AAAS Awards, Prizes and Fellows

The AAAS awards celebrate the achievements of extraordinary scientists, engineers, educators, and journalists.
We congratulate each of our distinguished winners.

Eric Lander

Photo: Tony Cenicola/The New York Times/Redux


The Philip Hauge Abelson Prize, established in 1985, is awarded to a public servant in recognition of sustained exceptional contributions to advancing science, or to a scientist whose career has been distinguished both by scientific achievement and other notable services to the scientific community.

Dr. Eric Lander was recognized for advancing science and serving society through his extraordinary contributions to science, and for his ability to explain science to the public and students as well as his work bringing science to bear in serving the public.

AAAS Philip Hauge Abelson Prize

Rita Elmore of AAAS, with Eric Lander, winner of the AAAS Philip Hauge Abelson Prize. [Atlantic Photo—Boston]

Sir Peter Gluckman


Established in 2010, the AAAS Award for Science Diplomacy recognizes an individual or a limited number of individuals working together in the scientific and engineering or foreign affairs communities to make an outstanding contribution to furthering science diplomacy.

Professor Sir Peter Gluckman was recognized for transforming the theory and practice of science diplomacy in New Zealand and internationally, and for uniting national science advice by successfully bringing both fields together into a global network to strategically address global challenges.

Jean Maria Arrigo


The AAAS Award for Scientific Freedom and Responsibility, established in 1980, honors scientists, engineers, and their organizations whose exemplary actions, sometimes taken at significant personal cost, have served to foster scientific freedom and responsibility.

Dr. Jean Maria Arrigo was honored for her courage and persistence in advocating for ethical behavior among her fellow psychologists, the importance of international human rights standards, and against torture.

Mark Rosin


The AAAS Early-Career Award for Public Engagement with Science, established in 2010 through the generosity of several AAAS donors, recognizes early-career scientists and engineers who demonstrate excellence in their contribution to public engagement with science activities.

Dr. Mark Rosin was honored for his broad range of creative and sustainable public-engagement strategies that target audiences who may not be actively seeking science information.

Mark Miodownik


The AAAS Award for Public Engagement with Science, formerly the Award for Public Understanding of Science and Technology, was established in 1987 and recognizes working scientists and engineers who make outstanding contributions to the “popularization of science.”

Dr. Mark Miodownik was recognized for his enthusiastic and successful commitment to public engagement, and for igniting a sense of wonder about the world by unveiling the interplay between science, engineering, and the society.

Christine Grant


The AAAS Mentor Award, established in 1996, honors AAAS members who have mentored significant numbers of students from underrepresented groups, or who have changed the climate of a department, college, or institution to significantly increase the diversity of students pursuing and completing doctoral studies in the sciences. This award is directed toward individuals who have mentored students for less than 25 years.

Dr. Christine Grant was recognized for facilitating dramatic education and research changes that are leading to a significant production of African American doctorates and females in chemical engineering.

Saundra Yancy McGuire


The AAAS Mentor Award for Lifetime Achievement, established in 1991, honors AAAS members who have mentored significant numbers of students from underrepresented groups, or who have changed the climate of a department, college, institution, or field to significantly increase the diversity of students pursuing and completing doctoral studies in the sciences. This award is directed toward individuals with more than 25 years of success in mentoring students.

Dr. Saundra Yancy McGuire was recognized for her transformative impact and contributions toward creating a diverse doctorate workforce in the field of chemistry.


The Association’s oldest award, the AAAS Newcomb Cleveland Prize was established in 1923 with funds donated by Newcomb Cleveland of New York City. Now supported by The Fodor Family Trust, the Prize acknowledges an outstanding paper published in the Articles, Research Articles, or Reports sections of Science.

The 2014-2015 Newcomb Cleveland Prize was awarded to Bi-Chang Chen, Wesley R. Legant, Kai Wang, Lin Shao, Daniel E. Milkie, Michael W. Davidson, Chris Janetopoulos, Xufeng S. Wu, John A. Hammer III, Zhe Liu, Brian P. English, Yuko Mimori-Kiyosue, Daniel P. Romero, Alex T. Ritter, Jennifer Lippincott-Schwartz, Lillian Fritz-Laylin, R. Dyche Mullins, Diana M. Mitchell, Joshua N. Bembenek, Anne-Cecile Reymann, Ralph Böhme, Stephan W. Grill, Jennifer T. Wang, Geraldine Seydoux, U. Serdar Tulu, Daniel P. Kiehart, and Eric Betzig for their outstanding research article, “Lattice light-sheet microscopy: Imaging molecules to embryos at high spatiotemporal resolution,” published in Science 24 October 2014.


The AAAS/Subaru SB&F Prizes for Excellence in Science Books, established in 2005, celebrate outstanding science writing and illustration for children and young adults.

Children’s Science Picture Book

Book cover

A Chicken Followed Me Home! Questions and Answers About a Familiar Fowl
Robin Page, Author and Illustrator
(Beach Lane Books)

Middle Grades Science Book

Book cover

The Octopus Scientists: Exploring the Mind of a Mollusk
Sy Montgomery
(Houghton Mifflin Harcourt)

Hands-On Science Book

Book cover

A Kid’s Guide to Keeping Chickens
Melissa Caughey
(Storey Publishing)

Young Adult Science Book

Book cover

How to Clone a Mammoth: The Science of De-Extinction
Beth Shapiro
(Princeton University Press)


These awards, endowed by the late Fred Kavli and The Kavli Foundation, recognize excellence in reporting for a general audience and honor individual reporters for their coverage of the sciences, engineering, and mathematics. A generous doubling of the program endowment by The Kavli Foundation permitted two awards in each of the eight categories for the first time—a Gold Award and a Silver Award—and opened the competition to entries from journalists worldwide.


LARGE NEWSPAPER (Circulation of 150,000 or More)

Gold Award
Andrea K. McDaniels
The Baltimore Sun

LARGE NEWSPAPER (Circulation of 150,000 or More)

Silver Award
Nathaniel Herzberg
Le Monde

SMALL NEWSPAPER (Circulation of less than 150,000)

Gold Award
Matthew Miller
Lansing State Journal

SMALL NEWSPAPER (Circulation of less than 150,000)

Silver Award
Helga Rietz
Neue Zürcher Zeitung (Switzerland)


Gold Award
Alexandra Witze
Nature and Science News


Silver Award
Amanda Gefter



Gold Award
Katie Campbell
KCTS 9 (Seattle)

Silver Award
Miles O’Brien
PBS NewsHour

IN-DEPTH REPORTING (More Than 20 Minutes)

Gold Award
Jonathan Renouf and Alex Freeman

Silver Award
Lone Frank and Pernille Rose Grønkjær
Danish Broadcasting Corporation


Gold Award
Rami Tzabar and Angela Saini
BBC Radio 4 and BBC World Service

Silver Award
Dan Kraker and Elizabeth Dunbar
Minnesota Public Radio


Gold Award
Mark Harris

Silver Award
Kevin Sack, Sheri Fink, Pam Belluck and Adam Nossiter, with Daniel Berehulak, Dan Edge (for Frontline), and The New York Times graphics team
The New York Times

Children’s Science News

Gold Award
Stephen Ornes
Science News for Students

Silver Award
Joan Cartan-Hansen
Idaho Public Television

AAAS Fellows

AAAS Fellows are elected annually by the AAAS Council for meritorious efforts to advance science or its applications. Fellows have made significant contributions in areas such as research, teaching, technology, services to professional societies, and the communication of science to the public. The following members, presented by Section affiliation, were elected Fellows in fall 2015. AAAS congratulates them and thanks them for their services to science and technology.

Agriculture, Food & Renewable Resources

Arthur G. Appel
Kathryn J. Boor
Judith K. Brown
Ronald David Green
Michael Andrew Grusak
Jan W. Hopmans
Ken Lee
Andrew (Sandy) M. Liebhold
Thomas L. Marsh
Philip Gordon Pardey
Randall S. Prather
James M. Reecy
Mark R. Riley
R. Michael Roberts
G. Philip Robertson
Daniel P. Schachtman
Ravi Prakash Singh
Zhiyong Wang
Frank F. White
Roger Philip Wise


Timothy G. Bromage
Bruce M. Latimer
Thomas W. McDade
Kathleen A. O’Connor
Michael D. Rose
Richard R. Wilk


Sarbani Basu
Edmund Bertschinger
Matthew Colless
Lucy-Ann A. McFadden
Timothy A. McKay

Atmospheric & Hydrospheric Sciences

Claudia Benitez-Nelson
David Bromwich
Qiang Fu
William H. Hooke
Michael D. King
Brian K. Lamb
Zhanqing Li
Jean Lynch-Stieglitz
Sergey A. Nizkorodov
Ronald S. Oremland
Marc B. Parlange
Cora Einterz Randall
Jose M. Rodriguez
Dennis Tirpak
Compton James Tucker III

Biological Sciences

Cheryl H. Arrowsmith
Irina Artsimovitch
Jacques Balthazart
Tamar Barkay
Michelle Barton
Steven R. Beissinger
Michael A. Bell
Keith Louis Bildstein
Douglass L. Black
Julie A. Brill
Emily A. Buchholtz
Zachary F. Burton
Andrea Califano
Yury Chernoff
Karlene A. Cimprich
Jerry David Cohen
David O. Conover
Nancy J. Cox
Gerald R. Crabtree
Kendra L. Daly
Hans G. Dam Guerrero
Frédéric J. de Sauvage
John DiGiovanni
Beverly M. Emerson
Christoph J. Fahrni
Melville Brockett Fenton
Gerald R. Fink
Maureen Anne Gannon
Scott Lyell Gardner
Pamela K. Geyer
Helen Haskell Hobbs
Leonard (Jim) S. Jefferson
Hailing Jin
Paul Stephen Keim
Hannah L. Klein
Alberto R. Kornblihtt
Damian J. Krysan
Dennis Edward Kyle
David L. Lentz
Arthur Mallay Lesk
Maria C. Linder
Erik A. Lundquist
Pierre P. Massion
Michael J. Matunis
William W. Metcalf
Armin Philipp Moczek
Cynthia Casson Morton
Robert K. Moyzis
Steven A. Murawski
Gerd P. Pfeifer
Ellen K. Pikitch
David W. Piston
Carolyn M. Price
Jan A. Randall
Joseph C. Reese
Louise A. Rollins-Smith
David G. Schatz
Brian Silliman
Temple F. Smith
C. Neal Stewart, Jr.
Beth A. Sullivan
LuZhe Sun
Song Tan
Carolyn M. Teschke
Joe M. Tohme
Kenneth W. Turteltaub
Ratna K. Vadlamudi
Ilya Vakser
William Edward Walden
Wenyi Wei
Beverly Wendland
Dong Xu
Philip L. Yeagle
William E. Zamer
Janos Zempleni
Ning Zheng


David B. Berkowitz
William F. Carroll, Jr.
Arthur J. Carty
Xi Chen
Luis A. Colón
Gregg B. Fields
Leonard W. Fine
Edith M. Flanigen
Cassandra L. Fraser
Ingrid Fritsch
Peter F. Green
Masa-aki Haga
Craig Jon Hawker
Christopher P. Jaroniec
Michael Lawrence Klein
Lon B. Knight, Jr.
Shu Kobayashi
Amnon Kohen
Bern Kohler
Jay A. LaVerne
Dennis L. Lichtenberger
Timothy E. Long
Walter Loveland
Michael J. Maroney
E.W. “Bert” Meijer
Joseph S. Merola
David E. Morris
Kate H. Murashige
Ralph G. Nuzzo
M. Parans Paranthaman
Robin N. Perutz
Reuben J. Peters
Eli Pollak
Andrzej Rajca
Tariq M. Rana
Louis Terminello
Rao M. Uppu
R. Bruce Weisman
Paul H. Wine
Jay R. Winkler
Jackie Y. Ying
Timothy S. Zwier

Dentistry & Oral Health Sciences

William Giannobile
Francis L. Macrina
Thomas E. Van Dyke


Carol Bender
Lin Chambers
Edward E. Geary
Theodore Hodapp
Watson M. Laetsch
Rochelle D. Schwartz-Bloom
Samuel M. Taylor


James Hiram Aylor
David F. Bahr
Ian Baker
Karl K. Berggren
Venkat R. Bhethanabotla
R. Byron Bird
Marc Cahay
Shu Chien
Lalit Chordia
Ted Allen Conway
Dennis E. Discher
Jon Dobson
Dominique M. Durand
Greg Evans
Yuguang “Michael” Fang
Donald P. Gaver III
K. Jane Grande-Allen
Vincent G. Harris
Kevin J. Hemker
Marwan K. Khraisheh
Timothy L. Killeen
Shankar Mahalingam
William H. Mischo
Sushanta K. Mitra
Babatunde Ogunnaike
Martin Richardson
Ian M. Robertson
Shelly E. Sakiyama-Elbert
Mark T. Swihart
Michael W. Vannier
Haiyan Wang
Hong Yang
Tian C. Zhang
Yuwen Zhang
Andrew L. Zydney

General Interest In Science & Engineering

Barry Aprison
Carla Carlson
Monica M. Metzler
David Evans Shaw

Geology & Geography

Marie-Pierre Aubry
Annalisa Berta
David P. Dethier
Jacqueline Eaby Dixon
Timothy H. Dixon
Frank R. Ettensohn
Janet Franklin
Andrew J. Friedland
Steve Frolking
Nancy L. Jackson
R. James Kirkpatrick
Paul L. Koch
M. Susan Lozier
Michael Mann
Douglas Burton
J. Donald Rimstidt
David Stahle

History & Philosophy of Science

Anne Fagot-Largeault
Sandra D. Mitchell

Industrial Science & Technology

Hiroshi Nagano
Shigeo (Ted) Oyama
Philip Shapira
Thomas Zacharia

Information Computing & Communication

FLegand L. Burge III
James W. Demmel
Bruce Randall Donald
Kenneth M. Ford
Bruce Hendrickson
Anna W. Topol
Erik Winfree
Victor W. Zue

Linguistics & Language Science

Victor Golla
John J. McCarthy


Daniel L. Goroff
Peter Kuchment
Reinhard C. Laubenbacher
Howard A. Levine

Medical Sciences

Joey V. Barnett
Peter A. Barry
Gordon R. Bernard
Robert David Burk
John M. Carethers
Gen-Sheng Feng
Michael A. Frohman
Stephen J. Galli
Gabriel Hortobagyi
Robert E. Hurst
Christopher D. Kontos
Mitchell Kronenberg
Calvin J. Kuo
E. Douglas Lewandowski
Asrar B. Malik
Robert J. Matusik
Lopa Mishra
Beverly S. Mitchell
Vincent Monnier
Hugh M. O’Brodovich
Paul A. Offit
Mark E. Peeples
Mark R. Philips
David Joseph Pintel
Vito Quaranta
Peter S. Rabinovitch
William N. Rom
Jeffrey M. Rosen
Victor L. Schuster
Alan L. Scott
Melinda Wharton
Mark Yeager
Qing Yi


Edwin George (Ted) Abel III
Robert E. Burke
John R. Huguenard
Anumantha G. Kanthasamy
Edward H. Koo
Shinn-Zong Lin
Paul S. Mischel
Louis J. Ptáček
Thomas A. Rando
Anna Wang Roe
William W. Seeley
Michael N. Shadlen
Pamela Jean Shaw
Steven A. Siegelbaum
Ethan R. Signer
Edward L. Stuenkel
Kent E. Vrana

Pharmaceutical Sciences

James T. Dalton
Courtney V. Fletcher
Stephen B. Howell
Patricia D. Kroboth
Cynthia Moreton Kuhn
Richard R. Neubig
Alan Paau
Doodipala Samba Reddy


Mark A. Eriksson
Raymond Fonck
Martin Greven
Andreas J. Heinrich
A.T. Charlie Johnson, Jr.
Steven M. Kahn
Duncan McBride
Adilson E. Motter
Sekazi Kauze Mtingwa
Beate Schmittmann
Gary Shiu
Michelle Simmons
Mark Trodden


Rebecca D. Burwell
Laurence Baker Leonard
David G. Myers
Scott Plous
J. Edward Russo
Paula R. Skedsvold
Kiran K. Soma
Jeffrey M. Zacks

Social, Economic & Political Sciences

Chloe E. Bird
Thomas A. DiPrete
Jerald Hage
Marie Currie Thursby

Societal Impacts of Science & Engineering

Cathleen A. Campbell
David Goldston
Owen D. Jones
Kathleen M. Rest


Michael Paul Cohen
Bruce A. Craig
Patricia A. Jacobs
Alan F. Karr
Stephen Portnoy
James Matthew Robins
Daniel O. Stram
Chih-Ling Tsai
Alyson G. Wilson