous (63)
Rudi Ansbacher
Charles Antholt
Frederick J. Antosz
Evan H. Appelman
Daren R. Appelt
Meredithe L. Applebury
Michael W. Arenton
Petros Argyres
John A. Armstrong
Derrick Arnelle
Edward M. Arnett
Mary C. Arnold
William Aron
Arthur I. Aronson
Yukio Asato
William C. Ashby
Laurence D. Ashley
Larry P. Atkinson
Alan Attie
Ronald K. Atwood
Thomas R. Ayres
Daniel L. Azarnoff
Robert Babcock
William W. Bachovchin
Tadeusz Bacia
Jeffrey L. Bada
Thomas A. Badgwell
Philip S. Bailey
William H. Bailey
Stanley Bailis
Kevin H. Baines
Mary A. Baker
Susan C. Baker
Raimo Bakis
Chuck Baldwin
Samuel F. Baldwin
N. Addison Ball
Dana S. Balser
Karen J. Bame
Clarence K. Banks
Martin S. Banks
Ronald E. Banks
Joseph C. Barbaccia
Thomas D. Barber*
Jack D. Barchas
Tamar Barkay
Barbara Barna
Franklin L. Barnes
Franklin H. Barnwell
John Baronian
Carla Barrett
Monique Barrett
Michael Barry
Lawrence S. Bartell
Andrzej Bartke
John E. Bartlett
Michael Bass
William A. Bassett
Rebecca Bates
William M. Bateson
Anna Battenhouse
Gary Batungbacal
Ursula Batz
Diana J. Bauer
Sheldon Baumrind
Kyle D. Bayes
Peter A. Beak
Edward W. Beals
William T. Beck
Julian Beckford
David Z. Beckler
Ruth E. Beeton
John C. Behrendt
Alvin L. Beilby
George A. Bekey
Leslie Z. Benet
Boyce Bennett
Richard Beresford
Lars Berglund
Ernest L. Bergman
Antony N. Beris
Herbert L. Berk
Gerald Berkelhammer
Aron M. Bernstein
Richard K. Bernstein
R. S. Berry
Harry S. Berryman
Viktors Berstis
Kevin P. Bertrand
Anatole Besarab
Sylvia L. Betcher
Hans A. & Rose S. Bethe
Erwin P. Bettinghaus
Robert F. Betts
Joseph P. Bevak
David M. Bezek
Robert Bick
Daniel Biemesderfer
Eula Bingham
Mary L. Bird
Nirendra N. Biswas†
Peter E. Black
Meredith Blackwell
Donald Blake
Scott Blanchette
Frederick A. Bliss
Marshall E. Bloom
William M. Bloomquist
Phillip I. Blumberg
Herbert Blumenthal
Hans R. Bode
George Bodner
Stephen Bolger*
Harry F. Bomberger*
Leonard Bond
Martha W. Bond
Peter D. Bond
Jane F. Bondi
William B. Bonvillian
Bruce Bornfleth
David Borton
William Borucki
Randy J. Bos*
Paul M. Botting
Milton J. Boyd
W. R. Bradford
Michael Bradie
Herbert W. Bradley
Brian B. Brady
Roscoe R. Braham
Karl R. Braithwaite
Steven J. Brams
Elbert Branscomb
Klaus R. Brasch
David Brauer
Miriam S. Braunstein
Larkin Breed
Rolf A. Brekken
Michael Brenner
Michael R. Brent*
David K. Brice
Joe L. Bridger
Frederick A. Briggs*
Josephine P. Briggs
Ethan Brock
C. Brown
Charles S. Brown
David Brown
Dennis J. Brown
Donald J. Brown
Frank Brown
James A. Brown
Joseph L. Brown*
Robert D. Brown
Robert E. Brown*
E. W. Browne
John C. Browne
W. Brownell
Robert E. Bruccoleri
Stephen Bruenn
Michael F. Bruist
Danny Brunson
Barbara Bryant
Karen Buchkovich*
Evan Buck
Barry Buckland
Robert Budic
William A. Buehring
Dennis E. Buetow

Robert F. Bulleit
Esther A. Bullitt
Jonathan S. Bullock
Robert W. Bundtzen
Charles Burger
Peter C. Burger
John R. Burgess
Gordon M. Burghardt
Joseph C. Burgiel
Robert Burk
Mary F. Burke
Marvin D. Burkhart*
Bret Burns
John M. Burns
Ronald G. Burns
Stephen H. Burns
Phillips B. Burnside
Cynthia Burrows & Scott Anderson
Dale K. Burtner
Philip S. Burton*
William D. Burton
Donald G. Buth
Ruth A. Butler
Susan B. Butts
Stephen E. Buxser
Nancy Byrd
Bob Calder
Tina M. Calderon
Michael J. Calderwood
Larry D. Caldwell
Richard L. Calendar
Patrick J. Call
R. A. Cameron
James D. Campbell
Art Campfield
Andrew Cap
James M. Carhart
William C. Carlson
John H. Carman*
George Carmany
Richard I. Carp
John Carpenter
Roscoe O. Carter III
Benjamin R. Cary
Robert A. Cary
Herbert Caskey
John M. Cassady
Gordon C. Certain
Francis M. Cevasco
John C. Chabala
Peter C. Chabora
Joan Chamberlain
John H. Chamberlain
Carolyn Chambers
Jagdish Chandra
Barbara Charton*
Prescott B. Chase
Theodore Chase
Rama Chellappa
Lin X. Chen
Reh-Lin Chen
Stacey Y. Chen
Jonathan Chernoff
Donald B. Chesler
Alice E. Chew
Edwin M. Chewning*
Kuo Chiang Chen
Anthony G. Chila
Wai-Yim Ching
Reginald C. Chisholm
Keith Choate
Peter Choyke
Stanley H. Christensen
Robert L. Christiansen
Helen Christou
Neal Chuang
Paul W. Chun
Fan Chung
Leo T. Chylack
Richard C. Cicone
Shaun F. Clancy
Barry G. Clark
Crandon F. Clark
George A. Clark
Robert A. Clark
Theodore G. Clark
Roy S. Clarke
Dale Clayton
Don B. Clewell
William Cliett
Robert J. Clifford
Lynn F. Cline
Robert J. Cochran
George G. Cocks
Elmon L. Coe
Michael D. Coe
Steve Coffey
C. R. Coggins
D. Walter Cohen
Michael P. Cohen
Sheldon H. Cohen
Taya Cohen*
Joseph M. Colacino
Shirley Cole-Harding
Piers Coleman
Sam Colgate
Matthew Colless
David Collier
Robert E. Collier
Keith Collins
Kevyn Collins-Thompson
Michael S. Colman
Dale K. Colyer
Eugene D. Commins
Ralph H. Condit
Tom Connelly
R. James Cook
Lynn Cooley
Edgar E. Coons
Leon N. Cooper
Walter Cooper
Eugene C. Corbett
Mary R. Corcoran
Brendan Cornelison
Albert E. Cosand
Ozeas S. Costa
Diane T. Coulopoulos
Christopher Counter
Timothy L. Cover
Jack D. Cowan
Liana Crabtree
William A. Craig
Arthur R. Crampton
David H. Crandall
Bernd Crasemann
Gwyneth Cravens
Perry B. Cregan
Craig M. Crews
Gloria Crook
Gay M. Crooks
John H. Crowe*
Alfred J. Crowle
Kenny S. Crump
Will E. Cummings
August O. Curley
Douglas Currin
James L. Curtis
Vikram Dalal
Andrew Dancis
Joseph A. D’Anna
Marcia E. Danne
Robert L. Danner
Jerome A. Darsey
Benjamin Davies
Charles F. Davis
Paula Dawson
Richard N. Day
John P. De Neufville
Anneli M. De Paolis
Bart De Stasio
Charles H. Debrovner
Hans W. Decker*
William P. Deiss
Kirk Deitsch
Debra del Castillo
Thomas F. DeLaney
Stephan C. Delaveaux
Charles J. Delp
Marco A. Delpiano
Robin L. Dennis
John M. Denoyer
Peter R. Denwood
Henry L. Dequasie
William A. Deskin
David P. Dethier
James K. Detling
David Dettman
John Devereux
William Deville
David H. DeVorkin
Gerald W. Devries
Michael Di Battista
Sidney Diamond
James Dickey
David B. Dickinson
Tim Dickinson
Paul W. Dickson
C. J. Dicuollo
Paula Diehr
John L. Diener
Eric Dietrich
Gilbert R. DiLeone
Mihaela Dinu
Linda Discotto
Omer Divers
Brian G. Dixon
Robert Dixon
Winifred W. Doane
Theodore E. Donaldson
Russell Donnelly
David C. Donoho
W. G. Donovan
John Doty
Eric Dowell*
Alexander J. Dragt
Robert D. Drennan
Mary A. Dressel
George B. Driesen
Donna M. Driscoll
Gary J. Drtina
Lina Duan
Karen Duca
Lawrence K. Duffy
Thomas H. & Sylvia Dunning
Janice P. Dutcher
Anindya Dutta
John A. Dutton
Richard W. Dutton
Marcus Duvall
Eli Dwek
Peter S. Eagleson
Walter F. Eanes
Joseph E. Earley
Samuel Earp
Kirk A. Easley
Timothy Eck
Donald A. Edwards
Gerald E. Edwards
Robert L. Edwards
Howard Ehlers
Gunther L. Eichhorn
Roger Eichhorn
Lincoln Ekstrom
Kimberley Elcess
Mark P. Elenko
Julie Ellefson
Vernon S. Ellingstad
Nancy A. Elliott
David K. Emmel
Bradford M. Endicott
Bernard T. Engel
Donald M. Engelman
George A. Englesson
Ozlem Equils
Robert L. Erickson
Susan G. Ernst
W. G. Ernst
Frederick Esch
W. H. Eshbaugh
Tatiana V. Esipova
Asher Etkin
Randal S. Evans
Phyllis B. Eveleth
Fred P. Ewald
Reginald J. Exton
Extreme Reach
Jane A. Fagerland
Davis A. Fahlquist
Michael Fain
Roger Falcone
William H. Fales
Darrell D. Fanestil
Jay P. & Barbara Farber
Thomas A. Farley
Robert Fay
Kaye H. Fealing
Joel Fedder
Richard S. Fein
Benedict Feinberg
Stephen M. Feinstone
Andrew E. Feiring
Yoseph Feit
Edwin L. Ferguson
Henry C. Ferguson
Shelagh Ferguson-Miller
E. Ferrari
Chad Fertig
Victoria L. Fetter
Isaiah J. Fidler & Margaret L. Kripke
Robert W. Field
Gregg Fields
John B. Fieser
Robert L. Fine
Harvey V. Fineberg
C. D. Fischer†
David Fischer
Milton Fischer
Alan S. Fisher
Frank W. Fitch
Lewis T. Fitch
James E. Fitzgerald
Paul A. Fitzpatrick
Joel G. Flaks
Alison A. Fleming
David J. Fletcher*
John Flowers
Frank M. Floyd
J. T. Flynn
Garner L. Foley
Ronald R. Forand
Dennis G. Ford
Peter C. Ford
Thomas A. Ford
Miriam A. Forman
Fred Fox
J. L. Fox*
Richard L. Fox
Renny Franceschi
Bruce H. Frank
Judy R. Franz
Larry D. Fredendall
Samuel Fredman
William B. Freedman
Dan Freeman
William J. French
Susan K. Fried
John A. Friede
J. S. Friedlaender
George J. Friedman
Robert M. Friedman
Steven G. Fritts
William E. Fry
Robert Frye*
Yoshitaka Fukunaga
Bill & Julie Fulkerson
John Funai
Susan Gaidos
Mitchell H. Gail
Harold Gainer
Steven D. Gaines
Jay L. Gainsboro
Joseph G. Gall
Mary O. Gallwey
A. K. Ganguly
Roger E. Ganschow
Robert E. Gansser
Janet B. Garber
Georgine M. Garbisch
Turkan K. Gardenier
Murray B. Gardner
William G. Gardner
David E. Garfin
David J. Garfinkel
Margaret A. Garnjost
Alfred J. Garrett
Michael E. Garst
H. Garton
Marco M. Garza
David M. Gates
Pablo Gejman
Ross Gelbspan
Herbert Geller
Aaron J. Gellman
Richard J. Gentile
Dwight C. German
Roland Gerritsenvanderhoop
Ronald L. Gester
Joe C. Giam
Sandra H. Gianturco
Holly Gibbs
James Gibbs
James A. Gibbs
David M. Gibson
David T. Gibson
James E. Gibson
Todd Gierman
Mark L. Gilberstadt
John C. Gille
Glenn Gilyard
Benjamin M. Gimarc
Robert N. Ginsburg
W. Clifford Girard
Alexander J. Glass
Alan H. Glasser
Charles R. Glassey
Albert S. Glickman
Martin E. Gluckstein
Richard Gnaendinger
Ramanathan Gnanadesikan
Kenneth W. Gobalet
Edward J. & Judith Goetzl
Allen M. Gold
Anne C. Goldberg
William Goldman
Lynne Goldstein
Edward D. Gomperts
Rafael A. Gonzalez
Bernard Goodman*
Richard E. Goodman
Howard A. Gordon
Jennifer Gordon
Joel S. & Marlene R. Gordon
Malcolm S. Gordon
Rudolf N. Gorokhovsky*
Harold C. Graboske
Paul Grannis
Lester D. Grant
Howard C. Graves & Julie Baller
Mitchell H. Grayson
Geoffrey D. Green
Michael V. Green
William L. Green
Frederick D. Greene
William M. Greenstadt*
Richard Grier-Reynolds
Richard E. Grindeland
Jonathan Grindlay
Rena C. Gropper*
Carol A. Gross
Sidney E. Grossberg
Gordon L. Grosscup
Erich Grotewold
David L. Groves
Ronald L. Growney
Robert R. Gruetzmacher
Reed H. Grundy
Karl A. Gschneidner, Jr.
Lan Guan
Ron Gugliotti*
Howard J. Gunderson
Sidney Gutstein
William Guyette
Jack M. Gwaltney
Benjamin C. Hablutzel
Richard A. Hackel
Robert Hackenburg
John Hackwell
Nir Hacohen
Stephen C. Hadler
Nicholas Hadley
Catherine E. Hagan
Michael Hageman
Gordon Hager
Frederick D. Haldane
Albert L. Hale*
Dwight H. Hall
Eric S. Hall
John E. Hall
Mary B. Hall
Richard L. Hall*
Robert B. Hall
Rosine W. Hall
David A. Hammer
James E. Hammerberg
Katherine A. Hammond
Willis B. Hammond
Richard L. Handy
Gerald R. Hankins
D. Alan Hansen*
Richard Hanson
Jan Hardenbol
Hector Harima
Wesley H. Harker
Franklin M. Harold
Stanley D. Harpstead
Roy A. Harrell
David L. Harrington
Jack Harris
Lauren Harris
Leonard Harris
David B. Harrison
Melvin A. Harrison
Richard L. Harrison
Michael Hart
Jared W. Haslett
Daniel F. Hasman, Jr.
Bill Hassinger, Jr.
Patricia J. Hatton
Louis C. Haughney
Michael G. Hauser
Hershel J. Hausman
Bruce Hawkins
Sheila W. Hedges
Jason P. Heese
John S. Hege
David A. Heiser
Earl R. Heithaus
Jenna J. Hellack
Leon Heller
William M. Heller
George Hendrey
Nancy R. Hendricks
Paula I. Henry
Robert K. Herman
Pablo M. Hernandez
Alfred O. Hero
J. T. Herron†
Davis Hershey
Jerome M. Hershman
Howard Hertz
Robert Hertzog
Charles M. Herzfeld
Warren D. Heston
Peter G. Heytler
Mary Lu M. Hickman
Paul I. Hicock
Daniel Higgins
David P. Hill
Eric Hill
Norwood O. Hill
William E. Himwich
Melissa A. Hines
Sandra L. Hines
Karl Hinrichs
Peter Hippensteel
David C. Hoaglin
Martha L. Hochberg
Morris Hodara
Edward Hogan
Raymond D. Hokinson
Samuel S. Holland
Joe Hollstein
Richard F. Holm
David P. Holman
Eric W. Holman
Harry D. Holmgren
Barbara Holmquist
Sidney Honig
Ray Hood
E. B. Hooper
Lora Hooper
Charles W. Hoover
Michael H. Horn
Peter V. Hornbeck
David D. & Barbara Houghton
David C. Houle
Larry B. Howard
Richard E. Howard
Paul C. Howell
Thomas Hoxie
Chang-li Hsieh
Bo Huang
Joel A. Huberman
Michael J. Huerkamp
Denise Hui
Randall G. Hulet
Jerry Huller
David R. Hunt
Charles E. Huntington
J. T. Hupp
Alan Hurd
Gerald Hurowitz
Omar A. Hurricane
Mark Hurych
Michael A. Huston
David E. Illig
Antonino Incardona
Rebecca Irwin
Jenefir D. Isbister
Justin Isherwood
Rebecca Ives
Allen Ivey
Craig M. Jackson
Patricia H. Jackson
Mary Jacob
George T. Jacobi
Joseph P. Jacobson
Mike Jacobson
Michael Jaffe
Bernard W. Janicki
Judith Jansen
Siegfried Janson
Richard Jantz
Luis R. Jaramillo
Kurt R. Jarnagin
Stephen A. Jarowski
Thomas W. Jeffries
Arthur J. Jelinek
Randall M. Jeter
Yishi Jin
Lawrence John
Alvin C. Johnson
Colby S. Johnson
Frank Johnson
H. R. Johnson
Neal F. Johnson
Richard Johnson
Robert G. Johnson
Steve Johnson
Stewart W. Johnson
Willa Johnson
Brian H. Johnston*
William V. Johnston
Charles M. Jones†
Edwin R. Jones
Irene M. Jones
Jeffrey B. Jones
Lucy W. Jones
Robert Jones
Elke Jordan
Michael A. Jordan
Alexandra L. Joyner
Taylor B. Joyner
Chung Jui Tsai
A. J. Jull
Bobby R. Junker
Silvia Jurisson
Ronald Kaback
Bruce Kabakoff
Ronald L. Kaiserman
James W. Kalat
Burton S. Kaliski
Aimee A. Kane*
Norval M. Kane
Paul T. Kantz*
Daniel Kaplan
Isaac R. Kaplan
Amy Kapp
Sadashiv Karanth
Chris A. Karlovich
Peter D. Karp
Jeffrey W. Karpen
Susan Kasper
Mary Jo Kasten
David L. Kaufman
Dean L. Kavanagh
Paula B. Kavathas
Robert Keefe
Edward Keenan
Bettie F. Kehrt
Rodney Kellems
G. Randy Keller
Paul Keller
William E. Kelly
John P. Kempton
Ann M. Kenney
Robert Kenworthy
Alan G. Kepka
Anthony M. Kerdock
Keith Ketner
Philip S. Khoury
Ray E. Kidder
Imre Kifor
Elise Kimble
Aaron A. King
Bohun B. Kinloch*
James H. Kinsey*
Edward O. Kinzie
Andrew Kippenberger
George W. Kipphut
Kate P. Kirby
William H. Kirchhoff
Carl H. Kirksey
David E. Kissel
Thomas A. Kitchens
John Kitzmiller
Michael Klagsbrun
Johan B. Klassen
Michael S. Klassen
G. Kling
Jeffrey D. Klinger
Karin L. Klingman
Richard W. Kluklas
Mark A. Knepper
Michael F. Koehl
James T. Kofron
William F. Kohler
Stephen C. Kolakowsky
C. R. Koons
Will J. Kopachik
Victor Korenman
Virginia L. Kortes
Robert J. Kosinski
Anthony A. Kossiakoff
Sasha Koulish
Lena Kourkoutis
Susan Kovats
Boyd Kowal
Bruce A. Kowert
Theodore R. Kozlowski
Michael S. Krangel
Jane M. Krauhs
William G. Kraybill
Robert A. Kreber
Patty A. Kreikemeier
Stephen Kresovich
W. J. Kress
Mitchell Kronenberg
Richard L. Kronenthal
John S. Kronholm
William Krovatin
Ralph T. Kubo
Gustav Kuelbs
Steven A. Kuhl
J. Kulkosky
Priyank Kumar
Ernest A. Kurmes
Donna R. Kuroda
Julio Kuroiwa
Martin Kushmerick
Charles L. Kutscher
Massako K. Kutyna
John E. Kutzbach
Lee F. Kuyper
Yvon Lacasse
Miriam R. Lacher
Robert C. Ladner
David S. Lafferty
Jeffrey C. Lagarias
Duane B. Lakings
Vasudevan Lakshminarayanan
Peter A. Lamal
Michael E. Lamm
Susan Landau
Neal F. Lane
Dennis Lange
Stephan Lange
James S. Langer
Thomas E. Lantz
Joseph S. Lappin*
Jean K. Largis
Ralph J. Larson
Joyce C. Lashof
Carol L. Lassen
Eaton Lattman
Allan H. Laufer
Richard A. Laursen
Robert N. Lausch
Renata Laxova*
John S. Lazo
Don Leaver
James H. Lecky
David J. Ledden
Albert C. Lee
Michael Lee
Peter Lehner
Pamela Lein
Jean M. Lenard
Wayne I. Lencer
Peter Lengyel*
Edwin D. & Judith Leonard
Zafra Lerman
Khingkan Lertratanangkoon
Richard A. Lesar
William A. Lester
Alexander H. Levi
Herbert W. Levi
Roger Levien
Robert E. Levin
Stephen M. Levin
Mortimer Levitz
William S. Lewellen
Bruce V. Lewenstein
Charles A. Lewis
H D. Lewis
H. Lewis
Hugh B. Lewis
John B. Lewis
Ronald Lewis
Tommy Libby
Ann E. Lichens-Park
E. James Lieberman
John Light
Herman S. Lilja
Lasse A. Lindahl
Paul A. Lindberg
John P. Linderman
Quentin W. Lindsey
Stephen C. Linn
Edward C. Linsenmeyer
Nelson R. Lipshutz
Joseph R. Liszka
Craig B. Little
Todd D. Little
Marvin M. Litvak
Phillip C. Liu
Stephen C. Liu
David A. Lloyd
Raul Lobo
Felix J. Lockman
Robert B. Loftfield†
Merry Lojkovic
Irving M. London
Norman W. Lord
Richard J. Loveless
Derek Lowenstein
Joyce H. Lowinson
Jeffrey R. Lucas
Paul A. Luciw
Stanley D. Luck
Robert L. Lucke
Louise M. Luckenbill
Steven C. Luckstead
Thomas W. Ludlam
Bubs Lumetta
Joan Lunney
Stephen E. Lyke
Harvard Lyman
William C. Lynch
Aj Lyndemere
Ken MacDonald
Robert C. MacDonald
Ronald D. MacFarlane
Robert H. Mach
Vivian L. Mackay
Fred T. Mackenzie
Douglas E. MacLaughlin
Jordan Maclay*
Albert T. Macrander
Marcos F. Maestre
Bassett Maguire*
Maurice J. Mahoney
C. Maillet
Lawrence V. Majovski
Danuta Malejka-Giganti
Gladys R. Maley*
Arun Malhotra
Daniel C. Maneval
Richard Mankin
Marilyn S. Mann
Jane Manniello
Jan W. Mares
Richard Margolin
Hans M. Mark
Mark Markham
Morgan A. Marks
Janet Marott
Leonard A. Marowitz
Roberto A. Marques
Jonathan Marsh
Stephanie Marshall
Patricia A. Marsteller
Mary V. Marston-Scott*
Dean F. Martin
William J. Martone
Milton Martyny
Robert A. Maslansky
John M. Mason
Ronald J. Mason
Diane F. Matesic
William Mathews
Mary Matthews
Bill Mattox
Carl May
David S. May
Michael L. May
Michael M. May
Richard T. Mayer
Elizabeth Maynard
Paul Mc Hugh
John H. McAdoo
Gene McCall
Michael E. McCarville
Kevin M. McCauley
Justin McCollum
John McConnell
Joe McCoy
Dick McCray
Michael M. McCrea
Robert E. McCurry
Harry E. McDonald
James M. McDonald
Kirk McDonald
James McGoodwin
Anthony D. McGuire
Wilbert J. McKeachie
Christopher F. McKee
Gertrude A. McKee
Joe McKenzie
Mark McKinlay
Ellen McManus
John B. McManus
Donald P. McNamara
Glenn D. McNeill
David W. McShane
Margory L. Meacham
Larry R. Medsker
William A. Meezan
Thomas A. Mehlhorn
Douglas Meikle
Ulrich Melcher
Clifford W. Mendel
Isaac Mendyuk
Renee M. Menegaz-Bock
Joseph F. Merklin*
Ethan A. Merritt
Frank S. Merritt
Gary Merson
James Z. Metalios
Travis Metcalfe*
Alfred F. Michael
Gavin Michaels
Joel E. Michalek
Jon J. Michnovicz
Richard H. Milburn
Donald H. Miller
Henry L. Miller
I. George Miller
Katherine R. Miller
Michael A. Miller
Robert J. Miller
William M. Miller
Mark J. Mills
Jack Minker
Katrina M. Miranda
Dragan Mirkovic
Vil S. Mirzayanov
Donald A. Mitchell
Ichiro Miyagawa
Gunnard W. Modin
Jon Moehlmann
Karen Mohlke
N. C. Molina
George W. Moll
Lloyd J. Money
Raymond J. Monnat
Vincent M. Monnier
Jean I. Montagu
David A. Moon
David Moore
Gerald L. Moore
Grace W. Moore
Kevin & Angelyn Moore
James D. Moore
Julia A. Moore
Thomas E. Moore
Thomas G. Moore
J. Clifford Moos
Michael J. Moratto
David W. Moreland
Carlos S. Moreno
Max Morgan
James T. Morris
Bob Morrison
A. Leslie Morrow
Herbert C. Morse
Robert A. Morse*
J. Thomas Mortimer
Daniel Morton
Stephen D. Morton
Christopher Motley
Patricia H. Moyer
Forrest Mozer
William H. Muchnic
George E. Mueller
Elizabeth H. Muench
J. Fraser Muirhead
Stanley A. Mulaik
Edward J. Mullaney
David Muller
Miklos Muller
Catherine L. Munera
Robert D. Munson
Wayne A. Murphy
Cecil Myers
Philip N. Myers
Stephen E. Myers
Martin S. Nachbar
Benjamin Naecker
George B. Naff
Koji Nakanishi
Rattan Nath*
Carl F. Nathan
Constance Nathanson
Bernard J. Nebel
James W. Neel
Jim Neely
Larry B. Neisess
Howard L. Nekimken
Edwin B. Nelson†
Joseph Nelson
Mitchell Nelson
Peter Nelson
Richard S. Nelson & Carol Enkoji
Walter L. & JoAnn M. Nelson
Martin J. Nemer
John R. Nesselroade
James J. Nestor
Elizabeth F. Neufeld
Howard J. Newby*
Michael J. Newchurch
Jeffery L. Newmeyer
Gary Newsom
Chester W. Newton
Geoffrey B. Newton
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Johanna Nichols
Charles P. Nicholson*
Martinus H. Nickerson
Paul H. Nielsen
Michael Niemack & Maren Vitousek
Thomas M. Niesen
Linda C. Niessen
Elena O. Nightingale
A. H. Nishikawa
Lillian Niu
Raymond P. Nolan
Richard C. Nolen-Hoeksema
Larry D. Nooden
Frank Novak
Donald & Carolyn Novin
Derek Nowak
Marilyn Nowlan
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Osborne B. Nye
Diana Obanda
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Jeffrey F. Oda
Brian O’Donnell
Janis M. O’Donnell
William M. O’Fallon
Bruce O’Gara
Alice S. Oglesby
John J. Ohala
Ilya Okun
Bjorn R. Olsen
Khris B. Olsen
Robert W. Olsen
Link Olson
Richard K. Olsson
Silvio J. Onesti
Jan M. Orenstein
Gordon H. Orians
Stuart H. Orkin
Frederick T. Ormand
Gyula Oros
Donald S. Orth
Nimet E. Oruc
Henry H. Osborn
Lee K. Osborne
Joseph O’Sullivan
John L. Otis
Timothy E. O’Toole
Andre J. Ouellette
George Oulundsen
Robert H. Page
Chang H. Paik
Joseph W. Palca
Christine Palermo
Allison R. Palmer
John D. Palmer
Neil H. Palmer*
Nicholas Palmer
John M. Palms
G. C. Parikh
David C. Parker
Devra A. Parks
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Albert F. Parlow
David D. Parrish
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David W. Parsons
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Duncan T. Patten
James F. Patterson
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Ara G. & Shirley Paul
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Mary B. Paxton
William T. Peake*
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Chin-Tzu Peng
Edna R. Pereira*
John Perepezko
John S. Perry
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Narayanan Perumal
Peter Pesheck
Murray Peshkin
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Alea Peters
Kurt E. & Carol Petersen
Blake Peterson
Don H. Peterson
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Mary A. Peterson
Norman C. Peterson
Rada Petrinjac-Nenadic
William T. Petuskey
Richard H. Pfau
Jane E. Phillips-Conroy
Al Pickett
Alburt E. Pifer
John T. Pigott
Dennis R. Pilarczyk
Robert Pilcher
Wellington J. Pindar
David Pines
Jack L. Pinkus
Christiane T. Piselli
David Piston
Gwen Planet
Andrew G. Plaut
Karl Poetter
Joseph C. Polacco*
Roberto Polakiewicz
Erwin Poliakoff
Henry Pollack
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Joshua Pomeroy
Richard Ponte
Steven W. Popper
Oscar F. Porter
Mark Post
Francis M. Pottenger
Paul E. Potter
Richard C. Potter
Robert M. Potter
J. E. Pournelle
Cedric J. Powell
Samuel C. Powell
Victoria Powers
Rex F. Pratt
Ruth Preminger
Joy L. Pretcher
Thomas Prettyman
Edward Prince
Charles H. Pritchard
William Pritchard
Darwin J. Prockop
Lisa R. Prostak
Philip Protter
Donald Pulitzer
Joseph J. Pysh
Yanmei Qi
Douglas Quamme
John M. Questel
Edward J. Quilligan
William Rabinowitz
Anthony D. Radice
Mark S. Radomski
Meghan Radtke
Stephen C. Ragatz
Yueh-Erh Rahman
D. W. Rains
William E. Ramsden
Clare Ramstedt
John D. Randall
Caterina Randolph
Douglas W. Rankin
Samuel M. Rankin
M. M. Rao
Buddy D. Ratner
R. R. Rau
Donald A. Rauh
Virginia R. Rausch
Elio Raviola
Leonard Rawicz
George Rayl
Andrew F. Read
Elizabeth Reagh
Robert D. Reasenberg
Bruce A. Rector
Robert Redfield
Kenneth J. Reed
Don D. Reeder
Raymond Reeves
S. P. Regenstreif
Paul B. Reichardt
Peter J. Reichl
Paul W. Reid
Marcus M. Reidenberg
Leonard Reiffel
Eric Reimund
Eric A. Reiner
G. V. Reklaitis
Minocher C. Reporter
Paul R. Reynolds
Vincent M. Riccardi
Joanne S. Richards
Kathryn E. Richardson
Hal B. Richerson
Nancy Richter
Sam H. Ridgway
Robert G. Rinker
John Robb
Paula K. Roberson
Eugene Roberts
John D. Roberts
Theodore G. Roberts
David Robertshaw
H. T. Robertson
Annie L. Robinson
Arthur R. Robinson
Stephen Robinson
Linda Rockliff, in memory of Burton W. Rockliff
Maxine L. Rockoff*
Benjamin P. Rode
James Rodgers
B. D. Roebuck
Andrey Y. Rogachev
Colin Rogers
Karel Rogers
Lee F. Rogers
Thomas D. Rognlien
Scott Rohrbaugh
George Ronay
Sheila R. Ronis
Michael Root
Elise Rose
Hugh Rose
Kenneth L. Rose
Mark D. Rose
Robert Rosecrans
Leonard Roseman
Nancy Roseman
Herman S. Rosenbaum
Jerome Rosenberg
Norman J. Rosenberg
William Rosenberg
Ralph Roskies
David A. & Edith H. Ross
David W. Ross
Caren M. Rotello
Victoria F. Roth
Richard L. Rotundo
Stanley J. Roux
Roger D. Rowland*
Thomas C. Royer
Laurens N. Ruben
Bernard Rubin
Herman Rubin
Manfred Ruddat
Klaus Ruedenberg
Daniel Rugar
Jeffrey A. Runge
L. M. Russakoff
George K. Russell
John J. Russell
Yousef Saad
Oswald Saavedra
Michael Sadowitz
Asaf Salamov
Asaf A. Salamov
Bernard Salanie
David J. Salant
William R. Salzman
Gary E. Sanger
Derek Sant’Angelo
Rose-Mary Sargent
Jeffrey Sarnoff
Edward Sarver
Jan R. Sass
Lawrence J. Satkowiak
Louella R. Saul
Jeffrey J. Saunders
Virginia Sawin
Jack Sawyer
Ashish Saxena
William W. Scales
Howard K. Schachman
Edward M. Schaefer
Sandra Scham
David Schatz
Richard C. Schauer
PB Schechter
Louis K. Scheffer
Myra J. Schegloff
W. Robert Scheidt
Patrick Schelling
Thomas C. Schelling
Robert J. Schier*
Thomas Schindler
Bradley Schlaggar
Jurgen Schmandt
Christopher O. Schmidt
Deborah Schmiel
Raymond W. Schmitt
Patrick Schnable
George F. Schnack
Norman J. Schnayer
Barbara L. Schneider
John H. Schneider
Lawrence B. Schonberger
A. W. Schuetz
Gertrud M. Schupbach
Harvey Schussler
Nathan A. Schwadron
Benjamin D. & Susan C. Schwartz
Silvan S. Schweber
Dorie W. Schwertz
Charles Scudder
Robert E. Scully
Gilbert R. Seely
David W. Self
Scott Sellars
Francis Sellers
Bernard Z. Senkowski
F. D. Sentilles
Robert E. Servis
Vidya S. Sethi
John Sevenair
DM Shah
Xiaonan Shan
Joel H. Shaper
Robert Y. Shapiro
Jane E. Sharer Maier
John Sharp
Robert W. Shaw
Walter Shearer
William R. Shek
Robert K. Shelly
Paul F. Shepard
Gerson S. Sher
Kenneth D. Sherrell
John Sherwell
Stanwyn G. Shetler
Eugene A. Shinn
Alexander Shor
James F. Short*
Carol Shoshkes-Reiss
Patrick E. Shrout
Charles H. Shultz
Scott W. Sides
Matt Sigman
Charles J. Sih
Barry Silberg
Bernard G. Silbernagel
Edward Silha
Samuel C. Silverstein
Charles A. Simenstad
J. Matthew Simon
Robert E. Simon
Donald M. Simons
Lawrence A. Singer
George D. Skidmore
Carol B. Skinner
Lana Skirboll
William J. Skocpol
Eugene B. Skolnikoff
David B. Slautterback
James Slinkman
Pamela L. Small
J. Howard Smart
Margaret Smiley
Laura Smilowitz
Alan J. Smith
Barbara H. Smith
Benjamin Smith
C. Russell Smith
James C. Smith
Lex B. Smith
Michael R. Smith
Orville A. Smith
R. Peggy Smith
Sidney R. Smith
Stewart E. Smith
Dale R. Snider
J. Josh Snodgrass
Dean R. Snow
Peter B. Snyder
Michael Sogard
Anne Soll
Sheldon Solomon
Ronald E. Somerby
Frank J. Sonleitner
Wooi Chee Soo
Davison E. Soper
Nino Sorgente
Barbara Sorkin
Tobin Sosnick
Costas M. Soukoulis
James Sowinski
Peter Spacciapoli
Robert C. Spear
Philip C. Spiller
Eugene Spineto
Mohan Srinivasarao
Joshua D. Staller
Edward A. Stanley
Richard H. Stanton
William R. Staplin
Janet M. Stavnezer
Robin T. Stebbins
Kelly P. Steele
Richard A. Steeves
Carolyn S. Steglich
Thomas A. & Joan A. Steitz
David J. Stensrud
Craig H. Stephan
Bodo Stern
Robert L. & Virginia W. Stern
Margaret S. Stevens
Rosemary A. Stevens
Norman C. Stewart
John Q. Stilwell
Michael Stitelman
James H. Stith
Joel Stoddard
Eugene E. Stokes
Joshuah Stolaroff*
Walter C. Stolov
Jack Stone
Ray Stonecipher
Emily Stoneham*
David A. Stonestrom
Francesca Storici
James B. Strait
James A. Stratton
Alan J. Strauss
Karen Street
Donald P. Strickert
Robert Strieter
Richard C. Stroh
Joel Strom
Robert Strom
Robert E. Stutz
Joan C. Suit
Barnet M. Sultzer
Mark L. Sundquist
Patrick Suppes
Harold & Madeline J. Sussman
Richard Sustich
Glenn W. Suter
Roderick A. Suthers
Jhan C. Swanson
Richard M. Swanson
Claude R. Swayze
Robert H. Swendsen
Susan Swope
Stephen I. Szara
Jack W. Szostak
Rowland W. Tabor
Mohammed Tabrizi
Jay L. Taft
Clement E. Tagoe
Lorey Takahashi
Kenneth J. Takeuchi
Charles R. Tallman
Marlin L. Tanck
Morris Tanenbaum
Peter E. Tanguay
Pieter P. Tans
John M. Tarbell
Kelly Tatchell
Richard E. Teets
Max Tegmark
Norman M. Tepley
Raymond L. Teplitz
Lewis M. Terman
Yervant Terzian
Kenneth R. Teter
A.J. Tether
Anson B. Thacher
Philip D. Thacher
David G. Thanassi
Jennifer Thebo
James W. Thomas
John H. Thomas
Roger K. Thomas
David H. Thompson*
M. E. Thouless
Robert W. Thresher
John Tice
William L. Tietjen
Robert L. Tinklepaugh
Terry L. Tomcsik
John G. Topliss
Karen Torrejon
Nick C. Toscano
Don I. Trachtenberg
Frank A. Traficante
Francesco B. Trama
Khoa Tran
John Tranquada
O. D. Trapp
Robert J. Traylor
Nicholas D. Trbovich
Sven Treitel
Virginia Trimble
Alvin W. Trivelpiece
Glenwood Trivers
Terry Troxell
A. Forrest Troyer
Anthony M. Trozzolo
Dwight D. Trueblood
Forrest A. Trumbore
R. Rhodes Trussell
Wen H. Tsien
Joan Tucker
Frantiek Tureek
Gerard M. Turino
June W. Turley
Mervyn Turner
William C. Turner
Trena Tuse
Donald W. Twohy
Eldon Ulrich
Brian D. Underwood
Millard K. Underwood
Jerry D. Unruh
James Valles
Elly Van Gelderen
Walter Van Hamme
Andrew J. Van Horn
W. Karl van Newkirk
Peter Vander Horn
John P. Vandevender
Moshe Y. Vardi
Sandor G. Vari
Charles Varsel*
Kottayil Varughese
Ravindra Vasavada
David Vasholz
David Vaughn
Margaret J. Velardo
Cynthia Venn
Lee T. Venolia & John W. Thoman
Gordon M. Verber
Steven B. Vik
Peter Vincent
John W. Vinson
Gabriel T. Virella
Helen S. Vishniac
Randall T. Voland
Alvin Volkman
Susan F. Volman
Carl Von Ende
Cecil J. Waddington
Willard R. Wadt
Albert F. Wagner
Caroline S. Wagner
Barbara T. Wakimoto
W. James Waldman
Charles P. Wales
Frances A. Walker
Richard J. Walker
Margaret R. Wallace
William A. Wallace
Bin Wang
Lai S. Wang
Yuxun Wang
Leslie Wanner
Jonathan B. Ward
Patricia L. Ward
Robert T. Ward*
Thomas Ward*
John Ware
Nancy E. Warner
William B. Warr*
Richard M. Warren
David K. Watkins
George E. Watson
P. K. Watson
Jana Watson-Capps
Richard E. Waugh
Larry H. Weaver
Rebecca Webber
Edward L. Weber
Margaret A. Weck
James L. Weeks
Toni G. Wegner
Chas D. Weil
John W. Weil
Frank A. Weinhold
Paul A. Weinhold
Elizabeth K. Weisburger
Jeffrey Weiss
Karl Weiss
Mikki Weiss
Rainer Weiss
Cara Weitzsacker
William W. Wells
John P. Wendell
Robert Wenger
Paul J. Werner & Christel S. Cranston
Charles J. Weschler
John E. Wessel
John L. Wetherby
Mary C. Wetzel
Lennard Wharton
Heather Wheeler
Robert Whinnery
James P. Whipple*
Martin Whitaker
Charles O. White
Frank White
Harold B. White
John A. White
Nicholas R. White
Robert M. White
Amelia & Thomas
Glenn G. Whiteside
Michael Whitt
Vincent Wickwar
Norman E. Wideburg
Joanne Willey
Alexander H. Williams*
Allan N. Williams
Brown F. Williams*
Carroll B. Williams
David Williams
David N. Williams*
Doris C. Williams
James D. Williams
John A. Williams
Mary A. Williams
Norris H. Williams
Richard B. Williams
Scott Williams
T. W. Williams
W. G. Williams
Joanne M. Williamson
Steve Williamson
David L. Wilson
Herman Winick
Donald A. Winkelmann
Isaac J. Winograd
David Wipf
Allen H. Wise
Carol A. Wise
John Wiseman
Jean G. Witt
Robin Y. Wolczanski
Marc S. Wold
Matthew T. Wolfe
Douglas R. Woll
Martin Won
Ki Wong
Maylene Wong
J. W. Woodbury
Gordon R. Woodcock
Ruth A. Wooden
John F. Woods
Joseph H. Woodside
R. Woody
Robert J. Wordinger
R. F. Wormsbecher
Ben Wright
Michelle Wright
Peter E. Wright
Robin L. Wright
Shan Wu
William A. Wulf
Dong Xu
Xiao M. Xu
J. D. Yager
Eric Yamashita
Wei Yang
James Yarger
Robert M. Yeh
Lynn A. Yehle
Belinda R. Yen
Wayne M. & Lynn Yokoyama
Charlie A. Yparraguirre
Hongtao Yu*
Stuart Yuspa
Michael J. Zacharkow
Jerrold H. Zar*
Michael A. Zasloff
Martin Zatz
David Zelmon
Clive S. Zent
Liang Zhang
Yong Zhong Zhao
Jiamin Zhuo
Richard E. Zigmond
Richard H. Zimmerman
Marian Zlotkiewicz
Stewart P. Zobian
Paul E. Zorsky*
Haibo Zou
Earl Zwicker

Patron Members

Edward Aboufadel
R. Paul Aftring
Asma Amleh
Albert Anderson
Dale Bachwich
Mary Barber
May R. Berenbaum
Kathleen Berger
J. Michael Bishop
Jerome L. Bleiweis
John Brademas
William Bradley
Eric Brinsfield
David Brooks
Joan Brooks
Bruce Browning
Edward Bruck
Eric Burger
Julia Butters
Donald Cameron
Mark Campbell
Daniel B. Caplan
Marc Carrasco
Carlton Caves
Andrew Chong
Austin Church
Charles Clark
Barbara Clemmensen
Taya Cohen
Emery Conrad
Donald Cook
Edmund Crouch
Kenneth Crumley
H. Clay Daulton
Paul Day-Lucore
Kenneth De Ghetto
Oscar Delong
Gregory C. Donadio
Albert Dosser
Jaquelin Dudley
Peter Eckel
John Edgcomb
James Ellis
Joseph Engenito
Eldon Enger
Akbarpoor Fatemeh
Robert Fay
Alison Fennessy Fields
Peter Fruhstorfer
R. Gaeke
Curtis Galloway
Thomas Giroux
Howard Gobstein
Sheila Hafter Gray
Richard Green
Laura Greene
Wilhelm Gruissem
Samuel Gubins
Nancy Haigwood
Alexander Harcourt
John Harkins
Susan Harrington
Hanns Hasche-Kluender
Charles Hawkins
Rudy Henninger
Thomas Henson
Robert Hess
Brandon Huneycutt
Ryan Jense
Joseph Johnson
Mari-Vaughn Johnson
George Johnston
Arthur Kamm
Michael Kelley
Jack Kerns
Randal Kirk
Robert Kirshner
Stephen Knight
Maria Kovacs
Anton O. Kris
Christophe Laudamiel
John Linderman
Mark Logsdon
James Lundblad
Deborah Maclean
Gregory Makoff
Scott Manske
Scott Margolin
Mark Markham
Edward Matalka
Gail Mattson
F. Maurrasse
Michael May
James J. McCarthy
Steven Melander-Dayton
Richard Melmon
Richard A. Meserve
Ernest J. Moniz
Fernando Morris
Cherry Ann Murray
Maureen Neitz
Peter Neupert
Mark Nockleby
Jacques Nor
Don O’Brien
P. O’Keefe
William Paradise
Charles Patton
Robert Paul Siemann
Kerry Phillips
Dennis Pilarczyk
Daniel Pinkel
Anthony Previte
Larry Rairden
John Reed
Jill Roberts
Alexandra Roosevelt
J. Rowe
Chris Rufer
William Saucier
Robert Schneider
Richard M. Schoen
Marc J. Schwob
Ronald C. Searls
Abdulalim Shabazz
Bruce Simonson
Judson Somerville
David Staal
Dusan Stefoski
Richard Steiner
Rick Stephens
Shepard Stone
S. D. Stroupe
G. Marie Swanson
Susan Taylor
Douglas Thomas
Glenn Thomas
Kirsten Vadheim
James Vancik
Lydia Villa-Komaroff
Robert Walsh
Warren Weisberg
Ralph Wharton
Daniel Wiese
Dara Wilber
Isaac J. Winograd
Mary Woolley
Arnold Zwicky

Corporations & Foundations

3M Company
Abbott Laboratories
Alfred P. Sloan Foundation
American Academy of Arts & Sciences
The Amgen Foundation
Annual Reviews
Argosy Foundation
The Baltimore Family Fund
The Barkley Fund
The Benevity Community Impact Fund
Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation
The Boeing Company
Boston Foundation
Burroughs Wellcome Fund
California Resources Production Corporation
Canon U.S.A., Inc.
Carnegie Corporation of New York
Chubb & Son
Connecticut Innovations
Consolidated Chemical Works, LTD
Dana Foundation
The David and Lucile Packard Foundation
The Drake Bettner Foundation
Ergodic Resources LLC
The Fodor Family Trust
Ford Foundation
Forney Family Foundation
Foundation for Polish Science
Ganguly Family Foundation
The GE Foundation
Gladys Sessler Charitable Trust
Godshalk Family Charibale Foundation
Golden Family Foundation
Goldhirsh Foundation
Gordon and Betty Moore Foundation
Grainger Matching Charitable Gifts Program
Hamill Family Foundation
Hazen Foundation
Heising-Simons Foundation
Helmsley Charitable Trust
HelpAge International
Hewlett-Packard Company Foundation
Hitachi, Ltd.
Howard Hughes Medical Institute
Independent Project Analysis, Inc.
Indo-US Science & Technology Forum
Inkling Incorporated
The Irving S. & Alwyn N. Johnson Family Foundation
The Irwin and Joan Jacobs Fund of the Jewish Community Foundation
Jeffrey and Ruth Bernstein Family Fund
Jewish Communal Fund
John Templeton Foundation
The Joyce Foundation
The Kavli Foundation
Landmark Graphics
Laura and John Arnold Foundation
Leo L. Beranek Foundation
The Lemelson Foundation
Litterman Family Foundation
L’Oréal USA
Lundeen Foundation
Mars, Incorporated
MBIA Foundation, Inc.
Merck Partnership For Giving
Network for Good
New York Presbyterian Hospital
Noyce Foundation
Oak Foundation
Open Society Foundations
The Pew Charitable Trusts
Pfizer Foundation Matching Gifts Program
Phase 2 Medical Manufacturing Inc.
Piersol Foundation Inc.
Pitts Family Foundation
Polefka-Brigida Charitable Fund
The Provine Family Charitable Fund
Qualcomm Incorporated
Razoo Foundation
Richard Lounsbery Foundation
Rita Allen Foundation
Robert Wood Johnson Foundation
Rockefeller Family Fund
The Rockefeller Foundation
Rosse Family Charitable Foundation
Sanofi Aventis R et D
Schnader Harrison Segal & Lewis LLP
Seattle Foundation
Sentry Dynamics, Inc.*
Silicon Valley Community Foundation
Sinauer Associates, Inc.
Subaru of America, Inc.
Sunset Laboratory Inc.
Ting Tsung and Wei Fong Chao Foundation
Torrey Revocable Living Trust
Verizon Foundation
Vintage Production California LLC
The Zerhouni Family Charitable Foundation, Inc.

Government Agencies & Other Organizations

Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality
American Chemical Society
American Geophysical Union
American Geosciences Institute
American Institute of Physics
American Mathematical Society
American Meteorological Society
American Nuclear Society
American Physical Society
American Psychological Association
American Psychological Society
American Society of Agronomy
American Society of Plant Biologists
American Society for Microbiology
American Society of Mechanical Engineers
American Sociological Association
American Veterinary Medical Association
Brigham Young University
Carnegie Institution for Science
Cornell University
CRDF Global
Crop Science Society of America
Federal Bureau of Investigation
Federation of Animal Science Societies
Geological Society of America
George Washington University
Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers
King Abdulaziz City for Science and Technology
Maine Technology Institute
Materials Research Society
MDI Biological Laboratory
Michigan State University
Montana State University
Museum of Science
National Academy of Sciences
National Aeronautics and Space Administration
National Council for Science and the Environment
National Institutes of Health
National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration
National Science Foundation
Oak Ridge Associated Universities
Oklahoma State University
Population Association of America
Rhode Island Research Alliance
Rhode Island Science and Technology Advisory Council
Society for Advancement of Chicanos and Native Americans in Science (SACNAS)
Society for Mining Metallurgy and Exploration
Society for Research in Child Development
Society for the Psychological Study of Social Issues
Society of Industrial and Applied Mathematics
Soil Science Society of America
South Dakota State University
The International Society for Optical Engineering
The Materials Research Society
The Minerals Metals and Materials Society
The Optical Society
U.S. Agency for International Development
U.S. Army Corps of Engineers
U.S. Department of Agriculture
U.S. Department of Defense
U.S. Department of Education
U.S. Department of Energy
U.S. Department of Health & Human Services
U.S. Department of Homeland Security
U.S. Department of State
U.S. Department of the Interior
U.S. Environmental Protection Agency
U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service
U.S. Food and Drug Administration
U.S. Geological Survey
United States Institute of Peace
Universities Space Research Association
University of Arkansas
University of Delaware
University of Kansas
University of Maine
University of Nebraska
University of New Hampshire
University of North Carolina
University of Oklahoma
University of Pittsburgh
University of Rhode Island
University of Southern California
University of Utah
University of Vermont
University of Washington
University of Wyoming
Utah State University
Vermont Genetics Network

Alan I. Leshner Leadership Institute for Public Engagement

As of 30 April 2015, the following donors have pledged or contributed more than $500,000 to fund the Leshner Leadership Institute in its first five years.

Kent R. Anderson
Tim Appenzeller
Mary C. Barber
Bonnie L. Bassler
Mark L. Batshaw
Gary & Fay Beauchamp
Jerry A. Bell & Mary A. Stepp
May R. Berenbaum
Shay & Susan Bilchik
Phillip L. Blair
Mordecai Blaustein
Monica M. & E. James Bradford
Jeanne Braha
Robert M. Brenner
Joost A. Businger
Vint Cerf
Thomas E. Clemente
Mary E. Clutter
Garry T. Cole
Rita & Jack Colwell
Robert Cook-Deegan
Richard H. Cox
Roy Curtiss III
William H. Danforth
Gary S. David
Major General Arthur T. Dean
George E. DeBoer
Edward G. Derrick
Judith Dornstreich
Henry F. Dylla III
Henry L. Ehrlich
Rita V. Elmore
Peter & Barbara Farkas
Craig & Alison Fields
Gerald R. Fink
Kevin Finneran
The Fodor Family Trust
Steven Forrester
Mark & Marlene Frankel
Richard A. Frankel
Claire M. Fraser
Joshua Freeman
Michael B. Friedman
Howard Frumkin
Charles G. Gaines
Chris Gaston
Herbert Geller
Jay Gershen
Isabelle Giap
Howard Gobstein
Sam and Patti Goldberg
Sibyl R. Golden
David J. Goldston
Jesus Gomez-Navarro
Albert E. Goss
Robert Gould
Laura H. Greene
Benjamin C. Hammett
Theresa Harris
Erin Heath
Kim Q. Hill
Manju Hingorani
Rush Holt & Margaret Lancefield
Gordon R. Hough
Alice Huang & David Baltimore
Joan M. Hutchins
Martin Y. Iguchi
James S. Jackson & Toni C. Antonucci
Shirley Ann Jackson
Madeleine Jacobs
Andre T. Jagendorf
John R. Kane
Nancy Knowlton
Alan Kraut & Jane Steinberg
Neal F. Lane
Donald & Patricia Langenberg
Debra R. Lappin
Pauline P. Lee
S. David Leonard
Mike & Johanna Leshner
Sarah Leshner Carvalho & Rodrigo Carvalho
William A. Lester, Jr.
Simon & Carol Levin
Bruce V. Lewenstein
Elizabeth Loftus
Margaret Lowman
Arthur Lupia
Merritt C. Maduke
Suzanne M. Mahoney
Hilda & Ed Maibach
Shirley & Horace Malcom
Elizabeth Marincola
Maria Julia Marinissen
Jim & Sue McCarthy
Marcia K. McNutt
John & Frances Melone
Richard A. & Martha R. Meserve
Don S. Miyada
Julia A. Moore
Stewart Lee Moses
C. Dan Mote, Jr.
Nalini Nadkarni
Venkatesh Narayanamurti
Jeanne M. Nerbonne
Norm & Georgine Neureiter
Kathie L. Olsen
Raymond L. Orbach
Vivian Pan & Mark Norell
Julia M. Phillips
Daniel Pinkel
John & Amy Porter
Donald & Terri Rea
Ryan Rexroth
Geraldine Richmond
Amy Rick
Charles Valentine Riley Memorial Foundation
Laurie Robinson & Sheldon Krantz
Jo Ellen & Mark Roseman
Beth A. Rosner
Sue V. Rosser
Arnold Roy
Lynn Rozental
Tom Ryan
Dr. & Mrs. David Sabatini
Caroline Seaback
Cecily Cannan Selby
Bassam & June Shakhashiri
Ira & Nancy Shapiro
Phillip A. & Ann H. Sharp
David E. Shaw & Beth Kobliner Shaw
David Evans Shaw
Eric M. Shooter
Patricia Sias
Maxine & Daniel Singer
Jonathan B. Skinner
Society for Science & the Public
Juli Staiano & Marc Washington
Leah Steinberg
Robert & Virginia Stern
David M. Stonner
Linda Stroud
Colleen Struss
Cathy Sulzberger & Joe Perpich
Brian L. Sweeney
Maury Tigner
Robert & Judy Trachtenberg
Michael S. Turner
Kalliat T. Valsaraj
Inder M. Verma
Lydia Villa-Komaroff & Anthony L. Komaroff
Valda Vinson
Diana Harrison Wall
Jenny Wang
Tom Wang
Mary Woolley
Thomas A. & Cynthia W. Woolsey
Michael J. Worth
Jessica Wyndham
Hezekiah E. Zeiber
Fernando J. Zúñiga-y-Rivero

** Gifts to the Alan I. Leshner Leadership Institute for Public Engagement were made in both 2014 and 2015.

Andrew M. Sessler Fund for Science, Education, & Human Rights

The Sessler Fund was established by a generous gift from Dr. Sessler’s children and 2014 contributions from the following donors, recognizing both his remarkable career as a physicist and his leadership in bringing the voice of scientists to global concerns of human rights and intellectual freedom.

M. Agbabian
Peter Agre
Kenneth Armitage
David Ayres
James Banta
James Bartholomew
Ilan Ben-Zvi
Joel Berger
Ernest Bergman
Antony Beris
Herbert Berk
Ruth & Jeffrey Bernstein
Ikaros Bigi
Harry Bomberger
Peter Bond
Ross Brazee
Phillips Burnside
Cynthia Burrows
Robert Byer
Sydney Cameron
Joseph Carson
Joseph Cerny
Jagdish Chandra
Steven Chu
Seth Cohen
Leon Cooper
Ernest Courant
Bernd Crasemann
Joe Dixon
Russell Donnelly
Alexander Dragt
Norman Edelstein
Henry Ehrlich
Lincoln Ekstrom
W. Eshbaugh
Roger Falcone
Bruce Fetter
Alan Fisher
Miriam Forman
William Fulkerson
Mitchell Gail
Juan Gallardo
David Gates
Allan C. Goldstein
Sidney Grossberg
David Hammer
Hershel Hausman
Robert Hazen
Susan Hinkins
Donald Hopkins
Ke Hsieh
David Illig
Creighton Jensen
Lawrence Jones
Isaac Kaplan
Ray Kidder
Mark Knepper
Edward Kormondy
Lena Kourkoutis
Zafra Lerman
William Lester
Derek Lowenstein
Henry Lubatti
Paul Luciw
Joan Lunney
Douglas MacLaughlin
Fred Maienschein
J. McDonald
James Melvin
Gary Merson
Susan Messinger
Jack Minker
Oliver Moles
James Moore
Elena Nightingale
Frederick Ormand
Udo Pernisz
Robert Pollack
James Porter
Arthur Poskanzer
Joel Primack
Moishe Pripstein
Serban Protopopescu
D. Rains
Caterina Randolph
Don Reeder
Cheryl Ritenbaugh
Fritz Rohrlich
Nancy Roman
Peter Ryan
Harold Salwen
Jonathan Sessler
Ximena & Daniel Sessler
Bassam Shakhashiri
John Sherman
Jason Smith
Sidney Smith
Davison Soper
John Surr
Rowland Tabor
Peter Todd
Alvin Tollestrup
John Tranquada
Virginia Trimble
William Turner
Andrew Van Horn
Frances Walker
Joel Weisberg
Glenn Whiteside
Richard Williams
Herman Winick
Stanislaus Wong
Robert Yager

Endowments & Named Funds

The AAAS Kavli Science Journalism Awards Endowment
The Charles Valentine Riley Memorial Endowment
The Early-Career Award for Public Engagement Fund
The Fund for Honesty in Scientific Research
The Gilbert S. Omenn Grand Challenges Endowment
The Marion Milligan Mason Fund
The John P. McGovern Endowment
The Joshua E.Neimark Memorial Travel Assistance Endowment
The Martin L. and Rose Wachtel Memorial Fund
The Revelle Fund
The William T. Golden Endowment Fund for Program Innovation

† Deceased

* Sustainer (monthly donor)

Italicized names — Decade Club members have supported AAAS for 10+ consecutive years.