Advancing Science Through Philanthropy

Philanthropic support and strategic partnerships allow AAAS to speak up on behalf of science, engineering, and society as opportunities and challenges arise. Our donors demonstrate strong vision and a deep commitment to the future of science through contributions to our Flexible Action Fund and support for specific programs.

A Transformative Gift from the Golden Family Foundation

Last fall, Lifetime Giving Society donor Sibyl R. Golden revealed her intention to make a gift of $4 million to AAAS, through the Golden Family Foundation. News of one of the most generous gifts in AAAS history generated significant excitement in the William T. Golden Center for Science and Engineering—the AAAS headquarters building in Washington, D.C.

Ms. Golden’s gift honors her late father, William T. Golden, who was well-known for his contributions to science policy and his long career of public service and philanthropy. His input led to many milestones for the science enterprise, including the appointment of the first Science Advisor to the President and the Secretary of State, and the creation of the Office of Science and Technology in the Executive Office of the President (now the Office of Science and Technology Policy), the President’s Science Advisory Committee (today, the President’s Committee of Advisors on Science and Technology, or PCAST), and the National Science Foundation.

His influence was also a transformational force for AAAS. Mr. Golden served as AAAS Treasurer from 1969 to 1999, and as Honorary Treasurer until 2007. Over those 30 years, his generosity and foresight led to the creation of many of our best-known programs, including the signature Science and Technology Policy Fellowships program, which has been placing scientists in executive, legislative, and judiciary branch offices since 1973.

AAAS CEO Rush Holt is one of more than 3,000 alumni of that program. “Bill Golden’s legacy is unparalleled. He has transformed the science-policy world, AAAS, and even my own career,” Holt said.

The recent Golden Family Foundation contribution is second in magnitude only to Mr. Golden’s 2003 gift of $5.25 million, which established the William T. Golden Fund for Program Innovation. At the time, Mr. Golden said, ”I have great respect for the AAAS, as well as great affection and admiration for it, and I believe that the organization can become even more useful to society.” His gift was intended to serve as the catalyst for creative, new, high-impact ideas that would not otherwise be funded as part of the association’s budget.

And so it has, for just over a decade. In its first 12 years, more than 40 projects have received support from the Golden Fund, ranging from the popular Leadership Seminar in Science and Technology Policy—a one-week “crash course” designed for those who need to know how S&T policy works, to communication tools and training for scientists; and a Chinese-language portal for EurekAlert!, the science-news consortium established by AAAS for some 12,000 reporter-registrants; as well as key activities to build capacity for philanthropy.

Ms. Golden’s 2015 contribution in her father’s memory, which brings the William T. Golden Fund for Program Innovation to more than $9 million, creates opportunities for initiatives not otherwise possible, and will enhance AAAS’s ability to pursue creative, innovative endeavors well into the future.

Leshner Leadership Institute Fellows Announced

AAAS has announced the first fellows of the Alan I. Leshner Leadership Institute for Public Engagement with Science. All are climate scientists with an interest in promoting dialogue between science and society.

The fellows will plan and implement climate communication activities with assistance from AAAS and work to promote public engagement within their institutions and professional communities. In June 2016, the Leshner fellows will convene at AAAS headquarters for a week of public engagement and science communication training, networking, and plan development.

The Leshner Leadership Institute was established in 2015 with support from more than 130 philanthropic gifts. The first cohort will focus on climate change; the second will address infectious disease. Subsequent fellows will focus on other areas of science. To learn more about this work and how to support it, contact the Office of Philanthropy and Strategic Partnerships at 202-326-6636.

First AAAS Marion Milligan Mason Awards Honor Early Career Women Chemists

In October 2015, the first AAAS Marion Milligan Mason Awards for Women in the Chemical Sciences were awarded to four outstanding women. The awards, made possible by a $2.2 million bequest to AAAS, provide each chemist with $50,000 to ramp up their research projects while mentoring their own students. Marion Mason’s gift honors her family’s commitment to higher education for women. (See also the Education, Outreach, and Careers section of this report.)

Marion Milligan Mason Award Winners

Marion Milligan Mason Award Winners: From left, Rush Holt, Shirley Malcom, and Geraldine Richmond, representing AAAS, joined winners Luisa Whittaker-Brooks, Kristin Parent, Katherine Mackey, and Alison Fout. At right is AAAS Board Member Laura Greene. [MICHAEL COLELLA/COLELLADIGITAL.COM]

For More Information Do you want to learn more about making a special gift in honor of a colleague, friend, or loved one; supporting activities through an endowment; or becoming a part of the Edison Society? Contact the AAAS Development Office at 202-326-6636,


The AAAS Board of Directors gratefully acknowledges the individuals and organizations whose commitment to AAAS has sustained our efforts to advance science in the service of society and supported new activities in 2015.

Lifetime Giving Society

The Lifetime Giving Society recognizes individuals who have contributed a cumulative total of $100,000 or more during the course of their involvement with AAAS.

$100,000 and above
Stephen & Janelle Fodor
Sibyl R. Golden
Fred Kavli†
Alan & Agnes Leshner
Edith D. Neimark
Gilbert S. Omenn & Martha A. Darling
Daniel Pinkel
The Pitts Family
Carol Raugust†
The Roger & Ellen Revelle Family
David E. Shaw & Beth Kobliner Shaw
William F. Ward†

Edison Society

The Edison Society recognizes individuals who pave the way for the success of AAAS and our efforts on behalf of science and society through their leadership gifts throughout the year.

“I support AAAS because of its critical role in educating lawmakers so that they better understand the sciencebehind policy decisions.” – Kenneth A. Cowin

$100,000 and above
Sibyl R. Golden & the Golden Family
Daniel Pinkel
Carol T. Raugust†

$50,000 – $99,999
Kenneth A. Cowin
Stephen & Janelle Fodor
Alice S. Huang & David Baltimore
Lawrence H. Linden
Phillip A. & Ann H. Sharp
David E. Shaw & Beth Kobliner Shaw
William F. Ward†

$25,000 – $49,999
Rush Holt & Margaret Lancefield
Alan & Agnes Leshner
John W. Rowe, M.D.
David Evans Shaw

$10,000 – $24,999
The Barkley Fund
Lewis & Connie Branscomb
Denise N. & Gary S. David
Gregory S. Ferriss
Randal J. Kirk
Pauline P. Lee, in memory of Bernard S. Lee
Dennis Liotta
Robert B. Litterman
Gordon E. & Betty I. Moore
Gilbert S. Omenn & Martha A. Darling
Edward E. Penhoet
Robert & Joan Rechnitz

President’s Circle

Each year, contributions from our President’s Circle donors support our most timely and important activities.

$5,000 – $9,999
Anonymous, in memory of Myrtle Ray Zeiber, Jill Sharon Sheridon, Tucker Hake
Janet J. Asimov
Fred A. Blum
Vinton G. Cerf
Helen R. Churella
Albert T. Dosser
Christopher Eisgruber, in memory of Helen Froelich Holt
Claire M. Fraser
Phil George
Nancy Knowlton & Jeremy Jackson
Ronald D. Miller
Jeffrey Toney
Philip C. Trackman
Dr. Fernando J. Zúñiga-y-Rivero

$2,500 – $4,999
Anonymous (2)
David R. Atkinson
Gary & Fay Beauchamp
Jerry A. Bell & Mary Ann Stepp
Hans Bergstrom
Andrew L. Brill
Helena L. Chum
Jerolyn A. Coen
Roy Curtiss III
Troy E. Daniels
Michael A. Janssen
S. David Leonard
Carol B. Lynch
Cherry A. Murray
Stephen Roper & Nirupa Chaudhari
Arnold Roy
Thomas A. & Cynthia Woolsey

$1,000 – $2,499
Anonymous (6)
Bruce M. & Betty Alberts
Tim Appenzeller
John A. Armstrong
George E. Arnstein
Ersen Arseven
David P. Bahner
David P. Balamuth
R. Larry Baldwin
Mary C. Barber
Roger & Terry Beachy
Nicholas A. Begovich
Daniel Berg
Margaret & Will Betchart
Dennis M. Bier
Andrew Black & Miriam Bocarsly
Peter D. Blair
Carla Blumberg
Kim Bottomly
Peter Boyer
Monica M. & E. James Bradford
Dr. Robert F. Brammer
Richard G. Brennan
Robert M. Brenner
James I. Garrels & Joan E. Brooks
Myles Brown & Judy Garber
Hal E. Broxmeyer, Ph.D.
Harold E. Burkhart
Jean B. Burnett
Robert L. Byer
Peter Byers
Marc A. Carrasco
Carolyn L. Cason
Ann D. Catlett
Carlton M. Caves
Martin A. Cheever
Maarten J. Chrispeels
Kathleen K. Church
John M. Clough, Jr.
Mary E. Clutter
Edward H. Coe, Jr.
Rita R. & Jack H. Colwell
Jeffrey A. Cooper
Vincent D’Aco
William H. Danforth
Peter B. Danzig
Jean de Valpine
Jeffrey S. Dean
John T. Deane
George E. DeBoer
Hans G. Dehmelt
Elizabeth E. Ehrenfeld
Henry L. Ehrlich
Charles & Shirley Eigenbrot
Larry D. & Kas Eldridge
Ahmed Elmagarmid
William B. Fagan
Federico Faggin
Mary C. Farach-Carson
Craig & Alison Fields
John F. Finerty
Jerry & Nancy Fishman
Robert C. Forney
Richard A. Frankel
Claire M. Fraser, in memory of Helen Froelich Holt
Gordon J. Freeman
Craig & Barbara Froelich, in memory of Helen Froelich Holt
Dr. William & Julie Montgomery Fulkerson
James I. Garrels & Joan E. Brooks
Donald P. Gaver, Jr.
Michael S. Gazzaniga
Theodore H. Geballe
Joseph L. Giegel
Howard Gobstein
Erwin Goldberg, Professor Emeritus
David J. Goldston
Jesus Gomez-Navarro
Mary L. Good
Jeffrey C. Gore
David A. Goslin
Robert J. Gould
Mark L. Green
Laura H. Greene, in memory of Helen Froelich Holt
Donald P. Harrington
Hanns Hasche-Kluender
Jon Hauxwell
T. Bain Henderson
Donald E. Henson
Thomas L. Henson
John E. Hiatt
Manju Hingorani & Anish Konkar
Douglas L. Hintzman
Richard D. Holland
Rush Holt & Margaret Lancefield, in memory of Helen Froelich Holt
Gabriel N. Hortobagyi
Gordon R. Hough
David C. Humm
Joan Morthland Hutchins
Nina G. Jablonski & George Chaplin
Irwin & Joan Jacobs
Marjorie L. Jennings
Alwyn N. Johnson
Valerie Freireich Kaplan
Arthur Kendall
Anthony L. Komaroff & Lydia Villa-Komaroff
Benjamin J. Kuipers
Victor W. Laurie
Jeff Lawrence
Ryan V. Lawson
Catherine & George Ledec
Mark T. Lewellyn
Thomas R. Ligon
Yan Linhart
John D. C. Little
Jane Lubchenco
Craig C. Malbon
Shirley & Horace Malcom
Maria Julia Marinissen
Mary Mathias, in memory of Helen Froelich Holt
Jim & Sue McCarthy
Layton L. & Elizabeth Ann McCoy
John M. McGhee
Douglas P. McNutt
Marcia K. McNutt
David Meinke
John & Frances Melone
John T. Melson
Richard A. & Martha R. Meserve
Orlando J. Miller
O. Eugene Millhouse
Stephen Mitchell
Don S. Miyada
Robert L. Molinari
C. Dan Mote, Jr.
William A. Murphy, Jr.
Venkatesh Narayanamurti
Paul E. Neiman, MD
Billie C. Nelson
Richard A. & Joan F. Newmark
John E. Niederhuber
Concepcion R. Nierras
Ronald & Joan Nordgren
Carolyn L. Orthner
Vivian Pan & Mark Norell
Claire L. Parkinson
John Peoples, Jr.
Roger M. Perlmutter
Joseph G. Perpich & Cathy Sulzberger
Judith A. Petroski & William Wiegand
Kerry Phillips
Thomas G. & Maryann Polefka
Dr. William H. Press & Jeffrey F. Howell
Doug Redelman
Martin C. Richardson
Dr. Ren L. Ridolfi
Celeste Rohlfing
Antonio H. Romano
Jo Ellen & Mark Roseman
Robert Rosenthal
Michael Roytburd
David D. & Zulema J. Sabatini
K. A. Sackler
Barbara A. Schaal
P. Jackson Schad
Paul L. Schmidbauer
Cecily C. Selby
William C. Sellyey
Steven & Gail Shak
Bassam & June Shakhashiri
Harold T. Shapiro
John Sharp
Joel & Janine Shaw
Eric M. Shooter
Richard B. Silverman
Andrew D. Sinauer
Henry B. Sinclair
Maxine & Daniel Singer
Edward S. Spoerl
Marcy St. John & Jim Howell
Juli Staiano & Marc Washington
Colleen Struss
F. William Studier
Donald A. Swanson
Alar Toomre
Orlin D. Trapp
Leon Trilling
Gertrude M. Tyce
Daniel C. Upp
James M. Utterback
Kalliat T. Valsaraj
Dr. George F. Vande Woude
Inder M. Verma
Dan Vickery & Carolyn Myers
Bailus Walker, Jr.
Robert J. Weimer
Thomas E. Wellems
Corwith C. White
Ralph R. Widner
Mary Woolley
Philip J. & Carolyn Wyatt
Oran R. Young

$500 – $999
John D. Aach
Sherburne Abbott
Ashley J. Aberg
Naji N. Abumrad
Heman P. Adamsp
Ernest Adelman
Nancy W. Alcock-Hood
Edward Anders
James M. Anderson
Weston Anderson
Nancy Andrews
John C. Angus
Anonymous (11)
Bradley C. Antanaitis
Kenneth B. Armitage
A. Arnheim
Thomas Arny
Timothy N. Ayres
Diola Bagayoko
Ian Baker
Mary Ann Baker
Craig & Barbara Barrett
Thomas R. & Johanna K. Baruch
Edwin D. Becker
Arden L. Bement, Jr.
J. Claude Bennett
Leo L. Beranek
Paul Berg
R. Byron Bird
William & Suzan Black
C. John Blankley
Mordecai P. Blaustein
Martin Blume
Felix H. Boehm
Stuart Bondurant
Dr. Gary E. Booth
John G. Bordie
Adele L. Boskey, PhD
Edward M. Boughton
David Bouwman
Benjamin Bova
John Brademas
Roscoe R. Braham, Jr.
Richard Brandshaft
William F. Brinkman
David H. Bromwich
Stephen P. Buckmaster
Elizabeth A. Bush
Joost A. Businger
Bruce F. Cameron
Bruce A. Carlson
Dana Carroll
Thomas G. Carter
Dr. Gary L. Cecchini
Victor T. Chang
Tom D. Y. Chin
Reginald C. Chisholm
Dr. Purnell W. Choppin
Jon C. Clardy
Thomas E. Clemente
Marshall P. Cloyd
J. John Cohen
Joseph M. Colacino
Garry T. Cole
E. William Colglazier, Jr.
Bruce P. Conrad
Harry R. Conrad
Polly Gault & Benjamin Cooper
Thomas A. Cotton
Richard H. Cox
Lucas Cox-Galhotra
Bowman Cutter
P. Daniel Dapkus
Donald Barb & Bruce Davidson, in memory of Helen Froelich Holt
Trisha N. Davis & Eric G. Muller
W. Jackson Davis
David H. de Weese & Anne C. Heller
Ken & Helen DeGhetto
Robert J. DeLap
Sharon Y. R. Dent
C. W. Dewitt, Jr.
Bruce L. Dietrich
Grace M. Donnelly
Dr. Ruth A. Douglas
Kenneth Downing
Michael P. Doyle
Richard D. Drake
Josee Dupuis
Loyal & Bernice Durand
Ira Dyer
Elizabeth D. Earle
Giuseppina Fabbiano & Martin Elvis
Charles W. Eriksen
Mark A. Espeland
Allison F. Fentiman
Gillian M. Fenton, Esq.
Maria Pontes Ferreira
Kevin Finneran
Rosemary Flora
Hans Frauenfelder
Joel M. Friedman
Michael B. Friedman
Dennis G. Fryback
Robert Frye
Charles G. Gaines
Steven D. Gaines
Sanjiv Gambhir
Dr. S. Raymond Gambino
Sandra J. Gendler
Anne E. Giblin
Michael A. Gibson
Sirie Godshalk
Robert M. Goodman
Marvin & Barbara Gordon-Lickey
Patricia Anne Grady
Kim L. Graham
Temple Grandin
Richard L. Greene
Irene Greif & Albert Meyer
Donald F. Grether
Louis J. Gross
Duane E. Haines
Thomas H. Haines
Alfred W. Hales
Dennis Hall
Jana Hall
Daniel A. Hamlin
John G. Harkins
William K. Hart
Robert H. Hasek
John H. Hash
Roy M. Havenhill
Fernand A. Hayot
Robert & Margaret Hazen
Robert E. Healing
Arthur F. Hebard
Siegfried S. Hecker
Susan J. Henning
Peter K. Hepler
Eric Hequet
Charles E. Hess
John R. Hess
Kim Q. Hill
William E. Himwich
Susan M. Hinkins
Mary Y. P. Hockaday
Susan Hockfield
Jacquelyn Hoke, in memory of Julius U. Hoke
Raymond W. Holton
Ray Hood
Simon Horenstein
Peter V. Hornbeck
Owen M. Hubbard
David W. Ignat
James S. Jackson
Shirley A. Jackson
Karen S. Jakes
Joseph R. Jehl, Jr.
Richard A. Jenkins
Ryan J. Jense
Richard Johnson
Michael M. Kaback
Elaine Kant
Elizabeth Karplus
Michael M. Keller
James M. Kendall
David E. Kerley
Sung W. Kim
Thomas Kinraide
Miles V. Klein
Kurt Klitzke
John S. Kovach
Maria Kovacs
Alan G. Kraut
Jerome Kutliroff
The Robert C. and Jane E. Ladner Charitable Fund
Adam P. Lally
Jiji Landon
Donald N. Langenberg
Myron C. Ledbetter
Ferrol Lee
Cecil E. & Mary L. Leith
Richard E. Lenski
Howard Leventhal
Roger Levien
Daniel J. Lew
Macrae F. Linton
Paul Lovoi
William L. Lupatkin
William B. Lyons
Merritt C. Maduke
Artur Mager
Hilda & Ed Maibach
Mardi & Michael Maitland
John C. Makemson
Scott L. Manske
David J. March
Elizabeth Marincola
Donald Marsh
Jed B. Marti
Christopher L. Martin
Ian H. Mather
Melanie A. Mayes
Chris L. McAuliffe
William D. McCormick
Marla S. McIntosh
Anastasios Melis
John R. Menninger
Frederick J. Meyers
Elizabeth Michael
Sally D. Slowman Middleton
Dennis F. Miller
Katherine R. Miller
Barton Milligan
Heather Miyagi
William E. & Sharon Moerner
Bruce Molholt
Ernest J. Moniz
Jean I. Montagu
James D. Moore
Bayard H. Morrison
Edward Moses
Stewart Lee Moses
Deane F. Mosher
Steven C. Moss
Catherine J. Murphy
Nalini Nadkarni
Carl F. Nathan
Larry B. Neisess
Robert M. Nelson
Jeanne M. Nerbonne
Kevin E. Noonan
Jerrold G. Norton
Daniel J. O’Connell
John P. O’Connell
George N. & Martha Oetzel
Paul A. Offit
Carmen Olito
Douglas L. Oliver
Kathie L. Olsen
Philip W. Oppenheimer
Lyman A. Page
Bob Palmer & Mary Christman
Rudolph Pariser
John H. Parker
Claudio Pellegrini
Glen Perry
Betty Lemex Petrie
Diana E. Pinover
Amy & John Porter
William B. & Annette Provine
Jerome S. Puskin
R.K. & G.J. Rains
Stephen Rayport
Donald G. Rea
Francis Repas
Samuel Ribnick
Charles M. Rice III
Edward K. Rice
Dr. M. Lee Rice
Burton Richter
Richard Ridgway
Thomas C. Rindfleisch
Neil Risch
David Robertson
Juan G. Roederer
Ted Boyer & Jane Rohlf
Dr. John W. Rose
Beth A. Rosner
Thomas A. & Bonnie M. Rosse
George C. Rovnyak
Michael Roytburd
Lynn Rozental
David J. Salant
Dennis S. Santella
Marcus C. Sarofim
Woody & Lyn Savage
Michael Savelli
David H. Schaefer
Jeffrey D. Schall
Cherylann Schieber
Nicholas Schlageter
Paul R. Schloerb, M.D. & Louise Schloerb
Kirk & Bonnie Schmitt
Gunther Schubert
John & Ellen Schwab
Earl H. Sexton
Eric M. Shank
Charles J. Sherr
George C. Shields
George Shields
Dr. Nobumichi Shimizu
Jean’ne M. Shreeve
Kamal Shukla
Saul J. Silverstein
Joseph V. Simone
David J. Simons
Donald M. Simons
Bruce & Sue Simonson
Jonathan B. Skinner
James L. Smith
Linda C. Smith
W. R. Smith-Vaniz
Dr. Frank J. Sonleitner
George C. & Maradel B. Sonnichsen
Dorothy G. Spiewak
Eberhard A. Spiller
Allan C. Spradling
Weston M. Stacey
Albert T. Steegmann, Jr.
William G. Stevenson
James S. Stewart
Mark & Mary Ellen Stinski
James Stolzenbach
Edward C. Stone, Jr.
Michael P. Stone
Emily Stoneham
Rainer F. Storb
Truman Storvick
Herbert T. Streu
Richard C. Stroh
Janet B. Svirsky
Jack W. Szostak
Andy Terrel
Heriberto V. Thomas
William (Tom) Thomas
Jeremy W. Thorner
Robert W. Thresher
Keiko U. Torii
Milton C. Trichel
Michael S. Turner
Martin Vanderlaan
William Velick, MD
Nancy E. Warner, MD
Pamela J. Weathers
Kenneth L. Webb
John D. Weinland
William J. Welch
Kim R. Wennerberg
Matthew B. West
Elizabeth D. Whitaker
Luke J. Whitesell
Richard Whitkus
William M. Whitney
James A. Widtfeldt
Pauline Wiessner
Judith H. & John S. Willis
Felix E. Zajac III

We are grateful to the following donors for their contributions of $100 or more:
$250 – $499
Cyrus H. Adams
Mary B. Adams
Philip D. Aines
Gordon Aitken
Ramesh K. Akkina
Dolly Al Kobossy
Lizabeth A. Allison
Larry J. Anderson
Anonymous (17)
Naoko Arai
Frank Arnold
Miguel A. Asomoza
Thomas A. Asprey
Balasubramania H. Athreya
Marc S. Atkins
Paul A. Bartlett
John R. Barton
Steven J. Battel
Jean Beard
Ruth E. H. Beeton
Charles F. Bennett, Jr.
Joel S. Bennett
George E. Bigelow
Prof. Bigi
Jeffrey Blaustein
Bruce I. Blum
Jeremy M. Boss
Klaus R. Brasch
Frederick A. Briggs
Michael F. Briselli
Jon M. Brooks
Elisabeth M. Brown
Joseph L. Brown
Joseph P. Brown
Susan G. Brown
Duncan A. Buell
Bruce L. Bush
Virginia W. Campbell
Kevin R. Cantwell
Robert L. Carneiro
Peter C. Chabora
Theodore Chase, Jr., in memory of Helen Froelich Holt
Walter J. Chazin
Hillel J. Chiel
Stanley H. Christensen
Paul W. Chun
Allison Coffin
D. Walter Cohen
Marshall & Deborah Cohen
Sheldon H. Cohen
Taya Cohen
Sam Colgate
Barry S. & Bobbi Coller
C. Robert Cooke
Paul R. Cooley
Mary R. Corcoran
Patricia F. Cottam
J.E. Ross
James K. Coward
Gregory Cybul
John L. Daiss
Agustin P. Dalmasso
Joseph A. D’Anna, Jr.
Jan W. Dash
William Davis & Ellen Gagne, in memory of Helen Froelich Holt
Robin L. Davisson
Igor B. Dawid
Paula Dawson
Hans W. Decker
Kirk Deitsch
Robin L. Dennis
Robert J. Desnick
Robert Dickson
Andrea K. Dobson
W. Graeme Donovan
Eric Dowell
Robert A. Dudley
Daniel J. Dwyer
Samuel Earp
Garth D. Ehrlich
Franco Einaudi
Roger Eiss
Lincoln Ekstrom
Nancy A. Elliott
Edwin P. Ewing, Jr.
Sandra M. Faber
Herbert C. Field
Thomas H. Finlay
John D. Fletcher
The Honorable James Florio & Mrs. Florio
Margaret L. Fonda
Alma K. Forman
Joseph V. & Philomena M. Formica
Stephen P. Fortmann
Daniel W. Foster
Helen L. Foster
Robert S. Foster
William C. Fothergill
J. Lawrence Fox
Naomi C. Franklin
Joshua Freeman
Terry R. Freund
Bernd Fritzsch
A. K. Ganguly
Ann C. & R.H. Garstang
Terrence M. Gerlach
Irma Gigli
Theresa L. Gioannini
Robert G. & Alexandra C. Goelet
Edward & Judith Goetzl
David E. Golan
David M. Goldstein
John B. Goodenough
Charles D. Goodman
Kathleen L. Gould
Henry T. Greely
Rena C. Gropper
Howard J. Gunderson
C. David Gutsche
Nora A. Hackett
Albert L. Hale
Forrest G. Hall
Robert Hardy
Michael Harryman
Arthur T. Hewitt
Stuart Horling
Thomas K. Hunt
Leonard S. & Judith N. Hyman
Joseph P. Jacobson
Eileen Jaffe
Andre T. Jagendorf
Samson A. Jenekhe
Mari N. Jensen
Erik D. Johnson
Phyllis T. Johnson
Mark E. Jones
Peter C. Jordan
A. J. Jull
Richard J. Kahn
Burton S. Kaliski, Jr.
Isaac R. Kaplan
Brian Kassenbrock
Sylvia S. Kihara & Roger J. Neill
Toichiro Kinoshita
Michael S. Klassen
Harvey L. Kliman
Thornton C. Kline, Jr.
James J. Knierim
Kenneth M. Koester, Jr.
Charles E. Kolb
Jimmy & Britt-Marie Forslund Kolker, in memory of Helen Froelich Holt
Barbara Kolmen
Edward J. Kormondy
Virginia L. Kortes
Bora Kostic
Bruce A. Kowert
Edward A. Kravitz
Philip R. Landon
Marke Lane
James S. Langer
Bruce L. Larson
David LaVine
David R. Lay
Velta Lazda
Margaret A. Le Mone
Chuan-Pu Lee
Douglass B. Lee, Jr.
Lela Lee & Norman Wikner
Richard A. Levinson
Sidney Liebes
Ira A. Liebson
Peter R. Limburg
Richard L. Lindroth
John H. Litchfield
Stephen C. Liu
Jennifer A. Logan
Richard Longnecker
Patricia C. Lorentzen
Thomas E. Lovejoy
Paul A. Luciw
Arthur Lupia
Daniel J. Luthringer
Gladys R. Maley
T. Mallouk
Carol Marder
Jan W. Mares
Jack S. Margolis
George D. Markham
Kevin M. McCauley
James M. McDonald
William H. McDowell
Cecile McKee
Gilbert W. Meier
Carolyn Meyer
Bernard Meyers
Charles D. Michener
Jon J. Michnovicz
Richard H. Milburn
Jerry W. Miller
Mark J. Miller
Victor Miller
William C. Mobley
Karen Mohlke
N. Christine Molina
Gerald L. Moore
Edward C. Mozley
Elizabeth H. Muench
Erik H. Murer
William & Jane Murray
Lyle E. Nelson
Mark F. Nelson
John R. Nesselroade
Elizabeth F. Neufeld
Clayton R. Nichols
Charles P. Nicholson
Thomas M. Niesen
John Noble
Osborne B. Nye
Berl R. Oakley
Jeffrey F. Oda
Donald D. O’Dowd
Robert B. Orr
Arie A. Passchier
Gregory Pederson
Edna R. Pereira
Bertha P. Person
Kurt & Carol Petersen
Terry M. Peterson
Julia M. Phillips
Ginger Pinholster
Jonathan A. Plucker
Jerome B. Posner
Bernal F. Powers, Jr.
Stephen C. Ragatz
Simon Ramo
John C. Reese
Gary Reiness
Richard Rigdon
Henry M. Rines
Steven J. Ring
Julian L. Roberts, Jr.
Cynthia Robinson
Maxine L. Rockoff
Nancy Roseman
Diana M. Roy
L. M. Russakoff
William B. Russel
Alfred P. Sattelberger
Frederick Schaer
Robert J. Schier
Steven Schwalbe
James W. Scott
Dudley Shapere
Ira & Nancy Shapiro
Carleton B. Shay
Emma Shelton
Charles R. Shuman
Stephen Vekkerdy Sikes
Bernard G. Silbernagel
Christopher Simpson
Robert L. Simpson
Jack Sjostrom
James C. Smith
Peter B. Snyder
Michael Sogard
Judson Somerville
Roger G. Sorensen
Thomas A. & Joan A. Steitz
Nancy R. Stevenson
Timothy Stiles
Quentin J. Stober
Shepard B. Stone
Dan S. Sulzbach
P. R. Sundaresan
Rowland W. Tabor
Tohru Takekoshi
Norman M. Tepley
Mrs. Philip D. Thacher
Roger D. K. Thomas
David H. Thompson
Marlene Tietjen
William L. Tietjen
Franklin H. Top, Jr.
Robert D. Toto
Thomas K. Toyama
Jonathan D. Traupman
Barbara C. Turner
P. Douglas Tuttle
Eldon Ulrich
Manuel T. Uy
Karl VanNewkirk
Robert E. Var
Carston R. Wagner
Richard Wakefield
Charles Walcott
Frances Ann Walker
Leonard F. Walker
Michael W. Walker
Robert T. Ward
William Bruce Warr
Michael S. Waterman
John Weingart & Deborah Spitalnik, in memory of Helen Froelich Holt
Morton W. Weir
Robert D. Westfall
Mary Christine Wetzel
Irvin L. White
Stanley A. White
Garnett B. Whitehurst
Vincent Wickwar
John A. Widness
Anna M. Williams
J. Walter Woodbury
George E. Woody
Charles Y. Yang
Anne S. Zimmerman
Roger Zimmerman
Marian Zlotkiewicz

$100 – $249
James S. Aagaard
David Aceti
Rosalyn Adam
Randy Adams
Roger W. Addor
Robert S. Adelstein
Ilesanmi Adesida
Bedros B. Afeyan
Lewis E. Agnew, Jr.
Leif A. Ahrens
Avtar S. Ahuja
Georg Albers-Schonberg
Andrew M. Alexander
David L. Alexander
John C. Alley
Charles E. Alpers
Saud Alsowayel
Norman J. Alvares
Chris Amemiya
Pamela T. Amoss
Richard Amster
Robert G. Amundson
John P. Andelin, Jr.
Gordon W. Anderson
Ronald J. Angel
Ronald J. Angione
Anonymous (39)
Rudi Ansbacher
John J. Antal
David R. Anthony
Richard Antoline
Ted Anton
Frederick J. Antosz
Michael Anzelone
Heidi Appel
Evan H. Appelman
Meredithe L. Applebury
Michael W. Arenton
Petros Argyres
Karen M. Arndt
Edward M. Arnett
Andrew Arnold
Dean E. Arnold
Mary C. Arnold
William Aron
Arthur I. Aronson
Jay Aronson
Swathi Arur
Arlene S. Ash
Richard H. Aster
Edward G. Atkins
Carter T. Atkinson
Ronald K. Atwood
Don Augenstein
David S. & Kathleen N. Ayres
Daniel L. Azarnoff
Ebrahim Azizi
Yoshiaki Azuma
Edmund Bacon
Jeffrey L. Bada
James L. Bailey
R. Clifton Bailey
Stanley Bailis
Kevin H. Baines
David P. Balding
Samuel F. Baldwin
Gregory F. Ball
N. Addison Ball
Karoly B. Balogh
C. Kenneth Banks, Jr.
Ronald E. Banks
Joseph C. Barbaccia
Thomas D. Barber
Jack D. Barchas
Ann Bardin
Brian Barnes
S. Barnes
Paul Baron
William J. Barrett
Paul Bartelt
Edwin F. Bartholomew
John E. Bartlett
Allen H. Barton
Roy P. Basler
William A. Bassett
J. B. Bassingthwaighte
John K. Bates, Jr.
Mark L. Batshaw
Anna Battenhouse
Gary Batungbacal
Diana J. Bauer
Kyle D. Bayes
Edward W. Beals
Allan R. Beaudoin
James Beck
John C. Behrendt
Alvin L. Beilby
George A. Bekey
Daniel F. Belknap
G. Belovsky
Leslie Z. Benet
Thomas L. Benjamin
Craig Benkman
Judith Tenzer Benn
Boyce Bennett
Jack Bennett
Robert Benoit
Carl S. Benson
Henry A. Bent
Jennifer M. Berardi
Lars Berglund
Ernest L. Bergman
Gerald Berkelhammer
Stephen A. Bernard
Mark R. Bernstein
Viktors Berstis
Kevin P. Bertrand
Rose S. Bethe
Erwin P. Bettinghaus
Robert F. Betts
Ingrid Beyer
Pushpalatha & Chandra Bhat
Charles E. Bidwell
Daniel Biemesderfer
Shay & Susan Bilchik
A. D. Biller
George Bioletto
Gail A. Bishop
Gale A. Bishop
Nilambar Biswal
William & Suzan Black, in memory of Helen Froelich Holt
Craig Blackstone
Amy Blackwell
Steven A. Blaisdell
Richard E. Blanton
Donald Blumenthal
Herbert Blumenthal
Beverly Bodansky
Hans R. Bode
Larry Boersma
John K. Boitnott
David W. Bolen
H. Fred Bomberger
Martha W. Bond
Herbert Bonkovsky
William Boone Bonvillian
William Borucki
Randy J. Bos
George Bousfield
Betsy Bove
Elizabeth Bowdan
Ann Boyd
Milton J. Boyd
James N. Bradbury
Michael Bradie
Marc & Sue Brahaney
J. Stuart Bratholdt
Steve Braun
Michael R. Brent
David K. Brice
Adriana Briscoe
Arnold R. Brody
Bruce W. Bromley
Dennis Brown
Donald J. Brown
Frank Brown
Harold H. Brown
Robert D. Brown, Jr.
Robert E. Brown
John C. Browne
Michael F. Bruist
Danny Brunson
Evan Buck
William A. Buehring
Dennis E. Buetow
Robert F. Bulleit
Esther A. Bullitt
Robert W. Bundtzen
Peter C. Burger
John R. Burgess
William A. Burgess
Joseph C. Burgiel
Robert Burk
Mary F. Burke
Marvin D. Burkhart
Stephen H. Burns
Cynthia Burrows &
Scott L. Anderson
Paul Burtness
Ellison S. Burton
Paul Burton
Zachary Burton
Edward G. Buss
Susan B. Butts
Stephen E. Buxser
Pavel Bystricky
Bob Calder
Tina M. Calderon
Michael J. Calderwood
James H. Caldwell
Larry D. Caldwell
Richard L. Calendar
James L. Campbell
Shannon Campbell
Amanda E. Canady
Harry Y. Canter
Daniel B. Caplan
Gerald Caple
James M. Carhart
William C. Carlson
Peter D. Carragher
Linda Louise Carroll
William Carter
Sarah Leshner Carvalho & Rodrigo Carvalho
Judd A. Case
Paul A. Catacosinos
Richard L. Cate
Francis M. Cevasco
David & Audrey Chai
Scott A. Chambers
Jagdish Chandra
Barbara Charton
Prescott B. Chase
James D. Cherry
Alice E. Chew
Paul Chiao
Anthony G. Chila
Wai-Yim Ching
Sallie W. Chisholm
Marshall Chrostowski
Neal Chuang
David Y. Chung
Jung G. Chung
Barry G. Clark
George A. Clark, Jr.
Theodore G. Clark
John F. Clarke
Roy S. Clarke
Steven R. Clawson
Michael Cliff
Brian J. Clifton
Abby J. Cohen
Carolyn Cohen
Thomas Coker
Henry O. Colomb
Ralph H. Condit
James V. Conkey
Donald L. Cook
Robert Cook-Deegan
Joyce Y. Corey
Philip Corey
Jimmy C. Cornette
Charles Coston
Roger Coupal
Timothy L. Cover
Jack D. Cowan
Robert C. Cowen
Steven Cox
Hal P. Coyle, Jr.
Arthur R. Crampton
David H. Crandall
Nancy P. Crandall
Hall L. Crannell
Gwyneth Cravens
Dana Crawford
Maurice Crawford
Rebecca Creamer
Perry B. Cregan
Gay M. Crooks
Will E. Cummings
Michael W. Cunningham
Randall T. Curnow
James L. Curtis
Mark S. Cushman
Beverly A. Dale-Crunk
B. Dana
Marcia E. Danne
Sana Dastgheyb
James M. Davidson
Lloyd A. Davidson
Charles F. Davis, Jr.
Darrell Davis
Gary E. Davis
Louis S. Davis
Richard O. Davis
Richard N. Day
Anneli M. De Paolis
Richard M. Deamer
Arthur T. Dean
Kenneth D. Deaton
Paul F. Deisler
Joel Deitz & Barbara Berko
Modesto Del Castillo
Gregory J. Del Zoppo
Dina Deligiorgis
Chester W. Delong
David L. DeMets
Amanda Demopoulos
David T. Denhardt
William Denny
Peter R. Denwood
Ronald A. DePinho
Henry L. Dequasie
Edward G. Derrick
David P. Dethier
James K. Detling
William Deville
Gordon P. DeWolf, Jr.
Robert DeZafra
Eugene P. Dibella
David B. Dickinson, Jr.
Paul W. Dickson, Jr.
Paula Diehr
Eric Dietrich
Joe Dietzgen
Gilbert R. DiLeone
Mary E. Dimperio
Jasti Dinesh
Marshall Dinowitz
Charles E. Dinsmore
Omer Divers
Milind Diwan
Winifred W. Doane
Maria Donoghue
David C. Donoho
Joyce M. Donohue
Neil J. Dorans
Erl Dordal
Linneaus C. Dorman
John Doty, Jr.
Jerry A. Doughty
Warren L. Dowler
Mary E. Dowse
Alexander J. Dragt
Harold M. Draper III
Greg Dressler
George B. Driesen
Edwin F. Driver
Gary J. Drtina
Frank H. Duffy
Lawrence K. Duffy
Mark T. Duigon
Marilyn J. Duncan
Randall Duncan
Thomas H. & Sylvia A. M. Dunning
Eli Dwek
Bennett Dyke
H. Frederick Dylla III
Helen J. Dyson
Max S. Eagelfeld
Joseph E. Earley
Kirk A. Easley
Douglas P. Easton
Denton S. Ebel
Irene A. Eckstrand
Donald A. Edwards
Gerald E. Edwards
Richard Eisenberg
Stephen P. Eisenberg
Anita Eisenstadt
Dominic Eisinger
Randolph C. Elble
David E. Elder
Mark P. Elenko
Rita Elmore
Guy T. Emery
David K. Emmel
Bernard T. Engel
Eldon D. Enger
George A. Englesson
Robert S. Erdmann
Wayne Erfling
Robert L. Erickson
Darrell Ernst
W. Gary Ernst
Manuel Estrada
Peter Evans
Robert R. Everett
William R. Eyler
Dan Fagre
Davis A. Fahlquist
Richard Fallin
Darrell D. Fanestil
Donna Farber
Jay & Barbara Farber
Peter Farkas
Charles S. Faulkner II
Richard S. Fein
Benedict Feinberg
Arnold M. Feingold
Yoseph Feit
Shelagh Ferguson-Miller
Robert E. Fidoten
Robert W. Field
Sean Fielding
Gregg Fields
John B. Fieser
Harvey V. Fineberg
Richard A. Fisher
Frank W. Fitch
Lewis T. Fitch
James E. Fitzgerald
Edith M. Flanigen
Robert Flath
John Fleeger
Michael L. Fleisher
John Flowers
Frank M. Floyd
Garner L. Foley
Kevin F. Forbes
Thomas A. Ford
William J. Forrest
Mark A. Fortuna
Frank S. Fountain
Reba B. Fournier
Randall Fowler
A. R. Frackelton, Jr.
Renny Franceschi
Bruce H. Frank
Joseph Frankel
Mark & Marlene Frankel
Judy R. Franz
Larry D. Fredendall
Benny French
Nancy Frentrup
Gerard J. Freyer
Paul J. Friedman
Ingrid Fritsch
Jody Fromm
William E. Fry
Qiang Fu
Kwok S. Fung
Heather Furman
John Gabrieli
Robin Gadsby
Fred H. Gage
Mitchell H. Gail
Harold Gainer
Joseph H. Gainer
Leslie Gainer
Patrick & Debye Galaska
Joseph G. Gall
Mary O. Gallwey
Richard H. Gammon
Robert E. Gansser
Elisabeth Gantt
Janet B. Garber
Merle L. Gardiner
Murray B. Gardner
David E. Garfin
Margaret A. Garnjost
Merrill F. Garrett
Nancy Garwood
Marco M. Garza
Walter Gassman
Christopher Gaston
Clark Gaylord
Michael A. Gealt
Louis H. Geeraerts
Fred & Nancy Gehlbach
Herbert Geller
Kenneth N. Geller
Myron Genel
Richard J. Gentile
Jude George
Edward Gerjuoy
Dwight C. German
Jay Gershen
Jacquelyn Gervay-Hague
Sandra H. Gianturco
Harold C. Gibbs
Mark L. Gilberstadt
James L. Gilbert
Thomas E. Gill
John C. Gille
Neal C. Gillespie
P. Roger Gillette
David Gilman
Glenn Gilyard
Benjamin M. Gimarc
Damon V. Giovanielli
W. Clifford Girard
Mauree Giuffre
Mark Glasser
Dr. W. Glassley
Andreas Gnirke
Henry P. Godfrey
Ralph Goebel
Allen M. Gold
Leslie I. Gold
Anne C. Goldberg
Joshua N. Goldberg
Marsha Goldberg
Sam & Patricia Goldberg
Martin Goldhaber
Stephen Goldman
Marian R. Goldsmith
Allan C. Goldstein
Anne H. Good
Plesent W. Goode
Arnold Goodman
Joel M. Goodman
Richard Goodwin
Howard A. Gordon
Malcolm S. Gordon
Michael Gorman, in memory of Helen Froelich Holt
Albert E. Goss
John R. Goss
Manfred Gotz
Harold C. Graboske
Sharon R. Grady
Robin Graham
Ronald L. Graham
Marea E. Hatziolos Grant
William B. Grant
Howard Graves & Julie Baller, in honor of James & Sue McCarthy
Robert D. Gray
Arthur F. Greene
Frederick D. Greene
William B. Greenough III
Jeffrey M. Greve
David Griffin
Richard E. Grindeland
Jonathan Grindlay
Sidney E. Grossberg
Gordon L. Grosscup
Lawrence M. Grossman
Erich Grotewold
David L. Groves
Helen K. Groves
Karl A. Gschneidner, Jr.
Jean M. Gudas
Henry Gueringer
Ron Gugliotti
Thomas Guilderson
Barry M. Gumbiner
J. Ryan Gunsalus
Gary N. Gussin
Jack M. Gwaltney
Richard A. Hackel
James Hackett
Stephen C. Hadler
Gary Haffner
Ruth R. Hailperin
Louise Hainline
Frederick Duncan Haldane
Edward L. Halk
Dwight H. Hall
Robert W. Hall
Richard Hallworth
K. A. Halmi
Charles R. Hamilton
Lawrence C. Hamilton
Eugene A. Hammel
Philip D. Hammen
Charles F. Hammer
James E. Hammerberg
Katherine A. G. Hammond
James W. Hammonds
Roy G. Hammonds
Joseph G. Hancock
Dr. R. Hangarter
Gerald R. Hankins
Gerald Hansler
Henry A. Harbury
Wesley H. Harker
Naomi H. Harley
Franklin M. Harold
Dean H. Harper
Alan W. Harris
John Harrison
Melvin A. Harrison
Hyman Hartman
Gregory C. Hartwick
Jared W. Haslett
Daniel F. Hasman, Jr.
Alfred C. Haven, Jr.
Bruce Hawkins
John W. Hawley
Robert Hayes
Jo N. Hays
L. Julian Haywood
Erin Heath
Matthew F. Heil
Joel Heinen
Jeffrey Heinz
William D. Heizer
Kenneth J. Heller
Leon Heller
Samuel Hellman
Rich Hencke
George Hendrey
Robert W. Hendricks
Thomas W. Hennessy
Walter F. Henning
George A. Herbert, Jr.
Daniel Herdeman
William B. Herdle
Burton Hering
Susan & Raymond Herles
Robert K. Herman
Clyde Herreid II
Davis Hershey
Barry W. Hess
John H. Hess
Nicholas W. Hether
Nancy E. Heyes
Mary Lu Murray Hickman
Paul I. Hicock
Daniel Higgins
John G. Hildebrand
David P. Hill
Helene Z. Hill
Marcella Hill
Norwood O. Hill
Pamela C. Hillman
Barbara A. Cocanour Hilton
Melissa A. Hines
Sandra L. Hines
Karl Hinrichs
Arlene Hirano
Frederick S. Hird
Hugh Hixon
David C. Hoaglin
David L. Hoats
Alan M. Hoberman
Martha L. Hochberg
Morris Hodara
Ralph J. Hodosh
Linda M. Hoffman
Stanley P. Hoffman
William F. Hoffmann
Edward Hogan
James C. Hogan, Jr.
Robert M. Hollingworth
Joe Hollstein
David P. Holman
Eric W. Holman
Alfred Holtzer
E. B. Hooper, Jr.
Thomas B. Hoover
Marc Hopkins
Penny Hopkins
Michael H. Horn
Mady Hornig
Frank A. Horrigan
Diana M. Horvath
Jimmy W. Hosch
Peter Hougaard
Edwin W. House
Estil V. Hoversten
Larry B. Howard
Roger Howe
Ke Chiang Hsieh
Henry V. Huang
Sui Huang
Paul F. Hudrlik
Sarah L. Hudson
Kay Huebner
Michael J. Huerkamp
Vicki D. Huff
Carroll G. Hughes III
Stuart W. Hughes
John Huguenard
Joan C. W. Hulbe
Jiri Huler
Randall G. Hulet
Douglas & Frances Hulette
Marc F. Hult
David M. Humphrey
Mien-Chie Hung
J. Stuart Hunter
Arnold R. Huntress
Alan Hurd
Robert Hurst
Michael A. Huston
Victor F. Iacocca
Martin Y. Iguchi
David E. Illig
Roger Innes
Jenefir D. Isbister
Craig M. Jackson
Mary Jacob
George T. Jacobi
Madeleine Jacobs
John H. Jacobsen
Dr. Elaine S. Jaffe
Eric Jakobsson
Bernard W. Janicki
Siegfried Janson
Kurt R. Jarnagin
Bruce Jayne
Arthur J. Jelinek
Richard Jenny
Hanne M. Jensen
Randall M. Jeter
John H. Jewell
Lawrence John
Arthur A. Johnson
Hollis R. Johnson
Howard P. Johnson
James F. Johnson
Robert W. Johnson
Brian H. Johnston
Timothy Johnston
William V. Johnston
Anthony R. Jones
David Jones
Edwin R. Jones
Lawrence W. Jones
Lucy W. K. Jones
Richard Jones
Elke Jordan
Michael A. Jordan
Joseph W. Joy
Peter M. Joyce
Silvia S. Jurisson
Bruce Kabakoff
Robert S. Kaeser
Ronald L. Kaiserman
Danny G. Kaloupek
John R. Kane
Tetsuo Kaneko
Daniel Kaplan
Anastasios & Caterina Karalis
Jeffrey W. Karpen
Mary Jo Kasten
Steven K. Katz
Vern Katz
David L. Kaufman
William B. Kaufmann
Dean L. Kavanagh
Robert Keefe
Bettie F. Kehrt
Rodney Kellems
G. Randy Keller
James C. Kelley
William E. Kelly
Charles F. Kennel
Ann M. Kenney
Kern E. Kenyon
Anthony M. Kerdock
Francis G. Kern
Navin Khadiya
Freddy A. Khoury
Philip S. Khoury
Ray E. Kidder
Stanley Kidder
Laura L. Kiessling
Thomas Killip
Yong K. Kim
Robert B. Kimsey
Aaron A. King
H. E. King
Edward O. Kinzie
Kate P. Kirby
David Kirchman
Elizabeth P. Kirchner
Wayne Kirkham
Robert P. Kittel
G. Kling
Eric Klinger
W. S. Klipper
Mark A. Knepper
Mark M. Knuepfer
Michael F. Koehl
Jeffrey D. Koenitzer
Carl Kohlmeyer
Stephen C. Kolakowsky
William M. Kolling
C. Ronald Koons
Victor Korenman
Conan Kornetsky
Robert J. Kosinski
Anthony A. Kossiakoff
Shirley A. Kovacs
Anthony Kowal
Jane M. Krauhs
Mitchell Kronenberg
Richard L. Kronenthal
John S. Kronholm
Ralph T. Kubo
Moyses Kuchnir
Steven A. Kuhl
Casimir A. Kulikowski
Carol A. Kumamoto
Charu Kumar
P. Dileep Kumar
Ernest A. Kurmes
Donna R. Kuroda
Charles L. Kutscher
John E. Kutzbach
Jay B. Labov
John A. Labudde
Miriam R. Lacher
K. S. Lackner
David S. Lafferty
Michael E. Lamm
Rob & Rita Lancefield
Susan Landau
Neal F. Lane
Willem G. Langeveld
J. B. Langworthy
Debra Lappin
Joseph S. Lappin
John Z. Larese
Jean K. Largis
Paul A. Larson
Ralph J. & Sandy Larson
Joyce C. Lashof
Carol L. Lassen
K. P. Lau
Allan H. Laufer
Leo L. Laughlin
Oleg D. Lavrentovich
Ann M. Lawler
Walter R. Lawson
John S. Lazo
William M. Leach
Jacob Lebowitz
David J. Ledden
Albert C. Lee
John Lee
Michael Lee
Richard Lee
Robert N. Leggett, Jr.
Michael J. Leibowitz
Stephen C. Lensink
Mike & Johanna Leshner
William A. Lester, Jr., Ph.D.
Alexander H. Levi
Barbara G. Levi
Robert E. Levin
Simon A. Levin
Mortimer Levitz
William S. Lewellen
Bruce V. Lewenstein
Charles A. Lewis, Jr.
G. Kenneth Lewis
Hugh B. Lewis
John B. Lewis
Ronald Lewis
Ching-Chung Li
Linheng Li
Arthur L. Liberman
David A. Liberman
H. Denny Liggitt
John Light
Hsiu S. Lin
Prof. J. Lin
Xuejun Lin
John P. Linderman
Quentin W. Lindsey
Rulon K. Linford
Arthur L. Lipman, Jr.
James A. Lipton
David A. Lloyd
Paul A. Loach
Felix J. Lockman
James Loddengaard
Mary R. Loeken
Merry Lojkovic
David M. Lokensgard
Richard J. Loveless
John P. Loveridge
Julia Campbell Lovin
Joyce H. Lowinson
Louise M. Luckenbill
Mary M. Luckstead
Matthew Lucy
Charles A. Lundquist
Joan Lunney
Jianhua Luo
Harvard Lyman
Carl Lynch
Gary A. Mabbott
Michael Macaulay
Robert C. MacDonald
Howard A. MacEwen
Gordon & Blair MacInnes
Vivian L. MacKay
Douglas E. MacLaughlin
Richard V. MacMillan
Khalid Mahmood
Mary E. Mahoney
Lawrence V. Majovski
Grace Malakoff
Jerry R. Malayer
Danuta Malejka-Giganti
Julin Maloof
Robert B. Mandell
Cathryn Manduca
Richard Mankin
Marilyn S. Mann
Jeremiah Mans
Theo C. Manschreck
Steven C. March
Paul D. Marko
Stephen Marks
Thomas J. Marlowe
Dimitris Maroudas
Leonard A. Marowitz
Mary Vesta Marston-Scott
Dean F. Martin
Doug Martin
Fredricka C. Martin
Kendall Martin
Paul C. Martin
Richard M. Martin
William J. Martone
James F. Masken
Robert A. Maslansky
John M. Mason, Jr.
T. L. Mason
William Masse
Christopher Massicotte, in memory of Helen Froelich Holt
Winfield Massie
Andrea Mastro
Hector Masure
Diane F. Matesic
Elizabeth L. Mather
John C. Mather
Thomas R. Matthews
Martin M. Matzuk
Robert L. May
Elizabeth Maynard
G. Lafayette Maynard
David McAlpin
Sally McBrearty
Michael McCarville
William McComas
Daniel J. McCormack
Joshua McCormick
D. Scott McCracken
Jean C. & Richard McCrosky
Richard McCrystal
Harry E. McDonald III
Sandra F. McDonald
Victor K. McElheny
Gordon McGrew
M. Douglas McIlroy
Wilbert J. McKeachie
Linda McKean
Christopher F. McKee
Grant W. McKinney
Ellen McManus
John B. McManus
C. Alden Mead
Sally Meadows, in memory of Helen Froelich Holt
William A. Meezan
Thomas A. Mehlhorn
Gerry G. Meisels
James E. Melvin
Naomi Mendelsohn
Renee M. Menegaz-Bock
Frank Meneghini
Frank S. Merritt
Gary Merson
Scott D. Merville
James L. Merz
Susan F. Messinger
James Z. Metalios
Travis Metcalfe
Glenn L. Metzger
John S. Meyer
Alfred F. Michael, Jr.
Allen I. Miller
Jaydee W. Miller
Lynn Miller
Michael Miller
Patricia A. Miller
Robert J. Miller
Robert Miller
William M. Miller
Mari Mino-Kenudson
Mortimer Mishkin
Nirmal K. Mishra
Donald A. Mitchell
Pamela H. Mitchell
Gunnard W. Modin
Jon Moehlmann
Vincent M. Monnier
Nicholas J. Montano
Christopher N. K. Mooers
David A. Moon
Angelyn & Kevin Moore
Duncan T. Moore
Grace W. Moore
Jennifer C. Moore
Julia A. Moore
Thomas G. Moore
Michael J. Moratto
David W. Moreland
E. Pierre Morenon
Victor H. Morgenroth III
Dornis C. Morin, Jr.
N. Ronald Morris
Rosalind Morris
Nancy D. Morrison
A. Leslie Morrow
M. Patricia Morse
Robert A. Morse
J. Thomas Mortimer
Stephen D. Morton
Richard D. Moss
Patricia H. Moyer
Sekazi K. Mtingwa
William H. Muchnic
George Mueller
J. Fraser Muirhead
Edward Mullaney
David Muller
Mary C. Mullins
Robert L. Munroe
Robert D. Munson
Donal B. Murphy
Wayne A. Murphy
Francois Murray
J. P. Mutschlecner
Cecil Myers
Stephen E. Myers
Al Nabhani
J. Victor Nadler
Antonio B. Nafarrate
Padmanabhan P. Nair
Yosio Nakamura
David Nance
Herman S. Napier
Philip J. Narzisi
Harold A. Nash
Rattan Nath
Manuel Nathenson
Georges Natsoulis
James D. Neaton
Bogdan Nedelkoff
James W. Neel
Christopher Neill
Howard L. Nekimken
Norvell Nelson
Richard S. Nelson & Carol L. Enkoji
Walter L. & JoAnn M. Nelson
Martin J. Nemer
Anthony V. Nero
James Nestell
Eric J. Nestler
James J. Nestor
William C. Nettles
Christian E. Newcomer
Christian Newcomer
Lester Newman
Pauline Newman
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Abbott Fund Matching Grant Program
Alfred P. Sloan Foundation
The Amgen Foundation
Argosy Foundation
Arizona Pain Specialists
Benevity Community Impact Fund
Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation
BlueCross BlueShield of North Carolina
Boston Foundation
Boveri-Trackman Family Foundation Inc.
Bristol-Myers Squibb Foundation
Burroughs Wellcome Fund
California Resources Production Corporation
Canon U.S.A., Inc.
Charles Valentine Riley Memorial Foundation
Community Shares of Minnesota Campaign Management
Connecticut Innovations
The Cynthia & George Mitchell Foundation
Dana Foundation
The David & Linda Packard Foundation
Digital Science
eBay Inc. Foundation
Eppendorf AG
European Comission
The Fodor Family Trust
Ford Foundation
Forney Family Foundation
Foundation for Polish Science
Foundation to Promote Open Society
Ganguly Family Foundation
Gester Global Motion Fund
Give With Liberty Employee Donations
The GE Foundation
Golden Family Foundation
Goldhirsh Foundation
Good World
Gordon and Betty Moore Foundation
Grainger Matching Charitable Gifts Program
Greek Islands Restaurant
Green Electronics Council
Hamill Family Foundation
Heising-Simons Foundation
Helmholtz Association
Helmsley Charitable Trust
HelpAge International
Hewlett-Packard Company Foundation
Hoover Family Fund
Howard Hughes Medical Institute
Indo-US Science & Technology Forum
Irwin and Joan Jacobs Fund of the Jewish Community Foundation
Jewish Communal Fund
The John Templeton Foundation
Johnson & Johnson
The Kavli Foundation
Kirksey Family Revocable Living Trust
L’Oréal USA
Laura and John Arnold Foundation
The Lemelson Foundation
Linden Trust for Conservation
Literature Review Services
Mars, Incorporated
Mayo Clinic College of Medicine
MBIA Foundation, Inc.
Merck Company Foundation
Merck KGaA, Darmstadt, Germany
Millennium Pharmaceuticals Inc.
Minneapolis Jewish Federation
Mitchell Foundation
Morgan Stanley
Network for Good
Northern Lights Foundation, Inc.
Noyce Foundation
Oak Foundation
Open Society Foundations
Paul and Dottie Foundation Fund of the DuPage Foundation
Pepsico Foundation
Pfizer Foundation Matching Gifts Program
Pitts Family Foundation
Research Councils UK
Richard Lounsbery Foundation
Rita Allen Foundation
Robert Wood Johnson Foundation
Rockefeller Family Fund
Rockefeller Foundation
Sanofi Aventis R et D
Seattle Foundation
Sentry Dynamics, Inc.
The Shack Sackler Foundation
Silicon Valley Community Foundation
Sinauer Associates, Inc.
Skoll Global Threats Fund
Subaru of America, Inc.
The Summit Family Fund
Sunset Laboratory Inc.
Takeda Pharmaceuticals International Co.
Target Corporation
Verizon Foundation
Wells Fargo Community Support Campaign

Government Agencies & Other Organizations

Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics Foundation
Acoustical Society of America
American Anthropological Association
American Association of Colleges of Pharmacy
American Chemical Society
American Educational Research Association
American Geophysical Union
American Geosciences Institute
American Institute of Physics
American Mathematical Society
American Meteorological Society
American Nuclear Society
American Orthopsychiatric Association
American Philosophical Association
American Physical Society
American Physiological Society
American Political Science Association
American Psychological Association
American Public Health Association
American Society of Agronmy/Crop Science Society of America/Soil Science Society of America
American Society of Plant Biologists
American Society of Anesthesiolgists
American Sociological Association
American Society of Civil Engineers
American Society for Microbiology
American Society of Mechanical Engineers
American Statistical Association
American Veterinary Medical Association
Association for Information Science and Technology
Association of American Geographers
Biophysical Society
Brigham Young University
Carnegie Institution for Science
Consortium of Social Science Associations
Cornell University
Council on Undergraduate Research
Dartmouth University
Duke University
Federal Bureau of Investigation
Geological Society of America
Georgia Institute of Technology
Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers, USA
Institute of Food Technologists
Institute of Navigation
The International Society of Optics and Photonics
Iowa State University
King Abdulaziz City for Science and Technology
Linguistic Society of America
Louisiana State University
Maine Technology Institute
Materials Research Society
Millennium Challenge Corporation
The Minerals, Metals, and Materials Society
Morgan State University
Mount Desert Research Bio Lab
Museum of Science
Nanyang Technological University
National Academies of Sciences, Engineering, and Medicine
National Aeronautics and Space Administration
National Center for Science and Civic Engagement
National Institutes of Health
National Institute of Justice
National Science Foundation
Oak Ridge Associated Universities
Oklahoma State University
The Optical Society
Purdue University
Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute
Rhode Island Science and Technology Advisory Council
Smithsonian Institution
Society for Advancement of Chicanos and Native Americans in Science (SACNAS)
Society for Mining, Meallurgy and Exploration, Inc.
Society for Neuroscience
Society for Research in Child Development
Society for Science & the Public
The Society for the Psychological Study of Social Issues
Society of Automotive Engineers International
Society of Industrial and Applied Mathematics
South Dakota State University
Texas A&M University
U.S – India Science & Technology Endowment Fund
U.S. Agency for International Development
U.S. Army Corps of Engineers
U.S. Department of Agriculture
U.S. Department of Defense
U.S. Department of Education
U.S. Department of Energy
U.S. Department of Health & Human Services
U.S. Department of Homeland Security
U.S. Department of the Interior
U.S. Department of State
U.S. Environmental Protection Agency
U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service
U.S. Food and Drug Administration
U.S. Geological Survey
United States Institute of Peace
Universities Space Research Association
University of Delaware
University of Maine
University of Miami
University of New Hampshire
University of North Carolina
University of Oklahoma
University of Pittsburgh
University of Rhode Island
University of Southern California
University of Southern Mississippi
University of Utah
University of Vermont
University of Washington
University of Waterloo

Endowments & Named Funds

The AAAS Kavli Science Journalism Awards Endowment
The Charles Valentine Riley Memorial Endowment
The Early-Career Award for Public Engagement Fund
The Fund for Honesty in Scientific Research
The Gilbert S. Omenn Grand Challenges Endowment
The Marion Milligan Mason Fund
The John P. McGovern Endowment
The Joshua E.Neimark Memorial Travel Assistance Endowment
The Martin L. and Rose Wachtel Memorial Fund
The Revelle Fund
The William T. Golden Endowment Fund for Program Innovation

† Deceased

* Sustainer (monthly donor)


The AAAS Board of Directors gratefully acknowledges the individuals and organizations whose commitment to AAAS has sustained our efforts to advance science in the service of society and supported new activities in 2015.
Research published in the Science family of journals in 2015 described advances in cancer immunotherapy and personalized vaccines, new insights to climate-change impacts, and the first fascinating flyby of the dwarf planet Pluto and its moon, Charon. At the same time, AAAS dispatched 280 Science & Technology Policy Fellows to Capitol Hill and elsewhere, bringing science to bear in policy decisions. The association also provided awards and mentoring programs to help uplift women in science, worked to improve science education, leveraged science diplomacy, and spoke forcefully on the urgent need to address climate change and to fully fund research and development. AAAS members remain essential to these and many other high-impact activities. By becoming members of AAAS, scientists, engineers, teachers, and others become a force for advancing science to serve society, and a voice for the scientific enterprise worldwide.

The benefits of AAAS membership include the Science journals, but also much more—particularly now, as the association has been transforming itself to better serve its members. In addition to becoming a member-facing organization, the Transformation Initiative calls on AAAS to ramp up advocacy efforts, and to adopt innovative, “digital-first” approaches to scientific communication. Already, AAAS has made significant strides toward becoming a truly digital-first enterprise, through a comprehensive redesign of the Science website, the rollout of an open-access journal, Science Advances, and plans for two new journals, Science Robotics and Science Immunology.

AAAS has also made meaningful progress toward putting members first. Engaging every AAAS member more fully in the association and its contributions to society, while also substantially increasing the number of members who help give science a voice on pressing global issues, will remain key priorities for the new Membership Engagement and Development Office. This has meant finding ways to better serve members both by improving member services, and by providing members with what they need and want to advance their careers throughout their lives—from kindergarten through the post-doctoral and professional stages.

How is AAAS improving member services? By the end of 2016, a new AAAS Member Platform will provide long-time and new members alike with much more intuitive access to AAAS, thereby enhancing the member experience. Specifically, the new Member Platform will allow users to maintain a single log-in, learn how they can become more involved with AAAS, update their membership profile, and more easily renew their relationship with the association, 24-7. Already, the membership-renewal process has been streamlined and simplified. The association’s public website,, is meanwhile being merged with MemberCentral to provide a smoother user experience across all AAAS online sites.

New career services and products are also being launched, including certificate-level online courses to help members avoid common errors in proposal writing, understand the federal R&D budget process, effectively work with policymakers, communicate science to non-scientists, and engage with the public on science-society issues. (See

Members make it possible for AAAS to help broaden the science and technology talent pool, build bridges toward international research cooperation, and communicate the value of science—and scientific investments—to society. AAAS is therefore working to dramatically expand its membership, by reaching out to sectors that may have been less engaged with AAAS in the past, such as those working in industry, students and faculty at community colleges, early-career professionals, high-school students, and eventually, the science-interested public. As part of a new Employee Ambassadors Program, every member of the AAAS staff has become a member of AAAS so that they can experience firsthand what it means to be a member. Employees are also being challenged to help expand the ranks of AAAS. Every existing member can be a positive force for science, too, by spreading the word about the good work that AAAS is doing. Help to give scientists and engineers an influential voice worldwide. For AAAS membership information, log onto

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